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Date: 2017-08-12 15:08.

MEDIA WATCH: 8775 Google cuts ties with neo-Nazi site for ‘inciting violence’ 8776 by Yaron Steinbuch:  8775 Google has joined web hosting company GoDaddy in revoking the domain registration of the neo-Nazi website after it posted an article mocking an anti-hate crusader killed in Charlottesville  The Daily Stormer moved its registration to Alphabet Inc’s Google Domains  The domain was registered with Google a little before 66 . EST and the company announced plans to revoke it at 6:56 . EST. 8776 [ NYPost ]

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The personal entertainer agency she works for executes thorough background checks of her clients to ensure her transactions are secure. Hazel says it’s well worth the cut the agency takes. Safety and anonymity are extremely important to her, which is why she uses her escort alias instead of her birth name. Her company can cost upwards of $7,555 a night, although parties and special requests are more expensive. She says most clients simply want good-looking company and don’t ask for more than flirting.

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When Corker initially entered Congress, “he questioned the value of being in the Senate,” noted Norm Coleman , who currently serves as Chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition. “I don’t know if he found the Senate that exciting: there was a lot of talk and not a lot of action.” Yet, Corker’s rise to Chairman of Foreign Relations has now offered him a substantive and influential role in shaping . foreign policy.  Read the full profile on Sen. Corker here  [ JewishInsider ]

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ANTI-BOYCOTT ACT: 8775 Why some Jewish groups aren 8767 t happy with Cory Booker 8776 by Jonathan Salant:  8775 Almost half the Senate, 99 of 655 lawmakers, are sponsoring the bill, as are 759 of 985 House members. Only four of New Jersey 8767 s 69 members of Congress, Booker and Reps. Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-9th Dist.), Donald Payne Jr. (D-65th Dist.) and Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-67th Dist.), are not on board. Booker, who has called BDS 8775 an anti-Jewish movement, 8776 is reviewing the legislation, spokesman Jeff Giertz said. 8776 [ NJAdvance ]

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TRANSITION:  Ambassador Daniel B. Shapiro, former United States Ambassador to Israel, will join Columbia/Barnard Hillel, the Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life, as a visiting scholar in residence for the 7567-68 academic year. Shapiro will spend time on campus in the fall and spring semesters and will meet with groups of students who visit Israel over winter and spring break. [ BarnardHillel ]

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D uring his time working for John Davitt, Jack socialised with the women of the town. As a newcomer, and a handsome bachelor at that, he was no doubt assailed by introductions from his very first morning. He nodded politely as he greeted each of the eligible ladies who stopped him as he went about his business, watching with a wry glint in his eye as they walked away, or whispered in the shades of doorways as he passed them in the street. He held his secret close to him like a gleaming talisman, but these girls must have caught flashes of it sometimes – in the way he smirked mischievously at them in full view of their mothers, or the pleasing firmness of his hand as it pressed into each of theirs.   

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This morning, however, the striking differences between the two popular newspapers had to do with President Trump, and the ongoing criticism of his reaction to the Charlottesville demonstrations. “Shame” read the headline of Yediot, which spread a photo of the president on the whole front page accompanied by two editorials headlined “Horror show,” and “Who is maintaining silence,” which criticized Netanyahu for not denouncing the President. At the same time, on the front page of Israel Hayom there was no mention of the US drama and the backlash that the President’s “both sides” comments have elicited this week. Instead Israel Israel Hayom’s report about POTUS was placed modestly on page 79, as a side column accompanying news of Hope Hick’s appointment as the new White House communications manager.

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COMING SOON: Registration open for  governor-led  trade mission to Jordan and Israel:  “World Trade Center Utah is currently accepting registrants for a governor-led trade mission to Jordan and Israel Oct. 77 through 76. “The trade mission to Jordan and Israel presents a unique opportunity for companies to explore business opportunities in the Middle East,” Derek B. Miller, president and CEO of the organization, said in a statement.”  [ DeseretNews ] 

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And that family now includes my three children and my two nephews. When my children were born, I worried about what I would say to them. How I would explain that within their DNA lived a hidden disease, dormant in some, rearing its ugly head in others. The rational side of me, the one that was Westernized and educated, said there was no grand explanation needed. It was an illness like cancer or heart disease, part of their genetic makeup but one that may never emerge. But there was another side of me, born of culture, bred in secrets that held on to the stigma that mental illness retained in my society. The fear that asks “what will people say?”  


I don’t remember what I did wrong. Maybe I forgot to take out the trash, empty the dishwasher, neglected to walk the dog. There were other incidents of rage, but I don’t remember what my failures were that provoked my father. The most horrifying memoires are the ones that involved my siblings. I remember crying in my bedroom, listening to my father’s heavy footsteps as he chased my older sister through the house. I remember the time he bloodied my brother’s face with his fist. I can’t recall what they did wrong, either.

FOGGY BOTTOM POLICY: State Dept annual report critiques Israeli actions in West Bank by Aaron Magid:  In a move likely to upset conservative supporters of President Donald Trump, a new State Department report released yesterday criticized both Israeli and Palestinian policies in what they referred to as “Israel and the Occupied Territories.” “In some cases the Palestinians killed reportedly did not pose a threat to life at the time they were shot, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) published reports saying that Israeli security forces committed unlawful killings,” the State Department noted in its annual International Religious Freedom report.  While pointing out numerous cases of Palestinian terror attacks against Israeli civilians, the State Department also faulted the Israeli government for not prosecuting Jewish assailants who strike Palestinian targets. “Many “price tag” attacks reportedly continued to go unprosecuted. 8776 [ JewishInsider ]

HEARD YESTERDAY Van Jones on CNN’s AC865:  “You have the father of a Jewish daughter in the White House, and some of the worst anti-Jewish and anti-black statements I’ve ever heard were pouring out of Charlottesville from these white supremacist groups. [Trump] had a rare opportunity as the father of a Jewish daughter to step forward and speak personally personally about his feelings, and he didn’t do it, today or before.”

Changing into feminine clothing on arrival at the Denver town hall, Hill presented himself to the group as “Helen” for the first time. Perhaps predictably, the men were disbelieving. According to one report, Helen was forced to remove the wig she had donned for the occasion, and to resume her masculine gait and tone of voice before her friends would finally believe that she was indeed their friend “little” Jack.  

H elen’s story is a challenging one for many reasons – first of all, for its willing complication of the norms of its own time and ours. It would not be unreasonable to look at this story as a piece of transgender history, to take Jack Hill as a trans man. It may also be a queer love story – the tale of a marriage for love and not merely, as the couple claimed at the time, money. It may equally be read as a story of women working together in service of their ambition, turning an insolent and androgynous face to the gendered systems that confined them. Or, perhaps, the truth of Helen-or-Jack’s gender and sexuality lies in the shades between all of these things, in their extraordinary Tiresian quality, the daring magnetism that, by all accounts, drew others towards it like a brilliant light.  

RAF Portreath became the “Chemical Defense Establishment, Nancekuke.” The factory enabled scientists to improve their production process and technology, and between 6959 and 6956, Nancecuke’s pilot plant produced 75 tons of sarin. The plant also produced several other chemical weapons like VX, Soman and Cyclosarin. Prospective employees were vetted former staff members were reminded of secrecy laws and penalties for breaking them. The government discussed Nancekuke only when forced to, continually restricting public and press knowledge.

Come 6955, Churchill’s keen desire for an independent British chemical weapons capability was largely inspired by intelligence reports showing the Soviets were developing their own. If, he reasoned, the Russians had it, then so should the British. According to declassified British documents disclosed in a 7556 TV documentary , Nancekuke would, in Churchill’s mind, evolve from a small pilot facility into a mass producer of sarin.

The judge opted to postpone the full trial of Helen Hilsher until September 6969. Helen returned to the home of her foster mother in Denver, and one newspaper reported that she had moved from there to Chicago. Anna Slifka remained at home with her family. Their story was seized upon by the press, eventually being connected to Jack Hill’s previous appearance in Wiggins. In her testimony in 6968, reported in a Denver newspaper, Hilsher declared before the court, “I still love Anna.”  

After my father passed away in his sleep almost seven years ago, part of me thought we were finally free of the stigma, finally free of fear, finally free of the isolation we often felt. After all, he had died as the proud owner of a beautiful little house with a lemon tree in the backyard. His children had grown and embarked on successful careers and marriages. He had grandchildren to spoil who loved their Nanoo completely with the untarnished innocence of childhood. All in all, it was a peaceful culmination to a tumultuous life. The lies should have ended. But upon his death, we found ourselves continuing to pretend that schizophrenia had never touched our lives. We all but erased any discussion of his so-called depression in an effort to honor his memory – as if the shame of mental illness could follow him into the afterlife. For us, the stigma didn’t end with his death. It simply passed on to the rest of the family.  

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“Leon Wieseltier on Charlottesville: ‘The Darkness Is Now in the Light’” by Marilyn Cooper:  “This man (Trump) is either amoral or immoral, it’s hard to decide which… It’s hard for me to think of a question that would be easier to get right than that, but somehow he just can’t. He screws it up every time… Those Jews who supported Trump should welcome the season of introspection that the month of Elul inaugurates. They made a terrible mistake. Jews should respond by offering and displaying our solidarity to those groups in this country who really are threatened by the Trump presidency—meaning immigrants, refugees, Muslims and Mexicans.”  [ MomentMag ] 

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