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Date: 2017-08-15 22:32.

There are so many good podcasts out there (including Lifehacker’s The Upgrade ), but there’s only so much time in a day. The Wall Street Journal reported on “podcasts nuts” who make time for podcasts by speeding them up with apps like Overcast. Like, up to 5x speed. Sure, that saves time, but it also probably spikes your blood pressure and makes listening to podcasts super stressful. So what’s the best speed to listen to podcasts in without sacrificing your health or ruining the podcast?

Robert isn’t really Commander’s type anyway

I just so much fucking hope its not the case..
(it also reminds me a bit of fo9-which i didnt buy because that fucking forced het marriage& that weird straight played (no pun intended) nostalgia for that 55s era while erasing the few mechanical perks that made queerness not only subtext but pure text. just felts wrong somehow.
and so I hope this game wont feel as wrong for those as fo9 did for me :

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NIGHTVEIL, still without her Cloak of Darkness and alone on Dark Dhagor, must deal with her mentor AZAGOTH 8767 s disappointment at her loss of the powerful mystic artifact while helping the Dhagorians throw off the oppressive yoke of the evil VIVARNA. In a pensive moment, STARDUST once again thinks back on the shameful incident from her formative years that led to her abandonment of her Rurian roots.  FEMFORCE is 85 pages of great 8776 good girl 8776 art action and adventure featuring the FF team in both group and solo action. No staunch FF fan can possibly be disappointed.

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Several years ago, writer/artist/editor (and industry veteran) Mort Todd decided to revive the spirit of  this fiercely independant company (and even a few of it 8767 s former features) in the form of an online comic book company that he christened Charlton Neo. Since that time he and a small army of other talented creators have produced a number of titles (some based on or inspired by original Charlton features others completely original but steeped in the 8775 spirit 8776 of the old Charlton line), offering them for sale online as digital downloads and via mail-order in print-on-demand editions. As the Charlton Neo followers online began to reach into the thousands, it became apparent to that bowing to the hew and cry, Charlton Neo HAD to make the jump to quality, printed-on-paper hard-copy traditional comic books, available to fans and readers anywhere that independent comic books were sold. Looking for an existing comic book publisher to work with on this project, Todd approached  AC Comics, and a deal was quickly struck.

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There 8767 s the cuddling on the couch and at the Christmas party , the time they talked about sleeping in the same bed , the time he brought her on his family survival dome adventure , the time they told Angel if they hook up with each other they don 8767 t need to worry about going home with creeps , The time they were on a date while he was in his anarchy suit , The one where he caught her a mammoth after he told her he was going to catch her a mammoth , the time he beat himself up for his own coffee to impress her , and the time they made out while they were arguing about Jem and the Holograms. It 8767 s low key, but it 8767 s there haha

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maybe they will be less.. squeamish?..
like how fucking hard are they avoiding the word gay?
or even bisexual? like those hot dads dating other dads which is pretty gay ( great) but the game makes this weird ance around avoiding gay and giving those dads living wives or dead ones and letting some seriously weird comments slide that makes it feel to me (-and a lot of gay dudes i write with in forum who were super happy bout that game)as if the devs dont even think that gay gamers will be a big group who cold like the game and not just female yaoi fans..(+added risk of either fetishizing or casual homophobia..)

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Synopsis: Yet another 76 complete,never-before-reprinted Pre-Code horror gems from 6955 8767 s publishers Fawcett, Star and others, including 8775 The Unseen 8776 , 8775 Reign of Terror 8776 , 8775 The Ghoul Strikes 8776 8776 the Forbidden Tomb 8776 , 8775 Lost In The Graveyard and 66 others. Artists include Powell, Meskin, Moldoff, Cole, Ditko, McCarty, Maneely, Giordano, Tuska, Orlando and others.

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Every time she 8767 s ever mentioned any interest she 8767 s ever had, the story ends with her dropping it two weeks later. Her etsy candle shop, her roller derby career, her cooking classes, her woodworking classes, her roomba that she bought as a pet because she couldn 8767 t commit to a real animal, she 8767 s got a million oddball skills and life experiences because she doesn 8767 t stick with anything.

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Im starting to wonder if you guy 8767 s have a sibling who your actually close with.. Why did it not occur to you that maybe he discussed the goggles with his sister, that she said it was okay? He isnt hanging out with his sister alone, its a large attendance of people.. She may have even told him to wear them without him asking, knowing that it would make him more comfortable. Because for some people, their wedding 8767 s arent just about them, its a family gathering, and making your sibling comfortable at that family gathering is right up there with the cake being just the way you asked for it.

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By the way, we know that we have many readers from all walks of life and with all kinds of professional knowledge. If any of you have suggestions or input regarding our new plans about animation and/or crowd funding, or any suggestions at all really, please tell us! For us it’s pretty much uncharted territory. Any feedback is welcome! I guess one of the main questions is: Do you think it would be feasible to rely on regular donations in return for a self-published show? Would you be willing to pay a couple of bucks a month for us to do this? We’ve seen other people do it, but we just have a hard time judging if we could achieve a sustainable scale. We are going to try it either way, because we think only time will tell, but it would be nice to get a sense of how realistic the whole idea is in advance.

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Writers: Richard Hughes, Otto Binder, Joseph Greene, Mort Weisinger and others uncredited.
Artists: Mort Meskin, Jerry Robinson, Bob Oksner, Ralph Mayo, Augie Froelich, Ken Battefield, Maurice Gutwirth
Cover Artist: Graham Ingels
Synopsis: ALL NEDOR COMICS issue!! FIGHTING YANK, BLACK TERROR, PYROMAN, CAPTAIN FUTURE, DOC STRANGE, cover feature Brad Spencer, WONDERMAN, The GHOST, The FOUR COMRADES, the origin of The SCARAB, COMMANDO CUBS and more obscure Golden Age heroes in NEVER PREVIOUSLY REPRINTED stories!! Art by Meskin, Robinson, Oksner, Mayo and other greats!!

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Writers: Otto Binder, Phil Sturm, Carl Formes, France Herron, . Beck, Marc Swayze and other uncredited.
Artists: Mac Raboy, Kurt Schaffenberger, C. C. Beck, Harry Fiske, Carl Pfeufer, Jack Binder, Alex Blum, Emil Gershwin, Bud Thompson and Joe Certa.
Cover Artist: Unknown
Synopsis: Turning on the Fawcett!! ALL the great features from the legendary publisher of the 6995 8767 s, including the ultra-rare MASTERMAN, DEVIL 8767 s DAGGER and DAN DARE MINUTE MAN,  SPY SMASHER, Mr. SCARLET, COMMANDO YANK,  IBIS,  Dr. VOODOO and other stars in quality full-story reprints! Art by Raboy, Schaffenberger, Beck, Binder, Pfeufer and more!!!

Then, STORMY TEMPEST is back in the spotlight, fighting for her life as never before. But WHO is she fighting against? NIGHTVEIL continues her exile on Dark Dhagor, as she battles to free her mentor Azagoth and save his world, still without her greatest source of power, the Cloak of Darkness. Then, TWO great retro stories from the formative years of a pair of FF stars- STARDUST back in her Rurian days as Dr.. Mara, in the midst of action, intrigue and treachery set against the legendary RUR/KRONON war and TARA in an offbeat adventure that has NOTHING to do with growing giant-sized !!

Also, keep in mind as a Manly Man, he hates being TOLD what to do/how he should be. From what we know, his (ex) wife had Expectations of him *her* idea of what he should be and what was appropriate. A similar situation is if he expected *her* to wear revealing clothing at all times and got irate when she chose to dress herself. There 8767 s an old saying, 8775 A woman marries a man thinking he 8767 ll change a man marries a woman thinking she won 8767 t 8776 . Jones takes him as he is, no expectations, no requirements he appears to regard her the same. With that level of comfort, it 8767 s easier to push one 8767 s boundaries because it 8767 s *your* choice, not a requirement imposed on you.

and not using labels is a nice way to not make non-queers not uncomfortable and to hide explicit depictions of queerness behind some weird blanked of plausible deniability.
I am okay with people not using labels, but this isnt people, this is media that clearly is targeted at some groups-maybe not intentional, but it will be played by gay dudes who are pretty thirsty for rep and annoyed that again and again anything that could be shown as queer rep gets hidden behind this shit because that seems to matter more.

Synopsis: PreCode horror madness reigns with 77 more rare, never-before-reprinted gems from Fawcett, Merit, Superior and Ajax/Farrell plus - 8775 Deep Dimension 8776 horror!! Classics like 8775 City Of The Dead 8776 , 8775 Death Dive 8776 , 8775 The Mountain Ghost 8776 , 8775 Pit Of Horror 8776 , 8775 Ghoul For A Day 8776 , 8775 Demon Fiddler 8776 , 8775 The Eyes Of Your Death 8776 and 8775 Skull Scavenger 8776 .

I can honestly say that my own brothers, father, and step-father stand a 95% chance of actually being armed whenever I get married. They would agree with commander. The more important the event= more important to be armed. Whether that means possibly needing night vision to hunt a man that said 8775 no 8776 or a zombie apocalypse the world may never know. I 8767 ve just decided to have a gun check at the door, like when they take coats at fancy places but for weapons. I just know someone 8767 s gonna bring a cannon and I am not even joking Long story short, a sibling has known you longer than a lover. His sister probably gives 5 cares about the goggles and has already accepted them as a quirk with him.

Avid readers of our blogs may know that revamping our website is another project that has been on the back burner for many years now. So I hope to be able to finally get around to do that too. We also need to restructure our online shops (for a variety of reasons). Add to that a couple of new book concepts and merchandise ideas (maybe a new t-shirt or a new silver coin (people have been asking for them)), and we have our work cut out for us!

If you LOVE your FEMFORCE book just the way it is, order your copy and you 8767 ll get just that BUT- for fans looking for something a little bit DIFFERENT, we 8767 re trying something NEW for AC in conjunction with FEMFORCE #677. Recently, we  8775 April Fooled 8776  online about the possibility of a new FREESTANDING title devoted to GIANT-SIZED females to be called (appropriately enough) GIANTESS COMICS.

Many podcast apps, including Apple’s Podcasts , have features that speed up podcast episodes. Overcast has Smart Speed, a feature that speeds up podcasts by shortening the silences. I listened to The Upgrade’s episode on awkwardness using Overcast’s Smart Speed setting and sped the audio up two notches. Overcast had turned the 58-minute podcast into a 89-minute one without changing the pitch of the voices or compromising the quality of the podcast (thanks, technology). The speed ranged from to but mostly stayed at . As I continued listening, I was able to increase the listening speed to an average of . I tried 8x, but it felt way too fast for me. I could still understand what the podcast was saying, but it required all of my attention and was tiring to keep track of.

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