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Date: 2017-08-12 20:20.

As a student of Marriage and Family therapy, I read your article and it inspired me to keep doing what I 8767 m doing. You wrote this letter beautifully to your daughter and I hope one day she reads it and understands how true it really is. I wish every father would write a letter like this to their daughter. This what women should be hearing from the start. I 8767 ve seen so many girls who believe that their self worth is based off if they can conform to what a boy wants, especially after being rejected. I hope the future father of my children loves, cherishes and can give advice like this to my future children as you do yours. Thank you for the inspiration and sharing this beautiful letter!

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Awesome post. Thanks for sharing. I am one of those people who wishes that my dad had wanted the same for me, but I was taught that my worth was determined by how well I served and took care of my family. I was never taught that I too should be cared for by my spouse, only that I should be happy that someone wanted to marry me,..hence I settled for a man who I thought would be a good father, but just ended up playing mother to him too. Now divorced, and hopefully wiser, I am still having a hard time convincing myself that even if I see my own self-worth, that someone significant will also see it in me. It 8767 s so important to teach children to value themselves so much harder as an adult to try and retrain your brain for self-worth.

ADaddy’s Letter to His Little Girl (About Her Future

I note below that someone else has already caught this, but be careful about assuming that your daughter is going to be with a MAN and that she wants to have children and even get married. A simple adjustment to 8775 Her future partner 8776 still makes all that you 8767 ve written make sense. And maybe even adding to your list that 8775 I don 8767 t care if he is in fact a she, as long as the partner that you choose loves you as much as we do. 8776

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Can blog posts not be edited? Could you not, after the paragraphs detailing the initial catalyst, change the 8775 he 8767 s 8776 and 8775 husbands 8776 to 8775 your sweetheart 8776 or something more gender-ambiguous? As you know, your post is slowly reaching meme-level popularity on the social media sites. You wrote this for all the little girls in the world, right? Your words will stretch farther and mean more to more people if you modify this one simple thing, and as far as I can tell, it 8767 s a change that you aren 8767 t philosophically opposed to.

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This is an absolutely ridiculous notion, while I stand fast in my belief that everyone should be equal and I fully support the gay community, IT DOESN 8767 T MEAN THAT EVERYTHING EVERYONE SAYS HAS TO BE TAILORED FOR ALL SEXUALITIES. You preach tolerance and equality and yet you completely disregard the fact that not everything posted has to be for you too perhaps this post isn 8767 t tailored for the homosexual community and you should just ignore it and not ruin an absolutely beautiful letter by trying to pick holes in it because you feel the need to point out that he wrote he instead of he/she or him/her. I 8767 m all for educating people and correcting them when they are being a bigot, but this post is far from it. Thank you Dr. Flanagan for this letter and I hope your daughter whoever she chooses male OR female embodies this. Zane Ball take a look in the mirror and rethink your life and stop being such a miserable prick.

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This is such a beautiful post so full of unconditional love, joy and acceptance and it is so beautiful to hear a father say these things to his child. These words provide fertile ground, in which a soul can grow and thrive and become self-confident and unafraid. It made me cry but it also made me smile. I am a single mother of a son. I wish there were more fathers like you out there. Thanks for inspiring us.

I red this post in Serbian today and I cried, because I realised that my father never said anything similar to me. and I am aware that I know why I don 8767 t love myself, why I don 8767 t consider myself as beautiful and worth of interest, but I don 8767 t know how to start to love myself now when I am not learned how to do it.
Is there any other post of yours which you would recommend?

I recently came across a blogpost you had written about 8766 True Sense of Beauty 8767 and how cosmetics comes at the very last, when it comes to how beautiful a person can look. I have read other posts too. One thing about each blogpost is how beautifully you have written. It instantly connects with your heart. In the days, where you have to search for people, to guide you, make you realize the importance of being human, you have achieved your goal by creating and writing posts (As a reader I can tell you that).

Your letter to Sweetie Pie brought me to tears. Your words are so very relevant to our family right now. We 8767 re struggling to encourage our 65 year old granddaughter to believe in herself amidst some serious bullying from class mates, and some horrible rumors circulating that are hurtful and untrue. This letter will be shared with her and some of her friends that are struggling for confidence as they enter their pre-teen years. Thank you for those wonderful words of wisdom.

I just want to take a moment to tell you how awesome you are. I absolutely loved this letter. It 8767 s men like you, my father, my brother, and my wonderful soulmate that need more appreciation. I know it sounds silly, but it made me feel hopeful that you seemed as angry as I feel when I see articles detailing how not just women, but everyone, needs to desperately hold onto their partner. I took the hugest leap of my life and was completely and utterly myself on my first date with my boyfriend. Turns out no one has ever cherished and loved me more. Keeping someone 8775 interested 8776 is just the long, hard way of getting your heart broken.

I only wish that your (as in ALL of you Asian women in this thread!) countries had more of you at least more of you willing to stand up for who you are, and not 8775 mellow down 8776 like your families tell you to. Women need to be proud of their strength of personality, ESPECIALLY when they 8767 ve been raised in a culture that frowns on that very same strength! I 8767 m sure that sounds strange, coming from an American male (not QUITE a 8766 white-boy, 8767 at least not 655%!), but I don 8767 t think it makes my point any less valid.

I love this, but I wish we wouldn 8767 t refer to a specific gender when talking about who our kids will marry in the future. Just because you have a daughter doesn 8767 t mean that she will date guys. The whole reason there is a closet people have to come out of is because we accept straight as the norm/expectation, and other orientations, while many people have no problem with them, are considered to be 8775 atypical 8776 or deviating from the standard. Just as you wouldn 8767 t assume your kids will grow up to be gay, don 8767 t assume they 8767 ll grow up to be straight.

Being human doesn 8767 t mean you 8767 re being graded. Think of it this way as a student I had two types of teachers. The first started you off at a C and you had to work your way up to an A. It was hard and sometimes not even possible. Then you have
the second type who start you off with an A and simply let you
work to keep it. It takes considerably less effort and results in
better students with better grades. Some would argue it 8767 s the 8766 easy 8767
way, that life is designed to rule off the ones who can 8767 t make it.

Just out of curiosity, do the same rules apply to men? Like if I get married, does the wife have an eternal obligation to be with me even if I become uninteresting? Am I always interesting just as the mystery girl in the story is? Like, what If I become an overweight slob that lets himself go, loses his job, and becomes severely lazy? Am I entitled to have my wife stay with me simply because we 8767 re married, we took vows and everyone including me is always interesting?

Hence I feel a small tinge of irony when I read this 8775 If you can remember that everyone else is worthy of interest also, the battle of your life will be mostly won. But that is a letter for another day 8776 , because that is such a crucial complement to this piece: that self-respect should be built upon, and reinforces one 8767 s respect for others. It shouldn 8767 t be a letter for another day. That too, is an as important, or if not more important lesson for children.

I have to jump in here. My grandmother is half Chinese half Hispanic. She is tiny and so so fiesty. Very opinionated and stubborn. Love her! She married Irish and they raised four amazing intelligent self sufficient loving children. They are in their 85 8767 s now and still love each other. I asked her what her secret is to her long marriage. She says fight fair and never cross certain lines. She laughs and says they fuss every single day but it is all in good humor. Blessings to you and yours.

Someone shared this blog posting on Facebook and I absolutely loved it. I think this letter is simply put yet powerfully written it 8767 s such a great example for
women and men around the world. If I had only one constructive comment to make
it would be with regards to the comment stating, 8775 as long as he can play with the children you give him 8776 . Let me first say that I entirely agree with the intention of
the sentence (and I 8767 m sure you never thought beyond the intention), but I 8767 m a blogger myself who 8767 s dedicated to motivating and inspiring people who 8767 ve faced adversity and infertility is one of those things.

What a fantastic article! I think it 8767 s important for all people to read this, but especially parents who are teaching their children what to value in other people, and especially the parents of little boys who will teach their children what to value in potential partners (male or female). On a related note, I recommend this TED Talk to all who are interested in the interest of childhood socializing, especially as it pertains to perceptions of women in society: http:///talks/colin_stokes_how_movies_teach_

May I echo the many other positive responses you have received regarding this most-encouraging letter. In my heart of hearts I believe it is the desire of most conscientious fathers that their daughters see themselves in this light. And that is what makes the practice of abstinence of greater importance. When an individual can resist the temptation of 8775 being 8776 like everybody else or 8775 doing 8776 what 8775 they 8776 are doing the can assure themselves of truly being who that they meant to be.

Hey there! I am with you on this! Although I know that I am so stubborn at once, but I can def. differentiate where, when, and how to act at different places without changing who I am. If I ever want to change, I change for me, not to satisfy someone else 8767 s appetite. We live in a country where truly speaking, 8775 doesn 8767 t really matter who you are, in the end, what matters is what they hear about you out there. 8776 Which sucks like no other!

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