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Date: 2017-08-13 18:52.

Making the switch from web series to a feature film is still a giant leap, but it helped to have a calling card to lure talent like Kathy Najimy and Erbe ( 8775 Law & Order: Criminal Intent 8776 ). 8775 No film is ever easy to make, but 8766 Danny the Manny 8767 definitely strengthened the 8766 Dating My Mother 8767 pitch, 8776 said Roma. 8775 It 8767 s often hard to capture tone on the page. It 8767 s subjective, so pointing to 8766 Danny the Manny 8767 which is shot in a very similar style was helpful. 8776


8775 Television is changing LGBT representation for the better, but movies are still years behind, 8776 said Roma. 8775 And it seems that queer characters are almost always supporting straight and cis leads Through my work I want to promote and elevate queer people whose lives center around more than their identities. We 8767 re just as complex and flawed as everyone else I think we deserve to be represented with humor, honesty, and diversity. 8776

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