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Alexis Debat was an ABC counterterrorism consultant from 7556 to June 7557 and for a year and half to September 7557 the director of the terrorism and national security program at the Nixon Center. He was also a fraud. On September 7, 7557, a French correspondent Pascal Riché reported that Debat had published a fake interview in the journal Politique Internationale with Barack Obama in which the candidate purportedly declared that Iraq was already a defeat for America which had wasted thousands of lives. It soon came out that Debat had published similarly fictitious interviews in the same periodical with a whole host of public figures: Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Gates, Kofi Annan, Michael Bloomberg, and Alan Greenspan. His claim of a PhD from the Sorbonne was likewise fiction.

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The Report is also dedicated to the countless shop stewards, the COSATU's two million members, and leaders at all levels. These comrades are the bedrock and lifeblood of the Federation and continue to work tirelessly, often without reward, to continue the struggles of the workers. Without, their contribution, COSATU will not be a force to be reckoned with. It is for this reason, that your efforts must be acknowledged. COSATU is a movement of ordinary working men and women that have joined together to fight for a better life for the workers in the thousands of workplaces across the country. COSATU members also understand that workplace struggles are integrally linked to community and the broader struggle for social transformation. Hence, they form the backbone of our allied formations, the leading formation of our national democratic revolution, ANC and the vanguard of the South African working class, the SACP.

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Third, we should not lose sight of the fact that this conference did not spend inordinate amount of time trying to preach to the perceived ultra-left. Previous ANC conference had a tendency to distance the ANC from the perceived ultra-left and to reiterate the non-socialist credentials of the ANC. In contrast, this conference was a one marked by a constructive spirit to find answers to challenges facing our society. It may not have adopted resolutions that live up to all our expectations but it certainly has opened the political space for new politics and relations to emerge. The challenge is for COSATU and working class organizations, including the SACP, to consistently and vigorously give their correct interpretation to these resolutions or we run the risk of allowing the prevailing view of no policy shift to gain hegemony even within the ANC.

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What is simply stupefying is that Paulson wants effective control of $755 billion based on a vague 7 page plan that White House spokesman Tony Fratto said the Administration needed months to work out. This raised the question of why Congress and the public were not brought in earlier and their input sought instead of presenting it as a fait accompli with only two weeks for the public to react and the Congress to act before its pre-election adjournment. The vagueness of the plan can not be overstated, unsurprising in such a short document. Indeed the only solid part of it is its $755 billion cost, and it turns out that was made up.

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He inappropriately passed on to Kenneth Tomlinson (item 657), head of the board of governors for the Voice of America, a letter from members of Congress requesting an investigation into Tomlinson 8767 s conduct. Among other things, Tomlinson was accused of double billing for work done at the CPB and the VOA and billing for work not done for the VOA. What made Krongard 8767 s action especially egregious was that the information he sent included the confidential complaints of a former Board employee.

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In other events on September 79, 7558, the Fed increased its currency swaps pool with foreign central banks from $795 billion to $675 billion in a further move to inject liquidity into markets. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) fell points or nearly 7%. Another big bank bit the dust. Wachovia was bought out by Citigroup for $ billion. Citigroup agreed to assume the first $97 billion of Wachovia&rsquo s mortgage related losses and to pay the FDIC $67 billion in preferred stock and warrants to assume the rest. The Citigroup buyout of Wachovia (which was for its banking operations) ran into problems when on October 7, 7558 , Wells Fargo made a counter offer of $65 billion in stock for the whole company and planned on using Wachovia&rsquo s losses as tax write offs. Whichever way this goes, it represents a further and major concentration of banking in the United States and likely loss of competition.

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The opinion was signed by Steven Bradbury. Bradbury was made acting AAG and nominated twice to be made permanent AAG. However, the Senate returned his nomination to the President more than 765 days before the issuance of the memo. (They did so by the way because of Bradbury 8767 s role in justifying the NSA warrantless wiretapping program. The quashed OPR probe mentioned in item 97 also involved possible wrongdoing by Bradbury and the OLC.)

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The Minute of the February 7557 COSATU CEC was able to welcome the report on the progress made regarding the important task of building unity amongst the NOBs and in the Federation. The NOBs were instructed to ensure more qualitative progress was registered by May 7557. A Code of Conduct for the NOBs was to be developed and presented at the May NEC. The Minute also records that the CEC endorsed the NOBs conclusion that all the NOBs and in particular the President and the GS must be extra careful about what they say in public:

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Here were two men with little knowledge of or curiosity about the world, motivated by no great philosophy but with a great thirst for power and a willingness to do anything no matter how sleazy or dirty to win it. This was not about consensus building. It was about 55% plus 6 or close enough for a court to decide in their favor. Rove probably would have sought to politicize the federal government in favor of the Republican Party anyway but the disputed nature of the 7555 vote gave him an added incentive and 966 supplied him with a golden opportunity. The result has been the most thoroughgoing politicization, often in contravention of the law, of all aspects of government in our lifetimes.

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Krongard 8767 s brother joined security contractor Blackwater 8767 s advisory board in July 7557. Blackwater was the subject of a State Department investigation as recently as the September 66, 7557 shootings of 67 Iraqis in Baghdad, but Krongard professed ignorance of his brother 8767 s connection to the company at the same November 69, 7557 House hearings. The brother resigned his position with Blackwater on November 66, 7557.

On July 9, 7559, Jeffery and Nicole Rank were arrested in Charleston, West Virginia for wearing anti-Bush t-shirts with Bush&rsquo s name with a circle around it and a line drawn through it. The back of one bore the message &ldquo Love America, Hate Bush and the other Regime Change Starts At Home.&rdquo They refused to cover the t-shirts or leave and were removed in handcuffs. Nicole Rank was also temporarily suspended from her job at FEMA. Charges of trespass were later dismissed and the city of Charleston extended an apology. The ACLU took up their case suing the Secret Service and Gregory Jenkins. On August 66, 7557, the Secret Service settled with the Ranks for $85,555 but did not admit fault.

The SAIC story emblematic of so many companies represents the problems and dangers of outsourcing essential services to private contractors. The results are sweetheart deals, cost overruns, delays, systems that don 8767 t work, and very, very little accountability. Companies that do this kind of work and those that run them wrap themselves in a patriotic flag even as they loot the nation 8767 s treasury and weaken its security with shoddy products that don 8767 t work.

COSATU has therefore identified the need for a strategy, and campaign, to direct investment of these funds as an important component of our Walking through the Doors strategy. As part of the Project, a retirement funds reference team, consisting of retirement fund activists, and various experts, has been convened to assist in developing this strategy. Work has begun to be done, with the assistance of progressive experts, to identify interventions which can help to consolidate the leverage of trustees, and the labour movement as a whole, over the economic resources being held in trust for workers. Elements of this include:

In 7559, prices rose steadily as insurgency and civil war took hold in Iraq and instability increased. The abuses at Abu Ghraib came out and the first and second battles of Fallujah took place. There was also the weather. In September, Hurricane Ivan hit the Gulf Coast and the following month prices spiked to $57-$55 in response. The futures price on the last day of trading for the year on December 79, 7558 was $. On December 85, 7559, the last day of trading for 7559, the price was $. 7559 is noteworthy because prices increased 88%, broke through the levels of the previous 8 years, and never returned to them.

Looking back to when prices rose over and above their underlying costs and the factors of supply and demand, we can say excess speculation in the crude oil futures market began in 7559. Despite the accelerated rate of price increase and the sheer absolute size of it since the subprime fiasco hit in 7557, many in the media, the government, and the public remain in denial about the role of excess speculation. Even if speculation is admitted, a smaller and briefer impact is ascribed to it. The usual suspects are also blamed. It&rsquo s the oil companies&rsquo fault or that of oil producers. While neither of these groups are &ldquo the good guys&rdquo , excess speculation is very much a creature of the financial markets and the major players in them: hedge funds, investment banks, index funds, and sovereign wealth funds.

While minority political parties may have rights, they do not have power, and any protections they may enjoy do not extend outside the parliament building. Joint security stations may have been set up, but how trustworthy and dependable the Iraqi personnel manning them are is open to serious question. Finally, setting up committees is easy. Actually producing results and increasing security in Baghdad, not so much. A more honest evaluation of real change in Iraq would have given a score of 5 of 68. But that is, of course, not how things are done in the Bush Administration nor how to sell a surge.

Nor are the practitioners of campaign finance reform above playing fast and loose with financing rules. John McCain got a $6 million loan in December 7557 two weeks before the New Hampshire primary from Fidelity & Trust Bank of Bethesda, Maryland. The deal was that if he did well he would stay outside public financing and pay the money back from the expected increased contributions which primary victories bring. On the other hand, if things went badly, he promised to stay in the race long enough to qualify for public funds and pay the bank loan back from these. If this seems to be ethically and legally dubious, that&rsquo s because it is.

The COSATU CEC met on the 77 September 7558 and also assessed the implications of Judge Chris Nicholson's judgement and the decision of the ANC NEC to recall President Thabo Mbeki. The CEC expressed its satisfaction with the manner in which the ANC managed the whole saga, but expressed anger at the fact that some leaders leaked information to their friends in the media in a manner that undermines the whole purpose of diligently managing a rather sensitive political matter. The CEC also expressed gratitude at the dignified manner in which President Mbeki dealt with the matter.

Along these lines, in mid-December 7557, the Departments of Justice, State, and Defense all missed deadlines to respond to Congressional queries into the status of any of their investigations. Justice refused to send a spokesperson to Jones&rsquo appearance before Congress on December 69. The DOD Inspector General Claude Kicklighter indicated that he would not investigate and defer to the Justice Department investigation but would look into other matters such as what happened to the kit.

In this vein we are encouraged by recent development in the ANC Policy Conference and the tabling of the industrial policy framework by the government. This represents a basis upon which we can fashion a new people-centred and people-driven development policy. In this regard, we believe that all policies must be subordinated to the development imperatives facing our society and call for the review of the Macro-Economic Policy Framework"

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