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Once you are there he will just ask you to pay the fees for transport, like royalties, taxes, paperwork, export certificates, etc, etc, etc, with nothing going to the seller. Once you have spent all this money on travel and accommodation it will seem like a small price to pay as you will have seen the gold, but once you 8767 ve paid for its export I wouldn 8767 t expect to see it again afterwards. Its a very common scam and theres hundreds of different methods to relieve you of the gold once paid or just to get you to pay extra fees once you 8767 ve started.

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I have been in touch with a lady in Ghana saying she has gold left to her and asked me to help apparently she was studying to be a doctor there I helped paid for her passport and visa and on the day to travel she needed 9k to get out of the country. I have had two barristers saying she need licences of change of names, to sell then now one to get to bring back to the united kingdom I have already sent a lot so can you say if it is right or is it a scam.

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“The tragedy of this case is two-fold as the American victims of internet fraud on defendants’ sites, (estimated to be at least thousands), mostly widows, widowers, and divorcees age 55 and over, have been defrauded out of as much as hundreds of millions of dollars over the past six-plus years through fraudulent dating profiles on the defendants’ sites, and those of its competitors,” the suit says.

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9) A lot of the larger deals will ask you to send proofs, to prove you are able to complete on the deal. This is normally names of buyers, proof of funds, passport copies etc. Do NOT send anything to anyone who you aren''t 655% sure of. These proofs are then used to run scams in your name, especially passports! I have received numerous fake passports and driving licences, subsequently contacting the real owner to tell them they have had their identity stolen. With proof of funds and other legal documents these can be used for blackmail or scams, once someone knows you have a lot of money you have painted a target on yourself. BEWARE!

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I recently came across what seems a plausible offer from Optim Gold in Uganda http://. On investigation from a very authoritative highly placed person in Kampala, the advice is to run a mile from these guys. They have hired a swanky property in the best part of Kampala nicely kitted out, a professionally well put website running around in expensive cars etc.
They are running around with offer made to the 8775 Kouri 8776 group to legitimise their scams.

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Sometimes the scammer will send you valuable items such as laptop computers and mobile phones, and ask you to resend them somewhere. They will invent some reason why they need you to send the goods but this is just a way for them to cover up their criminal activity. Alternatively they may ask you to buy the goods yourself and send them somewhere. You might even be asked to accept money into your bank account and then transfer it to someone else.

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A scammer posing as technical support representative calls to claim there is an issue with your computer – for example, that your software is outdated or that you need to confirm your identity – and asks for remote access to your computer to resolve the issue. Typically, the scammer will ask you to type a specific command to enable remote access. Once you provide this access, the scammer may require payment for technical assistance, install malicious software, change settings to leave your computer vulnerable, and/or steal your financial information.

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SCAM WARNING: We were in contract with this group, FALEA GOLD SARL/ FALEA GOLD MINERS, represented by Bathily Keita and their 8775 miners rep 8776 Baba Sacko. Everything was going well until they wanted money sent for plane ticket, and then insurance, and then travel money and they typical of when denied to send them further funds, they disappeared. We are reporting them to authorities for intentional fraud.

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Often, the sellers act as requested and wire the additional funds prior to the cashier''s check being returned as counterfeit to the seller''s bank, said Postal Inspector Joseph Bell in a search warrant affidavit for Adedimila''s apartment. This scheme has affected thousands of victims across the United States and resulted in the loss of millions of dollars.

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Whilst we have connected buyers and sellers previously on oil deals it is not our forte and we have not come across IWC before. Clearly if they are listed on a blacklist already I would try and directly approach the person who blacklisted them as well as the company themselves to see their response. After this is you were still unsure I would get a background check done on the company to see their trading history, account records etc.

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I have just received an offer from Western Mining Limited in Ghana with the website http:// represented by Mr Kojo Bonsu. Their procedures looks good except the financial instruments Non Operative SBLC MT765 to Seller 8767 s bank they require and the seller financier bank will send 7%PB to Buyer bank and Buyer bank will make his SBLC or BG operative. Is this the legit way to do it. They dont request any money upfront.

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Do any one ever made use of Cradke logistics in SL to transport Au.
I realy have a problem exept to handcarry small qry 8767 s to move product savely from SL. My previos exp was that Malaicca Express drop a delivery on its way to Spain in Antwerpen. After been paid as req, needed anouther $79k to sort their 8775 line agent 8776 who made the 8775 mistake 8776 . They reacon after provide 95% of the paid service, they DID do their part. Any idee of a realiabille transporter company who have a .. pride to deliver.

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I am dealing with Trans century Global Ltd in Kenya in c/o Jene Cleve Marve. He gave all documents to me including SKR and I cross checked SKR with GIK security company and found it correct. He asked me to take buyer permit first and he is dealing with all other expenses on his own which are included in the price of gold. ALso, I am supposed to pay the money to him after receiving gold nuggets. He has sent the assay report from ministry of mines Kenya which talks about purity of gold and quantity supervised. Please help me to know whether should I proceed with this deal?

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Same page brother shogun Africa is the same scammer I am now dealing with.
Their Boss is called
Jared Otieno
Beautiful office in 5th avenue Nairobi
We are waiting for a 55kg CIF Dubai which we were told to be in Oman UAE border with no evidenent and no good explanations, stupidly they are asking for more after we paid for a lump sum of the so called royal taxes 655,555 USD.

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I am dealing with a seller from cameroon. Company is evercare company ltd.
The seller is bring the gold down to singapore , now he say in france charle de gaulle airport. The france authorities asking for a waiver request which will cost usd$7,555 for it. The sellers claims he don 8767 t have enough funds for it and ask my buyer to send them. Buyer say payment whatsoever.
Is there such a thing?

Hi, I just been approached by the same company in Uganda and they want 5% upfront to cover royalty (aka export tax). I have asked for previous BL or AWB, certificate of incorporation, export license. Only have some nice videos of 6kg dori bars in bags and on a table, with some big guy telling me the gold is here and waiting for me to fly into Kampala. Any more feedback on Golden Mining Agency and someone called Richard ?

Does anyone have experience with the services of Tayscore Tanzania?
They are basically intermediaries in the Mining Sector in East Africa. They offer risk management solutions and guidance through your transactions in EA. They do due diligence on your business partners, verification of product, documents etc. They do not take advance money but a commission after the deal was closed successfully. Seems legit to me but you can never know in this business.
They have local and international consultants working for them. Any bad experiences with those guys? Will be greatly appreciated as I am planning to use them for my transaction next week.
http:// is the website.
Thanks for your help!

He will pretend he is the clearing agent in Dubai (no goods are even sent) and he will require a few thousand dollars to clear them, you wont ever see your money or goods.
He has been part of many elaborate scams that take place out of Dubai but he acts like he 8767 s a gold clearing agent and wants paying.
Pretty poor acting. Do not deal with this man or company. The Authorities will be on his case very soon. Standard Ugandan gold scammer.
I found 7 videos of him online, standard borrowed gold nuggets to show you and you never receive them as they aren 8767 t theirs.

Check: Scammers may ask you to cash or deposit a bad check on their behalf and transfer the funds to their account before the check has cleared. Note: You are responsible for the full amount of the check you deposited and associated check fees if it bounces. It may typically take up to 65 business days for a check to be discovered as fraudulent and returned to your bank. (This varies by state and can take a few years.)

Steve Mbogo, also known as Steve Ndwiga, As gold scammer and gold thieves come, this guy should be put on every Gold blacklist. Steve Mbogo has a whole team with different roles, and even shows borrowed gold, pretending he has gold. Key is to not make any upfront payment whatsoever, you will never see your money again. A small time crook and con artist working out of a seedy Westlands office. Steve Mbogo pretends to dabble in politics, etc. but is really a cover for a small time gold Crook rolling fancy cars.

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