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If you are biracial, then you are black and white. You 8767 re are not just black and not just white. And it 8767 s especially hard when you look more white, to claim that you are black and you 8767 re proud since you don 8767 t see your black side in you when you look in the mirror. My point is that everyone has the right to identify with what they are most comfortable with. Halle Berry, President Obama and Alicia Keys are all biracial but only identify as Black. Now is anybody up in arms about that. I mean they are denying their white side with that label. And funnily enough their black fathers were all absent from their lives and their white mothers were the ones who raised them.

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All y 8767 all wanna sit up and be the BLACK INTELLIGENTSIA and PONTIFICATE but at the end of the day RACISM and BIGOTRY exists because of TRIBALISM. All people are tribalistic even within the same TRIBE. ALL PEOPLE. Northern Italians VS Southern Italians. Chicago South Side Irish VS North Side Irish. Mexicans VS Puerto Ricans. Dark Skinned Blacks VS Light Skinned Blacks. TRIBALISM. ALL PEOPLE HAVE THESE INSTINCTS. The problem is when TRIBALISM turns into a visceral and vicious SYSTEM to destroy others ECONOMICALLY that is RACISM.

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Being a black woman of complete Caribbean descent, I understand completely what karrine was saying. The cultures are different. We don 8767 t deny being black, we deny your culture. Not because it 8767 s wrong or less than, but simply because it is not us. I lived between America and my respective home island for 66 years (spending half a year in both places). I have experienced the difference first hand. Yes, society sees me as AA however that 8767 s not who I am. My people came from across the Caribbean (even some from Great Britain whom I don 8767 t identify with due to cultural and physical differences) therefore that 8767 s what I know. I too get offended and correct those who call me African American, because even though it is a wonderful country, my identity is as a Caribbean gyal.

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I agree! People who do not even look black, shouldn 8767 t have to claim 8775 black 8776 , because of that one drop.. It 8767 s ridiculous!!! : Mariah Carey, Wentworth Miller, Halle Berry 8767 s daughter This is getting way out of hand. The problem I have, is when people who 8767 s african ancestry is undeniable, when you look at them, claim to be anything BUT black. It kills me, but whatever As I 8767 ve previously said, let people call themselves whatever they want, but unfortunately (for those who do not want to be seen or referred to as black), the world being what it is will let them know what they see them as which a lot of times, is JUST black.

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I respect the culture aspect.. Yes black ppl from the islands or black ppl in France would have a different culture than black ppl in the . or the Blacks in In the Dominicans. He 8767 ll
Black ppl from New York have a different culture from black ppl in Atlanta lol but black means of African Descent All black ppl are from Africa, the black ppl around the world that live in America, Haiti, Jamaica, Brazil , France, Italy, Spain.. Are all of African Descent, whether you like it or not,. I live in America, never been to Africa, I don 8767 t know anything of African Culture but either way, I am African because I am black, I am of African Descent. .

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I feel you Coya. I 8767 m Black all day-even with my Blue-eyed, light skinned, Dominican, Puerto Rican Dad and my American Black, Native American and Irish mother who looks Black like me because the all of the genes for the white features didn 8767 t pull through as strongly on her as her Black and Native genes did. Even though I have pale sisters and brothers, we are all still, securely and happily claiming ourselves as Black folks. The struggles we face as Black people didn 8767 t make us weak, it made us stronger so I will proudly own my Blackness. I am holding my head up and loving my chocolaty brown skin all day, every day.

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I do not have to explain away my Black heritage to 8775 justify 8776 why I have this type of hair that is part of my head, or how I learned to speak Spanish so well. I don 8767 t feel the need to try to go out of my way to erase my Blackness to fit in with any society when I do explain how it is so. I simultaneously live as and closely identify with my Native and Latin American cultural upbringing, and yet, I am still Black in America just by color of my skin.

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No YOU don 8767 t get it. Culture goes much deeper than that. You clearly don 8767 t understand the concept of culture and that American is a broad definition. America is unique for being a melting pot of cultures not one overall definitive culture that defines a significant portion of the that country. African American is more specific relating to the culture of people of African descent regardless of their origin. It 8767 s truly ignorant for you to believe that African American is synonymous with slavery. Are really going to suggest that any African American or Black person of Caribbean or Latin heritage is not descendant of people who came from Africa? Like they aren 8767 t both Caribbean/Latin American in addition to being African American. Child stop. Are really gonna try to tell the world that some black people are originally from the Caribbean and South America exclusively?Just stop. You can 8767 t even see the reality of your own foolish logic. You really are extra on this madness that to disassociate anything to do with African...

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Yes they do. Many of they say: 8775 I 8767 m Italian or I 8767 m Irish 8776 when they 8767 re not, they don 8767 t even 8775 speak 8776 the language or follow the are Americans of Italian or Irish descent. Just like we are Americans of African descent. And by the way, what 8767 s wrong with having pride in one 8767 s ancestry? What is wrong about being proud? Why is that only black folks are the only one 8767 s that try to distance themselves?

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Now there are other traits aside from their almost otherworldly beauty that make Nigerian girls a real pleasure to date and marry – they are incredibly faithful and loyal. Nigerian women have been Raised to respect and care for their loved ones, and they are not afraid to go to great lengths to show their companions just how much they mean to them. Very proud women, they are the kind that once won over will walk to the ends of the world to make sure that you’re happy.

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Good on her for refusing to be stuffed into a demographic pigeonhole. The main reason this has caused an uproar is because the political class in this country depends upon identity politics to keep the electorate divided against itself. Want to see real change in this country? Stop mindlessly accepting the labels put upon you by those in power. Those labels aren 8767 t designed to help you they 8767 re designed to help the power elite.

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Put things in context the next time you blow a gasket about some AA speaking about Africa. Black Germans and Brits also connect with those cultures but they too know of their origins. You make it sound like it 8767 s wrong or a crime to maintain cultural allegiance. The Black man is a global educated man. There is no umbilical cord attachment to Africa. Be an educator about Africa but spare us from the sanctimony. Believe me, you are no different than anyone in this silly planet.

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Karinne Steffans is 655% correct. 8775 African American 8776 is a nationality. Karinne 8767 s birthplace of St. Thomas defines her nationality, . she 8767 s NOT African American. The umbrella term 8775 African 8776 has been adopted given that it is extremely difficult for a black American to pinpoint which country in Africa his/her ancestors originated from. Karinne 8767 s elders cannot pass down the pain, ideologies, and shame of being black in America if they 8767 ve not lived in America.

What 8767 s interesting is that those who are from those places or family is from there and live up north in America dont have that trifling attitude towards black Americans seen in the south. We get along better cause tgey understand we all go through the same BS in this country. Im not saying you and others like you gotta claim to be African American in this country but recognize that you 8767 re apart of the black community. If not dont complain when getting racially profiled and then start screaming im black cause many black americans dont want to hear it!

I have an issue with what is called 8775 black mannerisms 8776 . With the people I have this argument being 8775 black 8776 comes off as being unintelligent, sounding that way, and being loud and ignorant. I 8767 m black, and that 8767 s not me. Our heritage holds scholars who more than likely spoke in an eloquent manner, hiw can we only claim ignorance as the staples of what being black is about. Miss me with this argument.

Well they don 8767 t have Euro-American, Irish-Americans, Jewish, Irish or Italian-Americans on any form you fill out. Those terms are not as common as separating out African Americans or Spanish. Nor do they use those terms on an everyday basis. In reality mostly all Americans are mixed with a few different backgrounds, no matter the color of their skin. So those terms are fading. We have been here enough generations to be just American like all the other nationalities that are here as just Americans.

Zoe looks 655% black, it doesn 8767 t matter if she is or not, she is hispanic but she looks black so it doesn 8767 t matter. It 8767 s the same as Puerto rican people that look 655% black or dominican people that look 655% black and get all freaked out and don 8767 t want to be labeled as American black people. Its kind of hilarious, they need to get over it and except who they are and get past their identity crisis. lol

The difference is in these islands there was no period of segregation, in the US segregation lasted so long, it really divided the whole country into white culture and african american culture. Whereas in the Islands slaves went straight from being slaves to being practically equals and joining society as a whole, so no, Islanders do not have the same struggles. They don 8767 t resent white people or worry about racism because there is barely any in their islands. White Jamaicans and Black Jamaicans see themselves as one Jamaicans period. They don 8767 t care about race.

Did you just ask how is German or Scottish an ethnic group? To you, does ethnicity only apply to people of darker skin, not whites? If so, you 8767 re mistaken. Did you know there are tribes in Ireland? Or did you also think 8775 tribes 8776 only exist in 8775 Africa 8776 ? ALL peoples have ethnicities however when you live in a society where one sociocultural group is overwhelmingly dominant (such as in Canada and the . where it is whites of protestant origin (mostly British) who are predominant and occupy most of the higher places in society), then all the other remaining sociocultural groups (. the Jews, blacks, Asians etc.) become 8775 ethnic groups 8776 . Did you know there was time in North America where groups of people considered 8775 white 8776 today (. Italians, Irish, Jews), were not considered 8775 white 8776 before? This is just to let you know that ethnicity applies to all groups of peoples and race is an ambiguous/fluid concept not fixed.

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