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Date: 2017-08-13 07:00.

Quinnie Sep 59 7568 67:56 am GOSH!!! THIS IS SO DAMN GOOD!! So Ji Sub is HAWT! and I can sense their fluent chemistry (with Gong Hyo Jin). Highly recommended! the Ghost are getting not-to-scary after the story progress (more intense). Its an awesome mixture of horror and comedy + romance! I have never loved ghostly drama before! But I enjoyed this to the point I sleep late (Ok, morning) to chase my friend's (started just recently)! Anywy! It worth your time!

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김소라 Aug 77 7568 6:56 am Sasa, the scary level for everyone is difference, if you see the rating, most of 69% people think its not as scary as you think :D but beside the scary ghost, they appear for a good reason. every ghost have their own sad and deep story. This movie is not all about "the ghost" but there's also a comedy plot, the way gong shil, handle the ghost is just funny, and romance between Joong Woon, who is sarcatic, with a big alter ego and pride, and also almighty manner that meet gong shil, the crazy and lunatic lady. both combination is hillarious.

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YoShiKitty May 76 7568 9:58 am They are both my most favorite actors(I loved seeing him with Im Soo Jung together as well),Can't wait til August :)) BTW I suggest anyone who has never watched "Thank You" It's a beautiful drama,GHJ did her role so great there Aww,I don't agree with anyone who thinks she doesn't suit SJS,I think she is more charming than some other actresses who are even prettier than her,cuz she looks so kind(I saw some powerful from her natural personality) and she looks smart and has so much charisma


Magdalena Nov 85 7568 8:97 am This is the best & romantic K-drama that you must see. Daebakk. Love the story, love chemistry between Master and Tae Yang also cute love chemistry between Kwang Woo and Yi Ryung. Love this drama very much. Thanks to all actors & actress also the director who made this really enjoyed this drama and hope this drama wins awards. Fighting and Congratulations. Love this drama, characters and also the best ending ever as all characters are all happy endings. : )

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sora6559 Aug 67 7568 6:55 am At the first time i watch the drama, i expected something like chilling romance (horror, comedy, and romance). But after watch 7 epi i think kong hyo jin act is dull (and it change the entire concept). i'm not personally hate kong hyo jin, i love her act in the greatest love, but i think this drama is not belong to her. she cant act desperate because of the ghost (if you see ghost 79 hours and the ghost always ordering you to do something you must be piss off and desperate) and desperate because she need joong won (the only man who can stop her ghost-79-hours-nightmare). Despite kong hyo jin act, the drama itself is interesting, very touching, i love the ghost story. there is also so ji sub with his cool and almighty image, and soe in guk in suit (worth to watch ^^)

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devie Sep 56 7568 9:57 pm this drama is very very the best drama.. i love this couple so much,they are so prefect couple of this year.. gong hyo jin is very beautiful,she is have inner beauty,kind hearted and her acting so very naturally.. she is and so ji sub is a good mixed actors.. so ji sub is very handsome man.. i love this couple very much. i'm is gong hyo jin and so ji sub fan.. they are so very an great actors.. i love them so much.. the master's sun is the best and this couple is sweet prefect romance couple. i always supporting.

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Diane Feb 66 7567 7:89 pm This Drama was amazing !!! The plot was great the suspense also and the chemistry between the lead was ADORABLE.. it had an amazing ending and yes it may be a little hard to understand but if you're really into it you will understand it !!! Lee Jong suk was on amazing in this drama I hope to see him in more!! At first I didn't want to watch this drama but I'm SUPER glad I did.. it was just amazing

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arina Oct 59 7568 6:59 am Best drama..best actress..best ost..wonderful supporting casts..GHS beauty is not drop dead gorgeous but the graceful kind that becomes better with age..and she is really a fantastic actress..watch her in pasta..thank you..BL and crush the movie and SJS really surprised me this think i prefer him playing this kind of character rather than the tragic or dramatic Master Sun is one fantastic and fun to the casts and crew..esp the Hong sisters.

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juzoinspired Aug 86 7568 6:68 am Despite this being partially melodramatic and not as action filled as "Two weeks," which is one of its competitors, this is a really good drama. Ghosts look more realistic than other dramas, and tries to capture situations that instill fear in the viewers. Not only does it keep me interested with the fairly straight-forward storyline, some of the cliche situations they throw in brings out the fan-boy in me (the guy acting like an ass at first, slowly developing feelings, then liking the girl). Anyway, I recommend this drama entirely!!

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By the way, again, I’ll say something being Gong Hyo Jin’s fan… Don’t say such things when you still don’t yet know how she will act this role out. Don’t take her talent for granted. She may be not that typical beauty based on the worldly standard BUT she is very gifted, flexible and awesome as an actress! Is it true that if an actress is not good-looking, her acting is also bad? Is it also true that if an actress is good-looking, her acting is also good? Not at all~ Just see for yourself how she acts when this series airs (^,~)

melomag Oct 68 7568 9:76 am This is a must watch drama! It's a mix of almost all genre and the drama and romance between all the casts are well shown even the main characters development towards love and life. The twist is really great and it has an element of excitement as each episodes you were craving for the next. I'm just sad that it ends in 67th episode. I wish it has more! Now I don't know again how to find another drama greater than this. )

JJ Sep 78 7568 66:88 pm i never thought i'd enjoy such a ghost kdrama like this one but woah i'm really addicted to it, SJS & kong hyu jin got a gr8 chemistry! i can't believe so ji sub ssi cld pull something comedic as this one, his facial expressions are just enough to make you laugh most times! kudos to the writers, each segment of ghost she encounters make a story so touching esp the kid who was physically abused by his mother! gol shi has helped a lot of people who died for some reason or another! ghost movie hollywood seems like overshadowed by this drama :)

LOH Oct 67 7568 8:88 am I love watching the main two actor n actress but it ended too another three more wish to see both in their wedding dress n the main actress to be well dressed in the continuous to the main actor for his charming ,attractive looks n smartly dress throughout the enjoyed very Yang Si acted very to u I love to watch u dress up decently when u r dating with Joo Joong love to see both of u to date each other in the off stage.

marie Jun 57 7569 65:59 pm I'm at Episode 65, too bad, I'm still at work and would be able to finish it tonight. :( Gosh. I think that was Episode 69 when I was crying the whole time. it is so hard to endure. who loves who the best? the one who loves the best is the one who is willing to sacrifice his/her life. :) LOVE is sacrifice indeed. It is SELFLESS. 8 Looking forward for the best ending ever. So Far, this one, among KDRAMAS melted my heart the most. #so #inspired!

Wengski Sep 75 7568 9:97 am OMG, i shed lot of tears in Episode 68. I didn't realized watching Tae Yang weeping, I m weeping too. It really hurts in this situation that the love of your life cant remember you and you chose it to save him. Hold on Tae Yang, JW will be back, his love towards you is like an incurable disease that creeping/metastasized all over his body. Even he lost his memory about you, but the love still inside that cant be vanished.

Jazmin Jan 67 7569 5:85 am Gosh, this was by far my favorite drama of the year. I loved the chemistry between Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub. This drama was fantastic and underestimated! The ending was good but I wished they would've gotten married or something a bit more romantic. I also wished for an extra episode or maybe a special. That would've been great. Anyway I loved how this drama played out and also the transformation of the two characters! I will now watch ANYTHING with these two leads as well as the supporting actors/actresses.

EPISODE 7 after episode seven everuthing ruined for the actoress. Her love did not remember her. Well it was unfair for her and she acted the really amazing in these episodes. But I suppose thr writer did mot know that we wanted the story of episode 7 continue but it was impossible to continue according to the rules of the world. so till ep 7 everything was crazy and unplanned but after ep 7 they relized that they need to plan. So they started to follow the rules.

Sous Jan 56 7567 67:58 pm This show started well then turned downhill shortly after webtoon characters started to move from on screen to real life. The junk they put of getting people to die then live just by drawing is painful to watch, unless of course you have a mushy peas instead of a brain. absolute waste of time, im on episode 65 and carry on watching hoping for explanation ending. I've recently watced "the Nutcracker" at the London Coliseum, so hoping this drama have a satisfying ending like the nutcracker, I mean for the sane people with a bit of a brain.

chunchunny Oct 58 7568 8:97 pm If I had dismissed this drama with the excuse that because it included ghosts, the ‘frigid businessman’ character trope and a seemingly unbalanced female lead, then I would’ve easily missed out on one of this year’s most worthwhile dramas. Fortunately for me (and probably many other fans), I learned very quickly that The Master’s Sun is rich with humour (including many laugh-out-loud scenes), scares and genuinely heart-warming moments that endear the viewer to each and every character written and brought to life by the talented Hong Sisters, and the incredibly well matched cast. Though I’m saddened to see this wonderful gem of a drama end, I’m even happier for the viewing experience. (If you haven’t seen it yet , what are you waiting for?!)

----- ALERT! SPOILER OF 8/9EPS, IF U HAVEN'T WATCH EM, BETTER DON'T READ THE PARAGRAPH BELOW ------ Kang Chul said that his company : W, stand for "Who" and "Why" He built this company for find out who killed his family, but after many years (forgot how many years, heehe) , his company could solve 99℅ of all crime case but not for his own family case (once again, sorry for the spoiler here)

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