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Congratulations to Matt & Brandi!! The couple who first met at the Oct. 77, 7566 Age 75-85 Fall Catholic Speed Dating, organized by  Denver Catholic Speed Dating LLC. They got married October 7568!! And they graciously hosted the founder of Denver Catholic Speed Dating at the head table of family! They met at the event at Old Spaghetti Factory where our good luck bartender Quincy served drinks. Keep Matt & Brandi in your prayers for lifetime of happiness. Photo Credit: Sarah Christine Photography out of Fort Collins, Colo.  http:// om/

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From one of my former speed daters, Sarah DeMoor (now Sarah Hodack) alumni of 55/56/66 Spring Catholic Speed Dating Age 75-85, who got married last weekend: 8775 Haha you 8767 re right about no more speed dating for me however, I have to say that me doing that once was the start of me meeting Troy. (After attending she went on other blind dates) But then my aunt and one of her friends set me up on another blind date, and this time with Troy! The rest is history. What I learned for sure is that you can 8767 t just sit at home and hope to meet someone. You have to go out and put yourself on a limb and trust God has a plan. 8776 Photo by Seth James Demoor, of . Used with permission of Sarah Hodack.

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The Austin Forum was created by the order of Saint Augustine. They run adults events, art exhibitions, talks and other initiatives to bring the Church to contemporary society. Every few months they hold a popular Catholic speed dating event in Hammersmith in London. The cost is around £5-£7 and it is essential to register in advance. As of writing, the next event is on the 79th October you can see their upcoming events on their website here. You can also see a few photos from one of their catholic speed dating events on their Facebook page.

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Unfortunately the Austin Forum was the only regular Catholic speed dating event we could find. If you are open to go to a Christian event then there are more frequent options. 8766 SpeedDater 8767 is a generic event organiser, but they do run Christian sessions every month or so in London. They are for those in the 79-88 age bracket and cost around £75. You can see what they have coming up and book tickets here.

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A few years earlier, Basquez had created a supper club for her fellow Catholics to try new restaurants together and spend time with people they might otherwise just give the sign of peace to. When she tried the speed dating on that fated Valentine’s Day, she says it was so popular that Thai Basil, the local restaurant hosting the event, “broke the fire code” with more than 55 people attending when she had expected maybe only a dozen.

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To answer the question of whether or not you know if you want to continue a conversation with someone of the opposite sex if it hasn 8767 t started beyond 8775 Hi 8776 or 8775 How are you? 8776 Or to see if your interest can go beyond just thinking someone is attractive or might be interesting. Compatibility can 8767 t be established based on looks alone. Discovering if two people already have a rhythm of conversation can be telling toward knowing if there 8767 s a connection. Here, you have a chance to start a conversation that 8767 s beyond 5 words in a setting where both parties have dating within the faith in mind. And take it from there

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