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At a restaurant, Dennis and Mac coach Charlie for a blind date. He is sweating profusely through his shirt, and the hornet stings on his face are bleeding. He tries to tell his date, Jackie , that he is a philanthropist but says he is a " full-on-rapist ". When Jackie figures out he was trying to say "philanthropist," he admits he is "a janitor at a bar". He tries to go to the bathroom to recoup, but his efforts don't work and Dennis and Mac pretend to be the owners of the restaurant to impress Jackie. Instead, she leaves. Charlie freaks out, and Dennis reveals that the Waitress is getting married.

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One year, Charlie said he wanted a little brother for Christmas, so nine months later, Evelyn had her second born son, Alan. Charlie and Alan's father died of food poisoning, this resulted in the two boys having three stepfathers. The first, Harry Luther Gorsky , eventually left the family for a woman. The second, Don Thomas , a twitchy gay man from Texas who called him and Alan "buckaroos". The third, Luther King , an overweight guy whose daughter Charlie seduced.

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Charlie takes the box of hornets over to Brad's apartment as a congratulatory gift. There, Brad reveals that he has just been getting engaged to girls who broke up with him in high school because of his acne, and dumping them right before the wedding to get revenge, and that he just got through doing it to the coffee shop waitress. Charlie hands him the box telling him he can keep the present anyway.

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He also has little if any provincial boundaries to whom he will have sex with, at times even at the risk of his own health. He has a history of sleeping with women even if they were mentally unbalanced, this was revealed when Alan was against sleeping with his unstable girlfriend, Sandy and he urges that it was "great" but it was best to pick "a position where [he] could see their hands". The best example is with Rose but there is the chance that she didn't reveal her crazy nature while they were dating. Despite his hychondriac nature he had sex with a woman who was sick and became sick after the encounter which was actually set up by Rose. Even after discovering that her girlfriend, Linda she was exactly like Evelyn in both characteristics and dress style he still had sex with her, claiming "[he] was already going to hell", (" Apologies for the Frivolity "). The one time Charlie did pass up sex however was with Gloria who Evelyn shown that that she was his possible half-sister which amazed both Berta and Rose as they found his boundary, (" Walnuts and Demerol ").

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The group buries Maggie's body. After a while, Miles insists they must continue. Charlie wants to say goodbye, but Miles tells her that mourning will not help her find Danny. Eventually, the group reaches Noblesville, Indiana, where a working steam train is located. According to Miles and Nora, a train would give Monroe an advantage. Taking refuge in an abandoned workshop, the group discusses what to do about the train.

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Kinsey takes her to his house, where he ties her to a chair and places a rifle near her in case she tries to escape. Charlie begs Kinsey to let her go, but Kinsey refuses, as he sees Charlie as a replacement for her lost daughter. Suddenly, Miles and Nate enter the house and kill Kinsey, while Charlie barely dodges the rifle's shot. Using Kinsey's whistle, Miles disperses the dogs. Charlie, Miles and Nate return to the diner, just as Aaron finishes patching Maggie's injury. Sadly, Maggie has lost too much blood and dies. Charlie breaks down, remarking that everyone she ever cared about leaves her. Seeing how devastated Charlie is, Miles hugs her, promising never to abandon her.(" The Plague Dogs ")

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The group goes to the station, finding an injured Nora, who had tried to stop the train. She tells them the bomb is a hollowed off log. Riding horses, Charlie and Miles reach the train. Charlie enters the train to find Danny and Miles tries to find the bomb. Finding Danny captured by Neville, she tries to save him but Neville defeats her with Nate's help. However, instead of handing her to Neville, Nate throws her out of the train. Miles gets rid of the bomb an reunites with Charlie.

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While out searching for relics of life before the blackout, having lied to her father about going hunting, Charlie and Danny stumbled across a ruined RV, left behind after The Blackout. She and Danny go inside and explore the RV where she comes across a postcard from pre-Blackout Chicago. Their exploration is brought to a sudden end when Danny opens up the air conditioning compartment and a cloud of dust falls on him triggering an Asthma attack and forcing him to find clean air. Charlie breaks open the front window and pulls Danny out.

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After her father dies, Charlie starts to pack her backpack. Maggie enters and suggests she should not go. When Charlie remains adamant that she is going to Chicago, Maggie then states that she will be going with Charlie. Charlie completely ignores her and leaves the room. As she begins to walk out of the village, Maggie and Aaron , who was a friend of her father's, follows her, also carrying backpacks. (" Pilot ")

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Charlie figures out that the train will leave tomorrow. Also, since the train is bound for Philadelphia, Miles believes Neville will put Danny on the train. Charlie and Miles decide to look for Danny, but leave their weapons behind in order to keep a low profile. As Charlie searches through the city, she inadvertently meets with Neville. To avoid suspicion, she introduces herself to him under a fake name. Charlie decides to trail him, but he pins her to a wall, recognizing her as Danny's sister. Fortunately, Miles appears and they both escape before Militia soldiers can capture them.

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Having spent four years locked up in a pit in Rose's dungeon, Charlie finally manages to break out in the series finale and is now out for revenge, having been brainwashed by Rose to hate Alan , Evelyn , and Walden. He sends the three of them threatening messages, while using the royalties he has received for the kid's songs he has written to send checks to Jake , Berta , Jenny , and former girlfriends Mia , Chelsea , Miss Pasternak , and a drag queen. After Alan starts believing that Charlie must still be alive, Rose confirms this and tells him, Walden, Evelyn and Berta the whole story about how she kept him in a dungeon pit for four years and that he now wants revenge. Knowing Alan and Walden have gone to the police, he frames another guy (Christian Slater) for being him in order to get the police off his tail. Alan, Walden, and Berta all sit on the beach house's deck, drinking a beer, when they see a helicopter flying in their direction, carrying a grand piano. Meanwhile, Charlie Harper himself makes his way to the front door where he proceeds to ring the doorbell. However, the piano is dropped on top of him, killing him instantly, thus ending the show.

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Charlie, Miles and Nora ambush a Militia soldier, interrogating him for information about the squad holding Danny captive. The soldier reveals that he saw a nearby patrol yesterday, giving Charlie hopes that they might be able to reach Danny soon. After Miles knocks the soldier out, Charlie asks about Miles's reputation with the Militia, but Miles refuses to talk about it, saying that he will abandon Charlie if he keeps pressing the subject. Eventually, the trio reunites with Maggie and Aaron at Lowell, Indiana.

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They make camp in the woods for a break and Charlie goes off to look for water to fill her canteen. She comes across a boy at a waterfall and the boy hears her. He announces he knows she is there and Charlie tells him she was just getting water. They go their separate ways after that. After returning, the group makes camp at one of the planes stuck on the runway at Chicago O`Hare Airport during The Blackout. While they were sleeping, three bandits come in and holds the three at knife point. Maggie tells them she has a bottle of alcohol in her backpack. They drink the bottle and one of the bandits grabs Charlie and starts taking her to the cockpit. Soon, the bandits start coughing up blood Maggie had secretly put poison in the drink. The thug begins to attack Maggie where she grabs an airbag from the plane and strangles him. Just as the other bandit was about to Charlie, the boy who spoke to Charlie at the waterfall shoots an arrow at the bandit, killing him.

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Following his "death", Charlie's beach house was put on sale by  Alan  and  Jake. After the goat that got killed instead of Charlie gets cremated and delivered in a urn to Alan, he plans to sprinkle his ashes on the beach. However, when Alan looks outside he gets startled when he sees Walden Schmidt standing on the deck outside, which causes him to drop the urn. Walden just broke up with his wife Bridget and decides to buy Charlie's beach house. Despite being sold to a total stranger, Alan and Jake worked their way into staying in the house for good.

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Charlie welcomes in his recently divorced brother, Alan Harper , with his son Jake. Charlie adjusts to his brother and nephew living with him, a one night stand, Rose , continues stalking him. Charlie learns that his favorite ex-girlfriend, Lisa is getting married, another ex named Jill, is now 'Bill', and his former sister-in-law, Liz doesn't remember who he is, even when they had relations at their sibling's wedding.

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He and Charlie go into the backroom where she explains the situation more, assuming he is coming along to save Danny, but he tells her he was keeping a low profile from the militia and tells her he was not going. Charlie tells Miles that they are family, while he says he doesn't even know her. In tears, she runs out of the room back to the group and tells them they have to leave. After seeing that Charlie was crying, Nate goes up to Miles and yet again takes out his knife and demands to know what he did to her. Miles, once again, easily pulls the knife away and pulls up Nate's sleeve. Branded on his arm was the insignia of the militia which means he is a spy. Nate takes out his bow and arrows and backs out of the bar.

The group continues to walk, and Miles discovers that Nate has been following them. After a short fight, the group takes Nate captive, with Charlie believing Nate knows something about Tom Neville, the Militia squad's commander, or Danny. As the group continues walking, they are attacked by more dogs, forcing them to take refuge within a diner. Unfortunately, Maggie is stabbed in the leg by Ray Kinsey , the dogs' owner. Miles and Nora leave to find Kinsey, while Charlie and Aaron tend to Maggie's wound. Maggie wants the others to leave, saying they can still reach Danny. But Charlie refuses to leave Maggie, saying the she wants to help her just like she helped her family. Maggie realizes her artery has been pierced, so she asks Charlie and Aaron to perform surgery on her. But as Charlie is searching for tools, Kinsey kidnaps her.

With Sabrina Duncan leaving the agency to get married and have a baby, Tiffany Welles (Shelley Hack, in her first episode) joins the agency and the Angels track a missing fortune in ancient artifacts while on a cruise to the Virgin Islands. While on "The Love Boat", Kris falls for the main suspect who is both a thief and a Peace Corps worker. But their romance may be cut short as a crime boss is after them all. This is a crossover episode which combines Charlie's Angels and another Aaron Spelling Leonard Goldberg- produced series, The Love Boat. Guest stars: Bert Convy , Dick Sargent , and the cast of The Love Boat

In season 66, Charlie's long-lost daughter Jenny Harper arrives at Charlie's former beach house to meet her remaining family. While Alan and Evelyn are shocked that Charlie has a daughter, Berta is only surprised that there aren't any more. Alan brings out Charlie's urn to "introduce" him to his daughter who he last saw when she was four years old, but while doing this Alan accidentally spills them again, and then after arguing with Walden and his mother he spills them for a third time. Walden shows her where Charlie used to sleep and said that he wished that there was more that Charlie left behind, other than Alan. After living some time with Evelyn, she decides to come live in the beach house as well.

Night falls and Trevor uses his last bullets, at the same time the tunnel Miles and Nicholas have been digging collapses. Running out of options, Miles wants to keep digging but Charlie wants to fight. Miles argues that the Militia cannot be stopped, and Charlie replies that is the way her father thought, and she always believed him to be a coward. Miles is angry that Charlie would be so disrespectful of her own father, his brother. Suddenly, Militia soldiers infiltrate the building but Charlie, Miles and Nora defeat them, with Miles taking Jeremy Baker, the Militia squadron's commanding officer, hostage.

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