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Date: 2017-08-13 04:30.

I too just broke it off too I am praying for all the ladies on here. I am pretty sure I noticed a post in one of the forums masking the perp! Can they be this deluded-this one surely was/is-especially ? How do you know when you are in the clear after breaking it off? Are there any signs? How do you not allow that turn off your otherwise fine tuned intuition when you have doubts, red flags etc? If they did not completely succeed before you found the mask then what do they just get bored and move on? I am in recovery as the realization of the trauma bond as defined here opened my eyes to the fact that I also have family members that subjected me to this and have spent a greater part healing now this. But it makes sense, and now, I can see how much more healing I need to attract a healthy partner and authentic, safe love. Thank you for this forum and its profound clarity & path to recovery. I just want to move forward.

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There are myriad of dating sites on which you can cast your line to do a little love fishing. While many of said online matchmaking entities equate “attraction” with a mathematical equation, Nerve Dating (an off-shoot of the sex/dating/culture site, ), has incorporated social media conventions into their platform that allow soulmate searchers to create connections via interactive conversations, rather than simply writing essays, checking off endless lists, and hoping for the best.

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Yes, it 8767 s quite amazing how their soul-mate love can turn to contempt overnight, and that 8767 s what tells us how superficial and empty it was (and they were). They want us to believe our many 8766 flaws 8767 were what destroyed a once-in-a-lifetime love, so we could lament that for the rest of our lives. But the sorry truth is that trying to make someone believe something like that, and hoping it will damage them and their lives, is a pathetic, deplorable and immoral thing to do. It 8767 s better to know the truth, though, than to believe a lie that could affect us for the rest of our lives.

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Thank you Amanda. My story is posted somewhere on the site, I think twice! Silly me. But it is nice, as you said to be able to come here and talk about our situations to people that understand. When I have attempted to discuss the issues with family members, they look at me like I have two heads because they do not understand why I would even begin to think about staying, They do not see our situations as a form of abuse and the affects of that abuse to our psyche. They loose respect and find me weak for not getting out. I get frustrated and happy at the same time because I want them to understand and I am happy they have never been in our situation. I am sending a HUGE HUG to you.

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You found your empowerment but also what will cause u physical harm. Keep those words to yourself. Plan your exit. Take and hide money. Know where your assets are..get kids in place, insurance, job, home. BE PREPARED. Then leave silently and go far far away. He WILL find you and tell you he has changed..he gets it. Beg you to come back. Drag you back..Charm you back know this and maybe you wont fall for it. It only gets worse when you leave them and then come back

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I don 8767 t know if Michelle will come back and see your comment, so I 8767 ll jump in just in case. I 8767 m doing well. You will, too. Believe that. As I 8767 ve said many times on this site, you don 8767 t have to know at first how that will happen, only that it will happen. And then become determined that you will heal, that you won 8767 t let this disordered person continue to have a negative impact on your life indefinitely. I knew he was long gone from the moment he ended it, and there was no way in hell I was going to let someone who never loved me or cared about me continue to have a hold on me and affect my life.

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I wish I had read this a few years ago. I fell in love with a sociopath then. I thought he was the love of my life. Then the abuse started, and I decided to save myself the pain by trying to numb out my feelings for him. Unfortunately, this resulted in a depression, and my love for life virtually disappeared. I still feel like this to this day. I am with a new partner who treats me very well, but I still feel so numb in everyday life that I don 8767 t have the zest I once had. My life is good these days, but I am up in the clouds somewhere, unable to fully enjoy it with all my heart.

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I started with simple things of how I interact with my wife, my sister, and my mother. Even though they’ve always been close to me, I don 8767 t treat them all that well. I treat strangers pretty well—really well, and people tend to like me when they meet me—but I treat my family the same way, like they 8767 re just somebody at a bar. I treat them well, but I don 8767 t treat them in a special way. That’s the big problem.

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When I first met the psychopath who wreaked havoc on me and my family, I felt a cold chill of foreboding. I ignored this as irrational, and was soon thinking how wonderful it was to be so loved. I remember thinking how his eyes were like that of a lizard, alive but somehow dead, at odds with the rest of his face. Again, I ignored the cold chill. I remember thinking it odd that he felt most at home in the ocean, watching fish. He described them as his friends. I realise now that he is a cold blooded creature. I wish that I had listened to my intuition.

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Now, my best friend says she doesn 8767 t like him, that he is weird, his eyes are off, cold, perverted. She basically hates him and it was because of one of her joke 8775 he looks like a psychopath 8776 that I started researching about the topic and found this website and felt my current life described in these lines above.
One old lady who goes to that same café told me and my best friend that he used to beat up his ex-girlfriend, the case ended up in court and all, and that he is bad trouble, that we need to get the farthest away from him ASAP.

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Hi, Bearclaire. I 8767 m wondering have you considered telling your spouse about your psychopathy? Seriously! I mean, if you 8767 re happy with the way you are, why do you have to hide? I 8767 m sure your spouse is suffering the consequences of living with someone he or she has been made to believe loves him or her, but who is actually unable to love. I realize you may not care about that at all, but in the outside chance that you do: Have you read about the semi-psychopathic neuroscientist, James Fallon? His wife and kids (and his coworkers, and now everyone everywhere) know he 8767 s a psychopath. Here 8767 s some of what he has to say about it:

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I know I’ll get shit for this but I will stand by it. The phone call is nothing more than a litmus test to see how invested someone is. It’s an unreasonable expectation. It’s my opinion that the more steps someone uses to vet a potential date, the more likely they’re looking for reasons to reject you. I firmly believe these people don’t actually want to meet anyone. There will be people who cite a need to be cautious before meeting someone in the real world. I understand the concern. But it’s important to remember that the most cunning of scammers and players have figured out how to work the system. They’ll create fake Facebook profiles, use aliases, manufacture back stories that they can recite on command etc. They’re skilled at being convincing.

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Some hunters hunt to survive others hunt as a hobby. The playa hunts for the sheer sport of it. As the saying goes, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Well, the same goes for men. Women are often cautious of the infamous playas, but these are the men you want to keep close. A man can’t be a playa unless he has something women want. It could come in the form of money, power, fame, or just game in general. Keep these guys close. Study them carefully. Be mindful not to get caught up, now, because these are the very men who are capable of selling ice to an Eskimo and breaking down the most defiant woman.

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i like to know as much as i can about a person kind of full disclosue because if that 8767 s who the person is, and you get involved, you 8767 re going to know anyway, so better to know up front. and i like to divulge, in okcupid 8767 s questions section, as much as i can about myself (sometimes with comments to elaborate, sometimes w/humor or sarcasm, to have a voice). thus full disclosure of both helps you hone in on qualities you like and deal breakers you don 8767 t.

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[ ] For instance, I consistently hear from readers about how they are struggling with the anger they feel after they 8767 ve broken up with someone or have started No Contact. It may be towards themselves because they feel they coulda, woulda, shoulda done things differently, or it may be that even after a few months, just thinking about or seeing their ex triggers a very angry feeling. They then feel guilty that they 8767 re angry or still angry and wonder about how to deal with the anger or control it. Often the anger is driven by recognition of poor judgement and a disbelief that they could ignore glaring red flags. [ ]

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There is way more to the story about how I have felt so used, but I know beyond a doubt that he is definitely a psychopath. It hurts to know this, but at least I know that I can truly move on after a year of back and forth and trying so hard to work it out. Thank God I never married him. He actually suggested that since I have money, I could buy my own engagement ring and he could make payments!!?! Should have stopped me in my tracks right there.

Concentrating on your interests and taking a good long break from dating is a good idea. We 8767 re the same age, 56 (November, by any chance?), and I understand what a jungle it is out there. And then a psychopath came along What 8767 s next, for goodness sake? If someday I 8767 m out on a date and the guy sprouts three heads, it won 8767 t surprise me at all. I 8767 ll just yawn, thank him for a nice time, and go home.

The last straw was when he was having his car worked on and I would drive him to work and pick him up (sacrificing my own time at my own job for this. Dumb, right?) and finally to spend a total of two hours on the road on a Friday night to go get his car. No real gratitude demonstrated from him, and when I had the nerve to ask him to fill my gas tank for me at least well, he just didn 8767 t do it. Suddenly he got 8775 sick 8776 after getting his car and had to go to the urgent care. He then proceeded to what I believe to be feigning being sick so that he didn 8767 t have to do anything to compensate me whatsoever for all of the time I spent running him around. I finally told him to go home and to just stay away from me. Of course he never asked me why or anything. Silent treatment once more. But it 8767 s the last silent treatment he will give me.

This is interesting. While I had no 8775 cold chill of foreboding, 8776 I remember he did say a couple of things that were off a bit, like he was putting on an act, and I remember feeling perplexed and a bit put off by it. But he managed to win me over and that 8767 s an understatement. Now when I meet someone or am getting to know someone, I stay present to how they 8767 re making me feel, to what kind of reactions I 8767 m having to them. The problem is we naturally give people the benefit of the doubt. Another bigger problem is that psychopaths are very good at disarming our defenses. So good at it, in fact, that FBI profiler Mary Ellen O 8767 Toole wrote a book called 8775 Dangerous Instincts 8776 warning us NOT to go by our 8775 gut feelings, 8776 but instead to use the logical system the FBI uses to determine who to trust and who not to trust.

9. Recognize that you are not alone. Most psychopaths have lots of victims. It is certain that a psychopath who is causing you grief is also causing grief to others. Be careful about power struggles. Keep in mind that psychopaths have a strong need for psychological and physical control over others. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stand up for your rights, but it will probably be difficult to do so without risking serious emotional or physical trauma

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