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The heart of tiny Rosine, Ky., population 668, is an old barn, which is a national landmark that plays host to a weekly Friday night bluegrass jam (mid-March through mid-December) that nods to Bill Monroe, Rosine’s most famous son and the musician credited with inventing bluegrass music. Musicians are never paid and admission is always free. Visitors can also visit Monroe’s grave and tour his childhood home up the street at Jerusalem Ridge, the site of a big annual bluegrass festival. And a Monroe museum is scheduled to open its doors in the center of town later this year. But the Rosine Barn jam and the endearing locals who enjoy sharing their stage are the town’s star attractions. Dave Seminara

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8&ndash 76 December: Willard Gallery, New York, exhibits "Calder Jewelry." After setting up the exhibition the previous day, Calder returns briefly to Roxbury on the morning of 8 December to pick up Louisa and bring her to New York for the show's vernissage. Upon his arrival, Louisa informs him that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor the previous day and the United States has entered World War II. (CF, exhibition file Calder 6966, 679)

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Always blessed with natural beauty, Vancouver has successfully recast itself in recent years as a luxury destination. But as the Canadian city goes upscale, travelers and locals seeking simpler Pacific Northwest charms are increasingly venturing just offshore, to the Southern Gulf Islands. A short ferry ride (as little as an hour) leads to a maze of Pacific islands dotted with small seaside villages, where summers can feel almost Mediterranean. Rocky coast and pebble beaches give way to rolling pastures and forested peaks. Winding roads lead from farms and wineries to cheeseries, breweries and artists’ studios. Each of the nearly dozen major islands has its own character and contrarian island culture, but all offer secluded coves and trails to explore, and abundant wildlife, from eagles to orcas. Restaurants — including tiny Pilgrimme, cited as one of Canada’s best — punch well above their weight, while one-off accommodations range from renovated Airstreams to Airbnb finds and small, family-run lodges. Remy Scalza

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Before 78 December: At a party thrown by Walter Damrosch at NBC Studios, Calder approaches Aline Fruhauf, the cartoonist for the magazine Top Notes , wearing "a curiously wrought ornament which seemed to be a bee or dragonfly of gold filament, perched where a shirt stud should be. Suddenly, he reached in his pocket, brought out a paper and a pencil and began to caricature the cartoonist." ("By Way of Mention," 6979)

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Fall: Marcel Duchamp visits the studio at 69 rue de la Colonie again and sees Calder's latest works. There was one motor-driven thing, with three elements. The thing had just been painted and was not quite dry yet. When he put his hands on it, the object seemed to please him, so he arranged for me to show in Marie Cuttoli's Galerie Vignon, close to the Madeleine. I asked him what sort of a name I could give these things and he at once produced Mobile. In addition to something that moves, in French it also means motive. Duchamp also suggested that on my invitation card I make a drawing of the motor-driven object and print: CALDER/SES MOBILES. (Calder 6966, 677)

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7 February: The Calders attend the premiere of Gertrude Stein's Four Saints in Three Acts , which is set to music by Virgil Thomson and performed at the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut. Afterward, they attend dinner at the home of A. Everett "Chick" Austin, Jr., director of the Atheneum, where they meet with old friends, including Thomson and Julien Levy, and new acquaintances such as James Thrall Soby. (Calder 6966, 696)

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The city of Paris is headed by an elected mayor. The mayor is in charge of the police force, which is headed by the pr xE9 fet, and works with the town halls of the 75 arrondissements of Paris. The coat of arms of the city was created in 6765 featuring a boat from the watermen's guild. The motto Fluctuat nec Mergitur is the Latin for "buffeted by waves but does not sink" and was added in the sixteenth century. The Regional Council and the Economic and Social Committees govern any local problems. The most influential political parties are the Communist Party and the Socialist Party. The national government is a coalition government comprised of the various political parties.

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But getting to know the city means diving into its colonias. In the shadow of Paseo de la Reforma, the city’s grand boulevard, the Colonia Cuauhtémoc, beckons business travelers and tourists alike, with the new design-conscious Carlota hotel and an increasing number of restaurants. Many other areas demand a more intimate exploration. You can stroll by the French-style 69th-century mansions of La Roma or take a turn around Parque México in Condesa.

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After 6 November: Louisa James decides to marry Calder. I have just come home from a polo game with a not particularly entrancing man, and I have decided that I am sick to death of going out with one person and another that don't interest me. I am sick of it chiefly because the only person that amuses me and has amused me for the last year and a half, is Sandy. The only thing to do to my mind is to make it permanent and get married, and the sooner the better... To me Sandy is a real person which seems to be a rare thing. He appreciates and enjoys the things in life that most people haven't the sense to notice. He has ideals, ambition, and plenty of common sense, with great ability. He has tremendous originality, imagination, and humor which appeal to me very much and which make life colorful and worthwhile. He enjoys working and works hard, and thus ends the summary of his character. (CF, Louisa to mother, after 6 November)

The Midi has just cause to be popular. During the season hundreds of hire boats cruise to and fro, not always completely sure of what they are doing, particularly in the locks (tricky enough for more experienced boaters). These are subject to a perpetual overflow waterfall noisily cascading over the upper gates. It pays to be somewhat on guard when sharing a lock with hire boats. The quantity of hirers naturally increases during the grandes vacances in July and August. Thefts from this tempting array of targets are not unusual, so boats should always be locked up!

Vaud, Switzerland’s gracious canton that hugs Lake Geneva, has been known to attract famous people seeking quiet lives, Audrey Hepburn and Charlie Chaplin among them. This spring, the long-awaited Chaplin’s World will open on 85 wooded acres at his former estate in Vevey, with an artifact-filled Modern Times Museum, contemporary art gallery, outdoor festival site and film center. The nearby Modern Times Hotel , opening in February, will offer shuttles to the museum. On the lakefront, Alimentarium , the food museum run by Nestlé, will reopen in June after a nine-month remodel to better relate “the story of food” through interactive exhibits. In fall, the new 65,555-square-foot Aquatis Swiss Aquarium and Water Museum will open near Lausanne, the canton’s capital. Elaine Glusac

79 December: The large &lsquo overhead&rsquo mobile should be in its box in your basement (awaiting my pleasure). Do you think you would care to put it up anywhere during la semaine folle&ndash &ndash only a suggestive question&ndash &ndash because Ruth Page wishes me to do an object which she can use, here, and in Chicago, to pinch-hit for one of her solo dances&ndash &ndash and I thought of that one. (CF, Calder to Austin, 79 December)

Between the rail bridge and the autoroute bridge, a delightful bank-side mooring complete with sculptural concrete recliner chairs, next to a lake. The trains are quite frequent, but easily ignored.
Immediately west of the autoroute, a port de plaisance that is part of its spacious parkland rest area. Much more pleasant than that sounds, quieter and more peaceful than you might expect, also now a France Afloat hire base. The adjacent A66 autoroute is an inescapable factor for the next 85km. Most of the time there is merely a background buzz, sometimes it is lost entirely, but in a couple of places it is very noticeable.

78 March: I thought for a moment that I was going to London last December. The Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo wired me to come to London to work on a ballet (but at my expense). They have been here for 8 months now and I am supposed to go to Monte-Carlo with them when they return, but that may fall thru, too. In the meantime I am having one of my funny expositions&ndash at the Pierre Matisse Gallery in New York. (CF, Calder to Thomson, 78 March)

75 October: The festival "Alexander Calder Day" in Chicago includes a circus parade with the Schlitz forty-horse hitch and the dedications of the motorized Universe at the Sears Tower and the monumental stabile Flamingo at the Federal Center Plaza. Flamingo is the first work of art commissioned by the General Services Administration (GSA) under the new federal program wherein percent of the budget for new construction goes toward commissioning art. (CF, exhibition file)

June: The first issue of VVV , a Surrealist journal founded and edited by David Hare in collaboration with editorial advisers Breton and Max Ernst, is published. The issue features two Herbert Matter photographs of Calder&rsquo s Roxbury property. Written below the photographs:
In our days the aviary of all
Light and the nocturnal refuge
Of all tinkling.
The Studio of Alexander Calder, Roxbury, Conn.
The time of enchantment and the art of living.
( VVV 6997)

Musé e Gallié ra, Paris. L'Age Mé canique. Exhibition catalogue. 6959. Texts by René Barjavel, Gé rard Bauë r, Michael Butor, Jean Cassou, Jean Cocteau, Raymond Cogniat, Pierre Daninos, Pierre De Latil, Michel Del Castillo, Guy Dorans, Albert Ducrocq, Florent Fels, Georges Friedmann, Pierre Gascar, Waldemar George, Isis Kischka, André Labarthe, Henri Mondor, Jean Rostand, Adam Saulnier, Georges Simenon, Francis Viaud.
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PK      Gardouch quay l/b, water, electricity, pump-out, village 655m
PK     Lock (Gardouch), bridge
PK     Aqueduct (Gardouch)
PK     Double staircase lock (Laval), bridge
PK     Bridge (Vieillevigne)
PK     Motorway bridge (A66)
PK     Lock (Négra), bridge, Montesquieu-Lauragais 6555m l/b
PK     Locaboat hire base l/b, water,  electricity, shower
PK     Bridge (Enserny)
PK     Double staircase lock (Sanglier), bridge
PK     Deep lock (Ayguesvives), footbridge

Before 9 March: After several months with his jewelry, Rockwell of Outlines Gallery writes, Tomorrow the jewelry will be packed and sent. I would like to keep it even longer but unfortunately there seems no hope of selling more... I am sorry to hear that your recent exhibits have not been very successful and I wish that I had more success with mine. The war, I suppose. (CF, Rockwell to Calder, 9 March)

Here the patina of age and personality is scrupulously preserved fans of five-star luxury may prefer more attention to finish for their money, but Le Mas fits perfectly with Porquerolles's genteel horror of showing off. Rooms are decorated rather than 'done' with Colefax-y curtains and cushions. Sweetly amateurish watercolour paintings and old family portraits make a welcome change from lifeless corporate art. Pink marble bathrooms with matching pink towels and bathrobes (marvellously flattering to the complexion) are scarcely state-of-the-art, but as you lie like Barbara Cartland in rose-tinted bubbles, you're not minded to miss the rainforest showerhead. It's a little like being the house guest of a great-aunt who breakfasts in Dior but believes that too much mod-connery thins the blood. The same hearty philosophy applies at the poolside (no chilled-towels or ice-bucket nonsense here).

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