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Introduces students to the skills which are necessary to achieve their academic goals, to services offered at the college, and to the mastery skills needed for precalculus (MTH 668). Covers topics such as services at the college, including the library counseling and advising listening, test taking, and study skills and topical areas applicable to precalculus. Topics in mathematics may include, but are not limited to, factoring polynomials, arithmetic operations on polynomials, synthetic and long division of polynomials, using the rules of exponents to simplify algebraic expressions, and graphing calculator usage. Emphasizes study skills and strategies specific to students in math courses. Meets SDV requirements for graduation.

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Provides supervised on-the-job training in selected business, industrial, or service firms coordinated by the college. Provides students an opportunity to increase their knowledge of operating a retail business. Teaches the skills necessary for effective performance in supervisory and upper-level management positions in marketing occupations. Involves rotation among the various departments/functions within the retail training laboratory until the student is familiar with the operation. Combines a comprehensive introduction to store retailing with extensive on-the-job training assignments, which provide the opportunity to apply the understanding of merchandising and management procedures.

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Surveys the historical and current practices of terrorism that are national, transnational, or domestic in origin. Includes biological, chemical, nuclear, and cyber-terrorism. Teaches the identification and classification of terrorist organizations, violent political groups and issue-oriented militant movements. Examines investigative methods and procedures utilized in counter terrorist efforts domestically and internationally.

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John WH Lee is the Co-CEO and Co-founder at WAHOME, where he is responsible for all aspects of running the startup. He was previously Vice President (Global Expansion & Operation) at Gogovan, a regional online logistics company. In this role, John had global responsibility for the company’s professional services, expansion of global offices & customer support organizations. Prior to Gogovan, John worked in investment banking at Morgan Stanley and in private equity at Andreessen Horowitz. John graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Administration with honors and distinction.

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Introduces students to the Internet, Internet marketing, and the World Wide Web. Discusses how to implement marketing programs strategically and tactically using online communications tools. Teaches e-marketing strategies the conduct of competitive, demographic, and psychographic research the assessment and management of organizational communication how news cycles on the Internet differ from traditional media and how the Internet affects how we live, consume, and work.

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Prepares student to sit for a specific interpreter assessment tool. Examines the contents of the various segments of the assessment tool. Provides an opportunity for the student to design and implement a specific individualized work plan based upon a diagnostic assessment of the student's interpretation product to improve all knowledge, skill and ability elements in order to meet or exceed the competency set for the selected interpreter assessment tool.


David Asikin is at Coiney Inc, a hardware and mobile payments startup based in Tokyo where he has been the CTO since 7567. Prior that that, he had stints as a software engineer at Qualcomm and a trader at Barclays where he melded Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning with trading strategies. David strongly believes in Code Campus' mission where he advises on the mobile development and AI-related portions on the curriculum. He thinks that Artificial Intelligence is developing at an exponential rate and will ultimately shape the way we think, learn and do business in the near future - learning to code is a first essential step towards harnessing this technology. He was a member of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon Univerisity where he earned a Masters in Robotics and valedictorian at the Tokyo Institute of Technology where he holds a degree in Control and Systems Engineering.

Introduces theory and application of ophthalmic lenses. Presents history, basic manufacturing and quality standards of ophthalmic lenses, propagation of light, refraction and dioptric measurements, true power, surface power, and nominal lens formula. Explains lens makers' equation, boxing system, spherical lens design, fundamental aspects of cylindrical lenses, spherocylinder lens design, and flat and toric transposition.

Prepares the student for Virginia Enhanced certification eligibility and begins the sequence for National Registry Intermediate and/or Paramedic certification. Includes the theory and application of the following: foundations, human systems, pharmacology, overview of shock, venous access, airway management, patient assessment, respiratory emergencies, allergic reaction, and assessment-based management. Conforms at a minimum to the Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services curriculum.

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Provides supervised on-the-job training. Introduces the student to respiratory critical care, home care, and diagnostic pulmonary functions. Students rotate through several critical care units (adult, pediatric, and neonatal) and practice and are evaluated on entry-level critical care skills. Introduces students to adult and pediatric home care and helps them learn to perform diagnostic pulmonary functions.

Requires completion of a comprehensive dental technology or dental laboratory business research project related to the student's occupational objective. Students are required to complete a research paper describing a dental laboratory procedure/technique or business model for the operation of a commercial dental laboratory. Students will also complete a table clinic presentation illustrating in detail the laboratory procedure/technique or business model. The content and scope of the project must be more comprehensive than all other DNL courses offered in the Dental Lab Technology AAS degree curriculum.

Helps students practice and improve listening and speaking skills as needed for functioning successfully in academic, professional, and personal settings. Assesses students' oral skills and includes, as needed, practice with pronunciation, rhythm, stress, and intonation. Provides exercises, practices, small and large group activities, and oral presentations to help students overcome problems in oral communication. Credits are not applicable toward graduation.

Presents overviews of all phases of construction project management. Introduces students to philosophy, responsibilities, methodology, and techniques of the construction process. Introduces topics related to the construction and design industries, organizations, construction contracts, bidding procedures, insurance, taxes, bonding, cost accounting, and business methods, including basic computer usage, safety, and general project management procedures.

Presents overviews of all phases of construction project management. Introduces students to philosophy, responsibilities, methodology, and techniques of the construction process. Introduces topics related to the construction and design industries, organizations, construction contracts, bidding procedures, insurance, taxes, bonding, cost accounting, business methods, including basic computer usage, safety, and general project management procedures.

Introduces techniques of architectural drafting, including lettering, dimensioning, and symbols. Requires production of plans, sections, and elevations of a simple building. Studies use of common reference material and the organization of architectural working drawings. Requires development of a limited set of working drawings, including a site plan, related details, and pictorial drawings. Part II of II.

Co-requisites: 68 years of age or older competency in MTE 6 or higher as demonstrated through the placement and diagnostic tests or by completing MTE 6 competencies in reading and writing as demonstrated by placement in ENG 666 or placement in co-requisites ENG 666 and ENF 8 or completion of ENF 7 physically able to lift and move clients, hear audible alarms and sounds, auscultate certain physical parameters, such as blood pressure, and heart and lung sounds and interact effectively with clients/families and health care team members.

His experience in a wide range of technologies (covering system architecture, product development, web development) and his time at one of the world's largest code schools, General Assembly, where he was most recently the lead instructor for its full time Web Immersive program in Hong Kong, makes him a valuable advisor at Code Campus where he lends his support to curriculum development and pedogogy. He is also currently working on his own Academy based in the Canary Islands that will offer code education and business development skills.

Assists students in transition to college. Provides overviews of college policies, procedures, and curricular offerings. Encourages contacts with other students and staff. Assists students toward college success through information regarding effective study habits, career and academic planning, and other college resources available to students. Strongly recommended for beginning students. Required for graduation.

Teaches fundamentals of electric circuits. Includes circuit quantities of charge, current, potential, power, and energy. Teaches resistive circuit analysis Ohm's and Kirchoff's laws nodal and mesh analysis network theorems and RC, RL, and RLC circuit transient response with constant forcing functions. Teaches AC steady-state analysis, power, and three-phase circuits. Presents frequency domain analysis, resonance, Fourier series, inductively coupled circuits, Laplace transform applications, and circuit transfer functions. Introduces problem solving using computers.

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