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the only thing bad about what js wrote is when it happens or happened to people you knew personally, i knew 8 men who had this little trick played on them, and i knew a very unstable women who acussed 7 mn of raping her. they spent 68months in co jail awaiting trial, they delined all plea offers, and onced the women took the stand the stand the state dropped all charges, but still tried to bill them for their stay at the bed and breakfest joint. did the women face any charges, of course not, i did feel sorry for her parents, hows that fo bad comparission

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Slang has always been the province of the Words come in and out of favor in direct proportion to the speed with which they travel through the age ranks. Once college kids know that high school kids are using a term, it becomes passe. And seniors don 8767 t want to sound like freshman and so forth. Once a word finds its way to mainstream media or worse, is spoken by parents, no person with any self-respect would use it.

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Logging techniques took a leap forward with the introduction of the continuous-recording hand recorder, which enabled a continuous log of formation resistivity to be plotted while the sonde was withdrawn steadily from the hole. This was a big improvement on the pre-existing point-by-point system and enabled an engineer to log 6,555 feet in an hour under good conditions.

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If a girl initiates the conversation, this is a major sign that she is into you. Typically, most women usually wait for the guy to come over to her, so this is a really good sign for the fellas if she has taken the first step.
Translated: She is drunk, her wing chick has dumped her for being so obnoxious and she hits on you since you just showed up. Everyone else won 8767 t talk to her.
Notice that the photo for this little ditty shows a bar-type set up.

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My GOD this website made my AVG firewall go crazy. This is the first AND LAST time I click a link to read something that seemed semi-interesting at the time. Can 8767 t even post the entire story on one page? You make us CLICK CLICK CLICK and reload more pop ups and spyware. I feel dirty even being here. At least online I don 8767 t have to subject myself being treated like the 99% I can find much more interesting places to be online than this accurate representation of what the internet SHOULDN 8767 T be.

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America has spoken on Election Day rendering a shocking verdict which turned the tables around Trump’s favor and sending a shock wave throughout the Trump-hating nation of millennials who had been rooting for Clinton’s victory. Shockingly, this did not happen neither did Clinton become the 95 th Commander-in-Chief nor the first female president of the United States of America. So how exactly did Hillary go from being absolutely confident that the results would be in her favor to being defeated by a political neophyte whose racism and sexism has been scrutinized by people across the globe?

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I 8767 m sorry to say this, Kevin L. Clark, but IMO this article needs to go back to the drawing board. While you nailed it with a few points (., a woman lingering in a man 8767 s personal space), you got it wrong really wrong with quite a few others (., twirling hair? I do this alllllll the time for MANY reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with attraction to a man, or even the presence of a man within view). Guys, maybe check out an article on female behavior that is written by a woman.

In any presidential election, voters tent to choose a candidate who is a complete opposite of the existing commander-in-chief and promises to bring something different to the table than the previous administration. Hillary’s campaign was taken under Obama’s wings completely and voters were bored by it. The Americans were looking for a fresher outlook on the political scenario and Trump seemed like a better option for that.

8775 Signs we 8767 re actually flirting with you 8776 by Kevin Clark. Who 8767 s we? How is a story with this headline written by a guy. I feel sorry for any guy dopey enough not to be aware of most of this. Like, a girl comes over and starts talking to you. Oh der do you actually need to waste your time reading this to know she actually likes you. Like how often does that happen? You are in a bar and a girl comes over and talks to you. Unless you are Brad Pitt or such like, believe me, this might happen once or twice in your life. She may give you every sign she wants you to talk to her but that 8767 s it. And the other one if a woman touches your erogenous zones, that means she likes you. Well der! Genius Kevin left one out. If a woman takes off her clothes in front of you, that means she is flirting with you. Watch out for that one, it 8767 s the type of flirtation that guys rarely pick up on. Give me a break.

Hmm interesting reading. But women do those things when they want something not because they 8767 re 8775 interested 8776 . Some women will flirt outrageously at everyone even a boss she can 8767 t stand. It 8767 s pure powerplay. Furthermore, watch any group of girls interacting to each other during a girls night out this 8775 flirty 8776 behaviour 8767 s played out all night long and they 8767 re not ALL hitting on each other are they!!!! (Or are they ?)

As with any other unexpected defeats, this election will follow with a lot of analytical examination, what-ifs and reclamations of the losing candidate’s campaign policy and stance on various issues that could have resulted in her defeat but there are some seemingly unobvious reasons for Hillary’s defeat in this monumental upset which have not been discussed in the media as much as they should have been

I 8767 m hanging with this girl who unexpectedly wanted to hang with me. She is doing ALL the signs that are listed here except for #69 and just a little of #68. I 8767 m thinking, wow maybe she likes me because all these signs and it gets better every time we hangout but for some reason I can 8767 t read the situation she is giving off. It is confusing as hell and I 8767 m afraid to do a move on her because I can 8767 t read her actions at all! It is getting kind of frustrating for me. What do you guys think??????


Hey idiot, remember you were saying something about that buk that was supposedly Russian that shot down the plane?? Look up Anatoli Sharij on youtube, he interviews a sergeant from Buk-867 (same one from all the western copy/paste media posts). Its Ukrainian, ahahahah. And the sergeant says that it was the drunk ukrainians that most likely did the shooting.
8775 Quantum Cybernetic Physicist 8776 , yet dumb as a rock. Sorry, the rock has more computing power.

The fact that Hillary’s twitter account was managed by her team and not herself, was a big reason why people felt so disconnected with her on social media. In this new age of technology, social media is by far the biggest platform for any sort of interaction and Trump used it massively in his favor apart from trolling beauty queens and posting hate tweets against women, Trump actually utilized the platform to build a following and create an atmosphere of trust among his voters by communicating with them directly.

I 8767 m also not in it to pick up every girl I see sending me signals either. That 8767 s leading to more problems than I want to even think about. When people act fast, and take it to the next level right after a flirt or two, it then becomes a game of lust, rather than a dance for love. If I notice some flirting coming my way, I 8767 ll keep an eye out for more, but I 8767 m not just going to jump off a cliff purely off a few signals. Sure I could be missing out on a fun time But. I want to be sure there 8767 s actually something there, you know, more than just the initial brain waves of lust. If the girl gives up on flirting with me after a few attempts, I think it 8767 s safe to say there wasn 8767 t going to be much there begin with as they gave up way to easy. The heart wasn 8767 t there, just her eyes.

On a few are memorable I was sat at the bar and the women who were next to me and in conversation with..pressed their pelvic / lower tummy area firmly against my leg (thigh) As a man it triggers a 8766 rush 8767 but I am always unsure if this is a real advance or just being friendly. ALSO when a woman pushes her chair backwards, shuffles in her seat then intentionally pulls her skirt down an inch or they seeing if they can get your attention or are they feeling protective and covering up??

timing is a landmine.. I 8767 ve had both types go in too soon and she thinks you are too aggresive, yet with another woman if you don 8767 t go in for a erogneous zone touch after she gives the hint then you took too long . I once met a girl who was impressed with the way I approached her, we had a date, had sex but then as my more gentlemanly side showed, after our second date she dumped me and told me outright I was not aggresive enuogh she 8775 wanted a man who knows what he wants and goes for it 8776 I guess I should ahve pushed her head down to give me a BJ, it seems that is what she wanted was a machoe man type.

gary, or should I say Gary, you are such a hater. You had one successful, but short, marriage. Was she also a liar? Don 8767 t group all women in that category. It is no more fair then calling all of us men cheaters. I have never cheated on my wife and never will. It goes against my morals. Doesn 8767 t matter what she does to 8775 deserve 8776 it. I will not. Cheating is not the spouse 8767 s fault, but the cheater 8767 s. There are good women and men out there, just keep looking. Or give up, which it appears you have done.

If they like you, and they really are interested, they will make their intentions known. Why? Simple, When you seriously like something, you will do what it takes to get it, you get a drive in you that grows, it doesn 8767 t shrink. You develop ambition, and you push your self to go get it, to some people, that 8767 s a big deal when it gets to that point. If I like a lady, I 8767 ll react eventually after a few hints. If we speak the same code, and it 8767 s advancing nice, I 8767 ll then push my self to act on it on a more serious note, and start that dance, and so on.

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