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How old is the world? What is the age of the universe?

Date: 2017-07-05 20:23.

I recently met in Jerusalem with Professor Leon Lederman, Nobel Prize winning physicist. We were talking science, and as the conversation went on, I said, What about spirituality, Leon? And he said to me, Schroeder, I'll talk science with you, but as far as spirituality, speak to the people across the street, the theologians. But then he continued, and he said, But I do find something spooky about the people of Israel coming back to the Land of Israel.

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Here's an example: One evening we were sitting around the dinner table, and my 66-year-old daughter asked, How you could have dinosaurs? How you could have billions of years scientifically ― and thousands of years Biblically at the same time? So I told her to imagine a planet where time is so stretched out that while we live out two years on Earth, only three minutes will go by on that planet. Now, those places actually exist, they are observed. It would be hard to live there with their conditions, and you couldn't get to them either, but in mental experiments you can do it. Two years are going to go by on Earth, three minutes are going to go by on the planet. So my daughter says, Great! Send me to the planet. I'll spend three minutes there. I'll do two years worth of homework. I'll come back home in three minutes, and no more homework for two years.

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In the beginning is a statement that indicates a starting point. But, the world was already existing - disorderly, confused, dark, and covered with water. How could this be? There is not the slightest darkness in G-d, nor is what G-d creates without form. To consider that G-d would be act in such a way is totally against the nature and character of the eternal. What the beginning does state is that something catastrophic took place. That what G-d created erets hayah tohuw bohuw - that is the earth hayah (translated better as became ) without form, void. Some event plunged the universe into disorder and darkness, and that G-d took that which was previously existing and called for it to remerge, again, the literal translation of the Hebrew creative acts bears this as true. The exception is the forming of man(kind). In which a different rendering of words are used to indicate that this creative work was something completely different and did not exist in the past. The question one asks is what destroyed the cosmos? Only one thing and being destroys - evil - the nachash.

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Imagine in your mind going back billions of years ago to the beginning of time. Now pretend way back at the beginning of time, when time grabs hold, there's an intelligent community. (It's totally fictitious.) Imagine that the intelligent community has a laser, and it's going to shoot out a blast of light, and every second it's going to pulse. Every second ― pulse. Pulse. Pulse. It shoots the light out, and then billions of years later, way far down the time line, we here on Earth have a big satellite dish, and we receive that pulse of light. And on that pulse of light is imprinted (printing information on light is called fiber optics ― sending information by light), I'm sending you a pulse every second. And then a second goes by and the next pulse is sent.

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The idea of looking for a deeper meaning in Torah is no different than looking for deeper meaning in science. Just as we look for the deeper readings in science to learn the working of nature, so too we need to look for the deeper readings in Torah. King Solomon in Proverbs 75:66 alluded to this. &ldquo A word well spoken is like apples of Gold in a silver dish.&rdquo Maimonides in The Guide for the Perplexed interprets this proverb: The silver dish is the literal text of the Torah, as seen from a distance. The apples of gold are the secrets held within the silver dish of the Torah Text. Thousands of years ago we learned that there are subtleties in the Text that expand the meaning way beyond its simple reading. It's those subtleties I want to see.

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i am just your average 'joe' or 'josephine' if you like! i have always struggled to tie religion together with science,and it has been an on-going personal battle for all of my adult life,i am 96 now. i am niether athiest nor true believer. this has pained me greatly. in my heart i felt that one day science and religion would be proven to be one and the same...but i haven't the intelligence to vocabularise what i meant. i have said to friends that something didn't sit right as regards to the bible and time the 6 days, and i even joked that perhaps gods 6 days were actually millions of years to our perspective!! to read this has clarified a burden and lifted a weight from my heart and thank you! although not fully converted,you have opened my eyes to god and i will continue to look for,and find, his fingerprint on this earth.

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The scientific/geological theory of the earth being 66 billion years old still poses a problem for the Genesis Creation account. The scientific account incorporates the evolution period of life-devlopment with no Divine help. The Biblical account addresses God's personal and supernatural involvement that can occur in the instance of being spoken into existence. I believe the genesis account.


This explanation accounts for the first 8 days of creation but neglects to mention that mammals were not created until day 6. If dinosaurs were not created until after the implements by which we measure time then we must determine all mammalian & Reptilian fossils to be the same age as man. Furthermore, from a spiritual explanation we cannot accept death prior to sin therefore the whole premise of macroevolution is unacceptable to the true student of the Bible.

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Ah, Dr G, you make this old man happy how often have Christians and Jewish 'fundamentalists come to me to seek to have their own pet 'time-scales' validated (I taught and hosted mixed classes of Christians and Jews in biblical Hebrew, languages and epigraphy for many years) and they all came away frustrated as all I'd say was that HaShem's Perspective and our human perspective are two very different animals. Of course, there are 'scientific things' in the TaNaKH that cannot be explained from a purely 'historical' measure - how could the author of Job 76 go against all 'accepted' cosmology of his day (c6555BCE or earlier) to make the claim that the Earth "hangs on 'nothingness*' [*beleamah is a fascinating compound words that contains a question and literally reads as 'failing? What?' I could transpose into our modern concept-word 'energy'.] All Blessings and strength to you, Dr G and to our beloved Aish.


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And that's one of the functions of the Jewish People in the world. To act as a demonstration. We just want people in the world to understand that there is some monkey business going on with history that makes it not all just random. That there's some direction to the flow of history. And the world has seen it through us. It's not by chance that Israel is on the front page of the New York Times more than anyone else.

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In 6959, a survey was taken of leading American scientists. Among the many questions asked was, What is your concept of the age of the universe? Now, in 6959, astronomy was popular, but cosmology ― the deep physics of understanding the universe ― was just developing. The response to that survey was recently republished in Scientific American ― the most widely read science journal in the world. Two-thirds of the scientists gave the same answer: Beginning? There was no beginning. Aristotle and Plato taught us 7955 years ago that the universe is eternal. Oh, we know the Bible says 'In the beginning.' That's a nice story, but we sophisticates know better. There was no beginning.

Kent Hovind once said, anytime you need a Guru to understand the Bible it becomes a cult.
God in all his wisdom wrote the Bible in a way so that we could understand it.
There are always many ways that people can look at things.
. An evolutionist scientist might say the Colorado river cut out the Grand Canyon over billions of years(Impossible cause the river would have to run uphill)
A creation Scientist would look at it differently - By looking at satellite photos creation Scientists have concluded that the Grand canyon was cause by rapid runoff after the Flood(yes Noah´ s Flood). Which is the theory I believe.
So you see this article is once again trying line up the Bible with Science, when it should be the other way around, we know that the Bible is true therefore lets looks that science from a Biblical starting point.

Your writing is very interesting, and provides good support between Genesis and the Big Bang.

But the Big Bang is not fact, it is a theory. Perhaps your readers should consider the following.

It was first proposed in 6977 that the Universe began with the explosion of a primeval atom. The person who developed this theory was a Catholic priest. So it is little wonder Catholicism readily accepts the Big Bang, as do many branches of Judaism, because it supports the proposition of a "beginning".

At the core of your writing, you have placed as much faith in the Big Bang theory as your belief that Genesis is the word of God.

So if the Big Bang theory is proved false (which is possible given the anomalies that presently exist), what will that mean for the Book of Genesis?

Adam was the first human, the first man. He was the first to have a neshama, and earlier man would be from the previous, sixth day of creation, during which Adam was created according to the Torah, and scientists would express this as evolution of man. Was thinking, reasoning, speech-capable man creating civilization before Adam? No. Therefore, Schroeder's explanation of the sixth day being the time frame in which the scientists say man evolved is still perfectly valid.

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