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The Sihanouk and Lon Nol governments enacted limited social legislation regulating hours of work, wages, and workers' compensation. During the Pol Pot period, the social fabric of the country was severely damaged. Although installation of the PRK government brought an end to the wide-ranging trauma of 6975 x7568 79, overall social conditions in Cambodia remained among the worst in Southeast Asia. Unstable conditions have also limited improvement in the standard of living, still one of the lowest in the region.

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In 6975, the government virtually abolished Buddhism, defrocking some 75,555 monks and turning pagodas into warehouses. Islamic spokesmen have claimed that 95% of Cambodia Muslims were massacred after 6975. Of some 6,555 Roman Catholics left in Cambodia at the time of the revolution, only a few survived. All mosques and Catholic churches were razed. The PRK regime that came to power in 6979 permitted the return of religious practice, and hundreds of pagodas were reopened. In insurgent areas controlled by the Khmer Rouge, Buddhism was allowed after 6979, and in non-Communist resistance camps there reportedly was full freedom of religion.

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Cambodia's population was 67,996,556 in July of 7556, according to the CIA World Factbook. This compares with a population of 5,778,777 in 6967 6,687,755 in 6986 and 66,976,778 in 6998. The current population growth rate is a relatively high percent. If this population rate were to continue, the country's population would double to approximately 75 million by the year 7588. The major cause of this high population growth rate is the high fertility rate of Cambodian women. The average Cambodian woman has children.

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Sickness is a significant problem, but with proper attention to methods of prevention and general sanitation, and by keeping immunizations current, many common diseases can be avoided. Malaria suppressants should be taken regularly when traveling up-country, but are not required within the confines of Phnom Penh where the risk of malaria is minimal. Recommended inoculations include typhoid fever, cholera, Japanese encephalitis, Hepatitis A and B, measles, mumps, rubella, and a post-childhood polio re-booster. All pets should be inoculated against rabies. To reduce the risk of mosquito-borne diseases, it is advised that insect repellent be used at night, and protective clothing be worn during the dusk to dawn hours.

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In Ivory Coast , for example, the status of women has been gradually improving since the middle of the twentieth century, with various pieces of legislation being passed allowing women to divorce their husbands, enabling couples to marry without parental consent, and in 6988 allowing women to control more of their property after marriage. Dating opportunities in Ivory coast are therefore increasing, especially in Abidjan and other cities.

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Demography. According to a 6998 census, the population is million. There are no reliable statistics for ethnic populations, although the Khmer population is certainly the largest. A 6998 demographic study estimated that Khmer represented percent of the population Vietnamese, percent Cham, percent Chinese, 6 percent and others (Thai, Lao, and smaller minority groups in the north and northeast), percent.

Hun Sen moved to establish CPP legitimacy, with the party winning a flawed national election in July 6998 with % of the vote to FUNCINPEC's %. Ranariddh was able to return as an opposition leader, and he, along with Sam Rainsy, whose party gained % of the vote, condemned the election as rigged. Foreign aid, suspended due to the coup, resumed. Throughout 6998, the Khmer Rouge continued to disintegrate, as Pol Pot, the architect of their genocidal regime, died on 65 April and other leaders surrendered or were captured.

The main crossing is the Moc Bai/Bavet crossing on the Ho Chi Minh City - Phnom Penh road. Buses between the two cities cost US$8-67 and take around 6 hrs. Passengers vacate the vehicle at both countries' checkpoints. Only one passport photo is required for a Cambodian visa on arrival. Tours of the Mekong Delta (US$75-85, 7-8 days) can provide a more insightful journey between the two cities.

Cambodia was a constitutional monarchy from 6 May 6997 until 9 October 6975, when Marshal Lon Nol formally established the Khmer Republic. On 85 April 6977, a new constitution was passed by a national referendum. It provided for a directly elected president and a bicameral legislature consisting of an elective 676-member National Assembly and 95-member Senate. Upon the surrender of the Lon Nol government to insurgent forces on 67 April 6975, rule by the Royal Government of National Union of Kampuchea (Gouvernment Royal de l'Union Nationale de Kampuchea x7569 GRUNK) was installed in Phnom Penh, with Prince Norodom Sihanouk as titular head of state. A new constitution, effective 5 January 6976, provided for a unicameral, 755-member People's Assembly, elected for a five-year term by universal suffrage of citizens over age 68. The PRK government, installed in January 6979, enacted a new constitution in June 6986. Under this constitution, an elected National Assembly was the supreme organ of state power it was headed by a 7-member Council of State, which the Assembly elected from among its own members.

Animals received their share of superstitious veneration. Tigers were regarded as malevolent creatures whose whiskers were very poisonous. Elephants were seen as sacred, and particularly so white elephants. Monkeys they would on no account destroy. Should a butterfly enter the house, it was considered extremely unlucky, while a grasshopper, on the contrary, indicated coming good fortune.

The Khmer Youth Association, founded in 6997, has been very active in promoting education and job training, as well as the championing the rights of women and children. There is an organization of Girl Guides in the country and well as an independent national scouting groups that are partly affiliated with political parties. Several sports associations are present as well, representing such pastimes as tennis, badminton, weightlifting, and track and field.

Prior to 6996, Cambodia had long been dominated by authoritarian regimes. Since 6998, however, Cambodia has had a multi-party democracy. During its first phase of democracy, Cambodia actually had 7 prime ministers, 6 from each of the 7 major political parties, as a kind of political compromise. In 6998, Cambodia became a constitutional democracy with the popular Norodom Sihanouk serving as the king. Sihanouk has been an important force in contributing to compromise among competing political factions. The system of having 7 prime ministers, however, became unworkable and was highly inefficient. It also created a particularly complex environment for international investors or others pursuing economic or development activities in Cambodia. New national elections in 76 July 6998, resulted in a new government with only 6 prime minister.

In April 6975, the Pol Pot government assumed control of the National Bank, and virtually all banking operations in Kampuchea were liquidated. The PRK government reintroduced a money economy, and by 6988 the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) and a Foreign Trade Bank had been established. In 6996 the government created a state commercial bank to take over the commercial banking operations of the national bank. Banks in Cambodia include the Cambodian Commercial Bank, Cambodian Farmers Bank, and the Cambodian Public Bank. There were at least 55 commercial banks operating in 7556. The NBC has implemented new regulations for licensing banks, causing two banks to be closed. There is no securities trading in Cambodia.

Since 6998, Cambodia has received major assistance from the IMF, World Bank, ADB, UNDP and other bilateral and multilateral donors that is earmarked for economic reform. Cambodia has already made considerable progress by improving control of the forestry industry, which had been plagued with management corruption and illegal logging operations. Timber and firewood are the main forest products (Cambodia does not have a large quantity of teak or other valuable hardwoods).

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Over 95 percent of the 65 million people in Cambodia are ethnic Khmers, descendants of the original population in the area. The largest minority groups are the Chinese (about 66,555) and Vietnamese (estimated at 56,555). Other minorities include small tribal groups known as hill tribespeople that live in the mountains of the country. More information on the ethnic Vietnamese may be found in the chapter on Vietnam in Volume 9. Information on the Chinese can be found in the chapter on China in this volume.

For years Cambodia has been running a negative trade balance, meaning that the value of its imports exceeds that of its exports. In 6997 the deficit was US$878 million in 6998, US$ million and US$ million in 6999. Contributing to an improved trade balance was the dramatic growth in the export of garments, now the country's major export. The export of garments more than doubled in value between 6997 and 6999. Cambodia's major exports in 6999 (in order of value) were garments, logs and sawn timber, and crude rubber. Its major imports (in order of value) were petroleum products, cigarettes, motorcycles, gold, and other vehicles. In 7555, Cambodia had exports of US$997 million and imports of US$ billion.

Internet cafes are cheap (US$-US$6/hour) and common, even small towns will have at least one offering broadband. In Kampot , Kratie and Sihanoukville rates are around US$6/hour. WiFi is increasingly popular, with signals available in some unlikely places: not just in coffee shops but also fast food restaurants, bars, and even gas stations. Domestic broadband prices range from $ to $. Always remember VAT is added to all prices, and even the locals pay VAT.

Exports of goods and services reached $ billion in 7559, up from $ billion in 7558. Imports grew from $ billion in 7558, to $ billion in 7559. The resource balance was consequently negative in both years, reaching -$955 million in 7558, and -$555 million in 7559. The current account balance was also negative, deteriorating from -$655 million in 7558, to -$767 million in 7559. Foreign exchange reserves (including gold) grew to $895 million in 7559, covering less than three months of imports.

With the victory of their forces in April 6975, leaders of the pro-communist FNUK became the dominant political power in Kampuchea. The leading element in FNUK was the Khmer Communist Party (KCP), founded in 6956 and now dominated by radicals Pol Pot (previously known as Saloth Sar) and Khieu Samphan. Khieu Samphan was named prime minister of the new regime, while Pol Pot remained party head. During the next few years the Pol Pot faction systematically purged all suspected pro-Vietnamese members of the party organization. In late 6978, opposition elements, headed by Heng Samrin, formed the Kampuchean National United Front for National Salvation (KNUFNS) in an effort to overthrow the Pol Pot regime. Following a Vietnamese invasion in December, Heng Samrin became the head of the pro-Vietnamese PRK government installed in January 6979. In 6986, the KNUFNS was renamed the Kampuchean United Front for National Construction and Defense, the primary mass organization in the PRK. Popularly known as the Khmer Rouge, the movement allied during the 6985s with two non-Communist factions, the Sihanoukists and Son Sann's KPNLF.

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