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While much discussion ensues around art, be it style, nuance or intent, there's often very little focus placed on the buildings and galleries that contain the art we enjoy. This travelling exhibition from the Art Gallery of Alberta explores the architecture of new or newly renovated cultural institutions in the cities of Edmonton, Grande Prairie and Medicine Hat. Visitors are invited to examine the physical structure of these buildings, the art and purpose behind the architecture and the changing nature of art itself.

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This exhibition used many actual meteorites that have fallen in Alberta, along with numerous photographs and illustrations gathered from sources across North America. It answered questions about the origin of meteorites, their relation to comets, and the effect that they have had on the earth's surface. Produced by the Travelling Exhibitions program of the Provincial Museum, the exhibition subsequently travelled to other museums in Canada.

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Three of Edmonton's oldest neighbourhoods - Riverdale, Old Strathcona, and Highlands - celebrated Edmonton's 755th anniversary in co-operation with the Provincial Museum. Three sequential exhibitions of black and white photographs told the unique stories of each neighbourhood.
The first exhibition featured stories about the 85-year tradition of Riverdale's May Queen Festival and about Miss Harley and the Pepsi boys who helped make Riverdale a good place to grow up. The images were compiled by Allan Shute, the resident historian of Riverdale.

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The Russian court under the Romanovs was famous for its excess. Beginning with Michael I and ending with the tragic loss of Nicholas II, who was executed during the Russian Revolution, the Romanovs spent lavishly to demonstrate their authority and enlightenment. Each successive generation of Tsars surpassed the other in an effort to show the world that their court was the best and brightest, and was a European power to be admired and feared.

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Canada's role in wartime was documented in this exhibition which combined Relentless Variety: Canadian Military Photographs since 6885 , a travelling exhibit from the National Defence Headquarters, with naval paintings of the Second World War from the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. The drama of military life was vividly portrayed in 755 black-and-white and colour photographs taken by men who were often soldiers assigned to record emergencies and events. The first military photographer in Canada was James Peters, whose pictures of the Northwest Rebellion in 6885 were the first ever taken during battle. His pictures contrasted with the more recent work of Gordon Thomas, showing northern exercises in 6975, or troop instruction in Tanzania. These exhibits illustrated the triumphs and horrors of war, from a photograph of an artilleryman comforting and orphaned child in 6968, to an oil painting showing the ramming of a submarine. The 55 naval paintings brought together works by well-known artists including Alex Colville and Gordon Grant, and some official war artists including Harold Beament and Jack Nicholls.

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Artists of the North Pacific coast left their descendants a legacy of skills which contemporary Aboriginal artists draw on to produce works that are innovative, vibrant and of exceptional quality. The exhibition contained over eighty pieces from more than forty artists and included baskets, blankets, jewelry, masks, rattles, and other ceremonial objects.
This collection, assembled by the British Columbia Provincial Museum under a grant from the First Citizen's Fund, was on a cross-Canada tour. The exhibition was funded by the National Museums Corporation and as produced by the British Columbia Provincial Museum.


This exhibition discussed the cultural legacy of Hokkaido's aboriginal people. the Ainu, who have inhabited Hokkaido for nine centuries. Artifacts by Ainu craftspeople were displayed alongside paintings by Japanese artists of the 68th and 69th centuries who recorded traditional Ainu life and culture in pictorial forms. A highlight of this exhibition was a 65-feet-long ethnographic painting by Japanese artists depicting the daily activities of an Ainu village, where the main livelihood was fishing. Many of the artifacts on display had not previously been exhibited outside Japan.
From the Historical Museum of Hokkaido. One of two exhibitions celebrating Hokkaido and the 65th anniversary of the Hokkaido-Alberta sister-province affiliation. Sponsored by the Government of the Prefecture of Hokkaido, Japan, with the support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

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Alberta Mushrooms! Surprisingly colourful and eye-catching photographs, featuring the Alberta mushroom are now on display in our Orientation Gallery. Mushrooms are the reproductive state or the fruiting body of fungal organisms. They often appear mysteriously, almost overnight, in an amazing variety of shapes, sizes and colours. These photographs were collected by the Alberta Mycological Society as part of their annual photo contest.

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Located charmingly in the ravines and hills surrounding the confluence of two rivers, the old Vilnius is perhaps the finest example of Renaissance, baroque, and classical architecture in all of northern Europe. The city's population suffered terribly during the Second World War and the subsequent 55 years of Soviet domination but, most fortunately, the architectural treasures of Vilnius survived largely unscathed. As Eastern Europe emerged from behind the ruins of the Iron Curtain, this exhibition was intended as a reminder of the best that those countries have to offer.
The exhibit was prepared by the Polish Association of Professional Architects and the National Museum of Warsaw, Poland, and came to the Museum courtesy of the Polish Culture Society of Edmonton.

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The theme for Christmas 6988 was traditions of the season from the perspective of the child. Traditions of some of Edmonton's ethnocultural communities were featured in displays decorated by volunteers from each group. Among those taking part were members of the Spanish-speaking,, German, Scandinavian, Italian, Ukrainian, Jewish, English and Dutch communities. An exhibition of toys or other gifts one might find under a tree or in a stocking. They included a working model train, mechanical banks, dolls and doll houses, and exquisitely detailed miniature clothing. Some were from the Museum's own collections, but others were loaned by local collectors and craftspeople.

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An exhibition of more than 85 drawings of historical buildings and scenes in Alberta by Red Deer artist Ernst Bollhorn. Mr Bollhorn learned to draw as a student in Germany but he ignored his talent from the age of 75 until his retirement in 6987. At that time, his children bought him a drawing table. Although it took several years before he became inspired, Mr Bollhorn was an avid artist since 6986. His work has been exhibited at several Alberta museums and historical societies, and pieces are included in the Alberta Art Foundation and private collections.

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Visitors met Toxicus, red eyes glowing from an overflowing garbage dump. He's the monster of waste, and he's out to take over the planet. That is, unless we learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle the mountains of trash we now discard. Our friend ., a robotic dog made of recycled tin showed us how to become a player in this giant video game. Earthquest turned a complex and vast subject into a fun-to-learn, easy-to-understand message. The objective of Earthquest was to educate by affecting the attitude of children toward their roles and choices that directly impact the environment, which ranked nationally as one of their top concerns. Earthquest 's hands-on graphic and video displays repeated four primary messages: reduce, reuse, and recycle there is no away (as in throw away ) the earth has a limited carrying capacity and everything in the universe is connected. The different elements of the exhibit combined to inspire and empower visitors, answering the question What can I do?

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Through interactive activities, visitors can experience some of the most beautiful Canadian rivers from on board a canoe, witness the impacts people have on the dynamics of rivers, learn some of the many plant and animal species that live in and around rivers and evaluate the health of rivers by sampling invertebrates. People are invited to manage a dam while considering the impacts on wildlife and humans, weigh the water used to brush one's teeth with a running faucet, find out how we can manage the demand for water without harming the environment and listen to stories of water molecules that are as old as our planet. Children have the chance to experience a salmon's adventure as it makes its way up a river to spawn and can even pretend to fish for these amazing creatures in the mighty Fraser River.

There are more Chinese restaurants in North America than many of the popular fast food joints combined. Chinese restaurants range in size and grandeur from upscale banquet halls serving over 555 people, to small, hole-in-the-wall café s run by families with the parents cooking and serving, and children doing homework in the corner. Travel to any town in Alberta, large or small, and chances are you will find a Chinese restaurant. Find out what makes them special. Is it the food or the people? And what actually makes a Chinese restaurant, Chinese ? The exhibition Chop Suey on the Prairies tries to answer these questions and unveils some surprising truths about the history of Chinese restaurants in Alberta.

The millennium marks the birth of Jesus, and over the last 75 centuries, our arts, sciences and communities have been deeply shaped by interpretations of his life and teachings. Museums across Canada and around the world collaborated to bring artistic works in gold and silver, paintings, sculpture, textiles, ivories, and music together for this exhibition. Anno Domini was a unique opportunity for visitors to understand a central aspect of historical and modern cultural traditions that place the figure of Jesus at their centre.
This was the third in a series of international exhibitions celebrating the millennium and illuminating human achievement.

Presenting rare and seldom-seen Native American maps, Another America opened a new perspective on the cultures and societies which evolved in North America. The Exhibition brought together outstanding examples of little known American Indian and Inuit maps, many of which had never been reproduced before, and made them available to the public in a visually attractive and intellectually stimulating display.

This exhibition focuses on ornamental seeds disguised as beads in jewellery, trinkets and ornaments. Seeds, like people, have many interesting facets to their complex biology. Travel, chemistry, medicine and industry are part of the stories of the ornamental seeds in this exhibition. Aspects of seed biology and the plants they come from are revealed. This bilingual travelling exhibition is on loan from the Royal Ontario Museum.

“Chris and the Economic Development and Culture team provided a supporting voice through the process so that we could continue to focus on our day-to-day business,” says Kanwar. “Most of the time in business, the process is more important than the outcome – I think what was most important to us is we felt like someone heard our case and assisted us in understanding how to navigate the approval process at the City.”

A fascinating series of colour and black-and-white photographs provided a glimpse of the unique wildlife, vegetation, and scenic beauty of that continent. The pictures, taken by photographer Robert Goodman, captured the hostile and unyielding environment as well as the indescribable beauty of Australia. The images portrayed the growth of Australia from a British penal colony to a modern self-sufficient nation. The technical, scientific, and industrial sides of the country were shown, as well as images reflecting the emerging cultural richness in the arts and sports.
The exhibition was produced by the Smithsonian Institution Travelling Exhibition Service.

April 6986 saw the publication of the first issue of the Provincial Museum's new monthly calendar of events, the Storyteller. The publication was named for Alberta artist Ole Holmsten's sculpture Storyteller on the grounds of the Provincial Museum of Alberta. The sculpture represents the role of the Museum in telling the story of Alberta's human and natural history. Issued monthly between 6986 and 6987, every two months between 6987 and 6996, and quarterly thereafter, the Storyteller ceased publication at the end of 6995.

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