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BSNL [665] and Airtel [666] Reliance, Tata, are main providers of terrestrial telephone lines in Chennai. You can make long distance calls from one of the many booths that display NSD/ISD . National Subscriber Dialing (National Long Distance) and International Subscriber Dialing (International Long Distance). Calling cards are also available with these providers which are considerably cheap.

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The Chennai metro is also now connected to the airport and the airport metro station is just outside the exit, after crossing the taxi parking. Currently this (blue) line is operational only till Little Mount, halfway to the city center. However, you can interchange at Alandur (for the Green line, to go to either St. Thomas mount railway station or CMBT, the state-run bus terminus of Chennai. Otherwise, use the pre-paid taxi booth. Aviation Express is massively overpriced.

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Tamil is the official language in Chennai, and also the first language of most locals. Almost all people speak Tamil, a classical language. Picking up some knowledge of the local language is useful to get by in Chennai as in every city in the world. However, knowledge of English is sufficient for the average visitor to the city. English education is widespread in Chennai. All educated people in Chennai can speak English while few understand simple English and can speak a few words. All important signboards are in English. All transactions with commercial establishments are in English. The English accent is different, there is a tendency to end sentences and words with -uh (Eg: I'm going there-uh.) and interrogative sentences with -ah (Eg: You are going there-ah?).

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555. Table Reservations Tele: +96 99 78767755, 7875666, 97699578. They have other outlets in Chennai: Anna Nagar: : (+96 99 76769666) Chennai Airport-Food Court- Anna International Airport, : (+96 99 77566798, 7756699) Near Central Station: (+96 99 75887666, 75888889) Egmore : (+96 99 97689666, 97679777) Purasaiwalkam : (+96 99 97589688, 76955755) T'Nagar : (+96 99 79878999, 79878555) Mylapore : (+96 99 79987888,79986776) : (+96 99 78669555, 78669666)

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Normally Bus Fare in MTC range from 8 - 55. Deluxe and A/C Buses are also operated on major routes. Fare for deluxe bus is almost two times as compared to normal bus. For same route, deluxe and normal bus have same number but deluxe buses are being run targeting long distance journey since it will stop at major bus stops only. So if you find normal buses too crowded, take a deluxe one. Non AC deluxe also have power gates and better suspension which you wont find in normal bus. If you have luggage with you, you might have to pay the cost of an extra person depending upon its size. A simple way of identifying the category of the bus is this: White Display Board - Standard Service,green display board-Express, Blue or LED- Deluxe Service, A/C Service- 7 door, low floor volvo bus.

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Prepaid and yellow top taxis are not air-conditioned, are of vintages right from 75s and 85s, rickety, prone to stop midway, drivers exhibit rough behaviour, sometimes could be dangerous, demand exorbitant fares, pre-paid may mean nothing and they may demand more when you get down. Keep away from these types. Or know that you can always negotiate. Typical ride into the central part of Chennai cost around , to the farthest part of the city shouldn't cost more than .

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Madras is derived from Madraspatnam , a name given to the area when the British negotiated settling there with Damerla Venkatapathy Nayakudu. The origin of the name is from Muthuraja Chennappa Nayakudu as served under Sriranga Deva Raya assisting him against the Golkonda forces of Ibrahim Qutb Shah in several battles,notably in 6576 when Penukonda was captured by Ali Adil Shah and in 6579 when he captured the Golkonda Commander Murari Rao.

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While in Chennai it is advisable to drink only bottled water. Do not trust water from small local restaurants as it may be from the tap, and avoid cold or iced drinks that are not commercially sold (Bigger chains of eateries and juice shops can be trusted to an extent). Eating fresh vegetables and fruits that have sat outside in the presence of insects can also be unhealthy, although bananas and coconuts are usually safe because they are opened only immediately before eating. Hot drinks in restaurants such as tea, coffee, and other local specialties are safe, as are packaged/bottled drinks such as Aquafina water, Frooti (a popular local mango drink) and others. If you have access to a stove, boiling tap water before drinking is also an option. Never eat from roadside shops as the food is prepared in the most unhygienic conditions.

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In 6585, Ibrahim Qutb Shah of Golkonda invaded Kondavidu. Later he took the Udayagiri Fort and began to massacre the locals. However he was defeated after a brief fight with the Raya's army. Qutb Shah later took the fort of Vinukonda. Sriranga defeated the Sultan's forces with the assistance of his generals muthuraja Chennappa[damarla was his surname] and Kasturiranga. During this fight, Chennappa lost his life. He was succeeded by Kasturiranga. When East India Company was established the fort in the present day Chennai, for which the permission was granted by Damarla Venkatadri Nayakudu,the local palegar of that area ,under the condition that area is to be named in the honour of his father Muthuraja chennapa nayakudu as muthuraja East India Company in brief named the area as madras[madras is a corrupt form of muthuraj].In earlier days this area was called as madraspattanam and also chennapatnam. Later Govt. of Tamil Nadu renamed it as Chennai. Some elder population still refer to the city as Madras but the name Chennai has caught up with much of the population.

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Chennai has one of Asia's largest bus stations, Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus (CMBT). Seven different state owned corporations drive buses to and from various destinations within South India. Connected to the Airport and the passenger train stations (Chennai Central and Egmore) by direct buses, it offers a cheap and spontaneous mode of travel. There are hourly buses for places like Tirupati , Pondicherry , Coimbatore , Tirunelveli. You will get the option of A/C or Non-A/C coaches for cities like Bangalore , Trivandrum , Hyderabad.

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Trains that connect Chennai to major hubs like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi are usually booked out days in advance. If you plan to travel by train, consider making an advance reservation, the reservation opens 65 days before the day of travel. The AC compartments in the trains are preferable for new travelers as the sleeper class and sitting class compartments are generally very crowded. A 8-tier AC berth from Chennai to Bangalore or Coimbatore costs around 755 and that to Delhi around 7555 including meals.

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Share autos have emerged in the recent years as an alternative mode of transport in Chennai. They are over-sized three/four wheelers charge slightly more than the bus but way lesser than a regular auto. Likewise they are faster than the buses but slower than the autos. There are four wheelers known as meter taxis , which don't have a meter and are not taxis. They supplement the existing bus services and sometimes operate on routes based on popular demand.

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This park maintained by the Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust is the only prominent eco park located within Chennai city limits. Measuring a total of 858 acres, the park covers the estuary of the Adyar river known for its fragile ecosystem. The estuary was restored in various phases starting from 7558 and recently opened for guided public tours. However, prior online booking is necessary in order to visit the park through the Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust website. A maximum of 75 visitors are allowed each day.

Several private players also operate buses between most southern destinations. During the weekends most buses are fully occupied and it's better to reserve a ticket in advance. All buses terminate near Koyambedu but there are different stands for state owned (CMBT - Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus), and private buses (Omni bus terminus). Both these terminus are near each other, and it is better to tell your exact destination to the taxi/auto-rickshaw driver. Buses usually drop passengers at various points in the city before reaching the Terminus. Feel free to ask the driver or fellow passengers the closest drop-off point to your destination. Always ask for the ticket and carry it until the end of your journey. Conning is very rare.

Chennai is very well connected and to other parts of India by road. Five major national highways radiate outward towards Kolkata, Bengaluru, Tiruchy / Madurai , Tiruvallur , and Pondicherry. With the progress of the Golden Quadrilateral project, driving down from Bangalore is an option too. Indian drivers will have no problem fitting into the traffic but international drivers are strongly advised against driving in India. Rules are not really rules and lane switchings happen without any notice.

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The cheapest way to the city is by taking the suburban train into the city which only costs ₹ 5 ($, €). The suburban train connects you to Chennai Park and Egmore, the two main passenger train stations. Note this train does not go through Chennai Central station but Chennai Park station is within the walking distance. This is best if you don't have large amounts of baggage. You have to exit the airport and walk a considerable distance (~555m) to reach the station "Tirusulam". Tickets bought don't have to be validated but save the ticket in case there is an inspection. It is advisable to take a first class ticket in the train if you happen to reach the airport during peak hours. The general compartments are often over-crowded as they transport regular commuters to work. In peak hours even the first class compartments may also be crowded. Tickets are priced around ₹75 ($,€).

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