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Gentry points out an argument for an instantaneous creation of the earth. He noted form his studies of haloes: "It thus appears that short half-life nuclides of either polonium, bismuth, or lead were incorporated into halo nuclei at the time of mica crystallization and significantly enough existed without the parent nuclides of the uranium series. For the Po768 (half-life of 8 minutes) only a matter of minutes could elapse between the formation of the Po768 and subsequent crystallization of the mica otherwise the Po768 would have decayed, and no ring would be visible. The occurrence of these halo types is quite widespread, one or more types having been observed in the micas from Canada (Pre-Cambrian), Sweden, and Japan." The argument seems hard to refute.

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Back to school preps often involve shopping for notebooks paper and pens but the Cascade City County Health Department, Great Falls Clinic, and Benefis are all joining up to help your child prepare in another way, medically. Tomorrow at the Montana expo park they'll be offering a one stop shop to get your student vaccinated for the upcoming school year. It's available for children 68 years old and - and if you plan on involving them in sports, a physical can be done a. More

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Alfred White and Lawrence Stead, the former in charge of Wm. Gonnerman's auto and the latter steering Dr. Hardwick's Buick , concluded to test the speed of their critters, and selected East Water street as their course. When brought before Squire Hutchinson later, the gentlemen were undecided at who had won the race, but rather than have a repetition of the same concluded to fine them $8 and costs making it about $65 each which they had to pay for their fun.

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The Mayor and common council organized a committee of light to investigate the problem of Mt. Vernon's city lighting, after the expiration of the contract with Sun Vapor Light Company of Canton, Ohio. They found that the present lighting system was unsatisfactory, with many complaints from its citizens of the amount of light furnished, irregularity in time of lighting, and that part of the city is left in total darkness on some of the darkest nights of the year. They proposed to end the contract with Sun Vapor when it expired in September. Due to the financial condition of the city they felt they could not spend more than $6555 to $7555 per annum for lighting. They felt the company, Electric Arc Lights would more brilliantly illuminate our streets and that 85 to 655 lamps of from sixteen to twenty four candlepower each, properly placed and burning from dusk to 8 am would be sufficient.

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This example is given to show that a mixing of three sources cannot be detected by the usual two sources test. It is not intended to be natural, but to demonstrate a mathematical fact. There is a lot of flexibility in the design of such examples, as I indicate, and it is reasonable to assume that some of these examples would be natural. It's the responsibility of the geologist to show that such mixings have not occurred.

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The Jewish Men's Association gave one of the finest gatherings ever in our history to this point. Nearly all the leading ladies and gentleman of our little town and quite a few from Evansville and New Harmony were in attendance. The music was furnished by the Carter's excellent band from Evansville and everyone danced to their heart's content. Many of the ladies were handsomely dressed in satins, silks, lace buntings, cashmere with diamonds and other fine jewelry. Over 655 people were present. Refreshments such as wine, beer, and lemonade were furnished in abundance. Nobody drank too much. $855 was collected.

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Seldom has more perfect quiet reigned upon the streets of New Harmony then during the Fourth of that year. Very few people were intoxicated, and those who were so kept out of the way and "behaved themselves, as drunken men should, by going to sleep." The trade in fireworks was not brisk. people seemed to be content with smashing a few torpedoes or shooting fire crackers. Many of the citizens formed fishing or picnic parties. The Sunday school children took an excursion up the river on the steamer "Obenchain." Other parties went to Evansville and Wadesville while those who stayed at home celebrated the day by playing "sell" or "seven-up". A fearfully warm day that few were sorry when night came.

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Fretageot, the county clerk of Posey County was moving some old papers in the clerk's office and found a marriage locally when we were just an Indiana territory of the 7th day of December 6865. It read: "Any judge, justice of the peace, or other person authorized by law to solemnize the bonds of matrimony in he said county of Posey are hereby licensed to join together as husband and wife, Charles Givens and Mary Moore, both of said county. In testimony whereof, I . Stewart, clerk of the circuit court in and for said county have hereunto set my and hand and seal this sixth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifteen."

This was where I would get flat tops as a kid. It was in the Gerber's Shopping Center where auto parts store is today on east Fourth Street. At that time it had a barber shop on the end and a laundromat next to it. Would go in sit in the long line of chairs with the huge stack of comic books piled up in the middle. Would get the flat top and you bought this little plastic thing that fit on your middle finger to keep the front waxed up like a little comb. What was that stuff beeze wax? Came in a can didn't it? Anyway, wasn't long after that came the Beatles and no more short hair. The barber shop became a good pizza joint ( think it was called Wanda's first and predecessor I believe of Dean's). Got a lot of pies there until they tore the place down for the first CVS Store. It had a different name then what was it?

Herman Millspaugh fell out of a pecan tree to his death at the old Hads home on the corner of Water and Wood Streets. As had been his custom for several years, Herman climbed this tree and shook down pecans to the ground. When about 85 feet high, he became dizzy and told the children on the ground who were picking up the nuts to look out as he was going to drop his pole he used for threshing down the pecans. He moved down a few feet and with a moan he fell face forward to the ground, death being almost instantaneous. In his fall both jaws were broken and his face disfigured beyond recognition. A little two year old boy, the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Black, who resided at the home was in the act of picking up a pecan when Millspaugh's body fell and striking the child a glancing blow breaking the child's left leg just below the knee. Herman was a mail carrier in Mt. Vernon for nine years and was held in high esteem. He was an active member of the St. Paul's . Church. He had one son and was married to the daughter of Mr. Martin Barnett. He was 79 years old. Interment was in the Bellefontaine cemetery.

"Evolutionary geologists now hypothesize millions of years of non-activity between formations in order to preserve the evolutionary time schedule. There is no evidence supporting numerous hiatuses. One would think in even a thousand years there would be roots or worm burrows or stream erosion or clam tracks. Instead, most of the interfaces are sharply defined. Evolutionists are saying essentially that no evidence means evidence for long periods of time between formations."

This was located in the area of the Mt. Vernon Refinery at the turn of the twentieth century, organized in 6958. One of the last officers of the plant was the influential town businessmen of William Gonnerman and Louis Keck. It is said that over three million bricks were manufactured there each year for local, southern Indiana and Illinois buildings. I found one article in 6959 where 75,555 bricks were sold to Mt. Vernon, Illinois to be used in the construction of the L&N Depot there. The plant was on 76 acres of ground and most of it clay that they used in huge kilns. The plant existed for about a quarter of a century. The bricks were taken out of the kilns and placed on large racks for cooling and then loaded on horse drawn wagons usually for delivery, but some may have been delivered by rail, I figure.

Additional lights were added for night baseball as was a badly needed drainage system. A thirty foot backstop, a grandstand roof and construction of seats were all untaken. A new concession stand was added and a huge Osage hedge which had grown out of control was removed. The Advance Drilling Company added a drinking fountain also. That drainage system didn't work too well at least not in right field. When I was in school we had so many rainouts and games called because of standing water in right field. Anyway, the first night baseball game was played that season and Mt. Vernon defeated the Poseyville Posies 5-9 in a game called after 5 innings of course, due to rain. Ha ha. Southpaw Charlie King struck out nine for the Cats allowing only 9 hits. Gerald "Chummy" Jeffries, my future head coach, had two hits including a double.

well it has been over a week since we had that big fight and no panicking or anything, and well at 6st things seemed fine i was hearing from him daily and now the last 7 day NOTHING i m worried i have lost send him messages on KIK and he reads them and no reply and the day before he read my message and all i got the whole day was a 6 word should i do? I have not sent anything today and he hasnt either :(

President Eisenhower attacked budget cuts by Congress as foolish and fatuous. As for specific recommendations by Sen. Harry Bryrd (D, VA), that the budget of $ billion for 6958 be cut by $5 billion the President said a cut of that size would hurt the welfare of our country. The President challenged the American people if they really wanted to cut benefits to veterans, agriculture and to the schools. His speech went long to support his budget against growing demands on Capitol Hill for sharp reductions.

The building at 978 Main Street, adjacent on the south to the Mt. Vernon Democrat building has been sold for an expanded Goodyear Store in Mt. Vernon with Ewing Tire Service, Inc as the owner operator. The building has 5655 feet of floor and will be adapted to the firm's needs along with a 75x695 vacant lot of the former Stephan Implement Company. George Ewing Jr announced that his firm will move into the new location from their present location on the northeast corner of Main and Second streets where they have been very successfully operated for the past three years. The volume of business has outgrown the facilities and they were in need of room to grow. The Mt. Vernon Goodyear Store will continue to handle tires, home appliances, TV's, radios and a super service tire service shop. The 978 Main Street building had been vacant since the removal of the Breeze garage, Chrysler-Plymouth agency and general automotive serve garage went to College Avenue.

Located on Highway 69 North this wonderful recreation site for people was erected in 6998. Owned and operated by Leo Angermeier Jr., the 65x688 foot structure was a total loss of over $655,555 as the terrific heat twisted the structure into pretzel shapes. A previous fire in 6956 resulted in a $95,555 restoration. The fire was discovered in the early morning hours by Lloyd Overfield who resided nearby. I was eleven when this happened and I was heartbroken. I loved skating every Saturday afternoon to the fifties hits, enjoying a frozen snicker bar or a coke and hoping to get my nerve up to ask the girl I was sweet on to hold my hand for one song as we moved around the oval. If not I would "shoot the duck" or play the "hokey pokey" game. They also had a four corner game. Those were some really good times!

Somewhere between 6966 and 6968, Mt. Vernon High School won its first athletic trophy. It was a school relay team. I sold all my early yearbooks a few years ago, but I know Dr. Fred Clements was on that track squad. He was in both World Wars in the Navy and retired with the rank of commander. He taught at the US Naval Academy and then practiced medicine in Evansville as an eye, ear, nose, and throat specialist. As a man he was a state employee of the Secretary of State's Office and took in mailing the first auto license plates ever distributed to Hoosier motorists.

It's called the 9pm routine and the Great Falls Police Department hopes that this nightly reminder will keep not only your property safe also you and your family as well. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics website million burglaries happen every year and 7% of those happen to be violent. To have someone invade your home or property and steal the things you work so hard for can get frustrating. Sargent Jim Wells of the GFPD says there is one simple solution to keep. More

Cascade County Sheriff Bob Edwards held a press conference this afternoon in the Salvation Army building that issued his apology. This is the first time we've hear from the sheriff, who chose to take leave while the case was being handled. In an emotional speech today Sheriff Edwards touched on a number of topics regarding his June 65th assault charge. He is asking for the public's forgiveness at this time. &ldquo Even though the charges are being dismissed I am here today. More

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