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Other dating sites such as Matchmaker can offer potential to meet police officers, since profiles typically include information about the person's career. On at least one law enforcement community message board, officers discuss general dating websites and the success they have found there, or lack thereof. Some mention meeting their spouses or fiancees on these types of sites. Chatting on law enforcement message boards and forums is also a way for police officers to meet with others in their field. A large variety of topics invite discussion no matter what a person's interest is, and it's an easy way to make friends and possibly cultivate a new romance. See the Resources section below for links to two of these forums.

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One dating Website from the United Kingdom is Dating999, launched by a 999 employee to help emergency services workers find romance. The site focuses on employees in the police department, fire brigade, ambulance services, health care careers, coast guard and mountain rescue. As with The Badge, people outside these professions who would like to connect with emergency services workers are invited to join.

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Police officers face an incredible amount of on-the-job stress so when it's time to decompress, they're up for just about anything. Want to hit a club or bar? See a movie? Just enjoy a nice meal and some fine wine? No matter what type of date you prefer, chances are you're going to find someone here who enjoys the same things you do. And the fact that he or she wears a law enforcement uniform to work only makes them that much more attractive in your eyes!

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We have seen many single cops join our site over the last year or so, making us now the premier singles site for all those of you who are looking to date a cop whether you are a police officer yourself or not. We can offer you the widest selection of personal ads as well as the largest selection of search options to make sure that you find the cop that really is what you are looking for. Like we say, whether you are an officer yourself or not, our site is completely open and available for you to join and we think that you are going to have a great time looking for that hot date! Join us and let yourself have a chance to Date Cops!

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Today's busy lifestyle makes it challenging sometimes to find someone that shares your interests, passions, and life goals. At , we're dedicated to finding matches for police officers and their many admirers. Whether you're a policeman, someone in another law enforcement role, or a a man or woman who admires the sacrifice and hard work required to live this type of lifestyle, our Police dating site is for you. With just a few clicks you'll find a huge variety of like-minded singles who understand the challenges of the Police profession.

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Date Cops is a singles site that really can help you to meet single police officers, and is a dating site that can work in several different ways for you. You could be a single policeman or policewoman yourself and be looking to date someone who is also on the force. Then again, you could just be a single guy or girl who just really wants to date someone in a uniform! Seriously, whichever way you want to use our singles site then we can help you and we want you to be able to find the date that we think you will remember for a very long time indeed. They might even bring their handcuffs if you are lucky!

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Founded by a New Jersey police officer, The Badge dating site is designed for people who understand the unusual shifts these workers have, as well as the pressures of the job. The site focuses on single police officers, firefighters, EMTs and military singles. The site has blogs, forums, articles and many other features. Civilians interested in meeting workers in these professions are encouraged to join.

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It takes a special type of person to wear the badge of a law enforcement officer. And it takes someone just as special to love them. If that person is you, then you're going to like what you find here at Police Dating Site where we have thousands of men and women 'in blue' to choose from! Maybe you like the feeling of being protected that comes with dating someone who wears a police badge. Maybe you just want to find someone with a good head on their shoulders who isn't afraid to risk his or her life to protect others. Maybe it's something else entirely, but whatever it is that draws you to police as an object of your desire, know that we can make your police dating dreams a reality!

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You've seen the dating sites that do nothing but throw dozens of irrelevant matches your way. We offer an antidote: a site filled with police and law enforcement professionals who have the same interests and values that you do. You'll find someone you can truly connect with, whose life and goals matches yours. Your time is precious: don't waste it with sites that aren't targeted to what you're looking for.

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Are you ready to meet the police officer you've been hoping for? Then step right up and create your free account and personal profile. Then it's off you go! Browse member profiles and pictures, see what's going on in the chat rooms, enjoy one-on-one chat with someone you'd like to get to know more about. You can even send flirts to people to express your interest in them. Where it goes from there is up to you! But you can't be part of the fun if you don't join so come sign up now!

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