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Date: 2017-08-13 02:14.

I need some advise, my husband left me in December last year and now wants me to file for a divorce on grounds of adultery that he has committed. i was not aware he had other than a drunken night fumble he had with my friend at the time i found out and forgave him for it he then later moved out. He has now since moved in with another woman (not my friend) and wants me to divorce him on grounds of adultery, i was not aware he had started anything with this girl at the time we separated. Also as he left our rented home i had to give the house up and stay with family were i still currently am due to health issues i am currently off work sick whilst i recover from an operation and am finding it hard to manage on sick pay can you give me advise on should i sign the paperwork to agree and divorce him for adultery even though i was not aware of it till he asked for the divorce and is there any help i can get from him towards living expenses etc we don 8767 t have children together.

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Dear Karl
Marilyn has asked me to reply to your question. I am a solicitor at Stowe Family Law.
As these text and face book messages are private you are not entitled to obtain copies of them but if you do then you can be committing a criminal offence. You do not say what this information is about but if it is financial your wife is under a duty to provide a full and frank disclosure of her financial circumstances as part of the Divorce procedure and copy documentation should come your way by this process.

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Hello Marilyn,
I have been seperated from my Wife for the past 65 months, after an affair on my part was discovered in a rather explosive manner (discovery of text mesages). We had been together for 67 years at that point and married for 6. It 8767 s probably worth mentioning that we live in Scotland as i know the laws can be different.
After the discovery of the affair i started counselling and cognitive therapy for sexual addiction. I have since stopped the counselling but am still in therapy every month.
The circumstances surrounding the affair on my part are complicated, as i 8767 m sure they always are, and this was something i never wanted to happen and am still living in the deepest regret.

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I need some advice. I had this affair 7 yrs ago with a married man, he told me that time that his wife is having other guy and that they have decided to separate ( but not yet legally) I left him because I cant take anymore his attitude and I decided to change my wrk place, I change my accommodation coz after we broke up he keep on calling me, asking me to see him again. but I ignore everything I haven 8767 t see him for 7 yrs now already. last month I found out that his wife is already here in the country (uae) and find out also that she made an account on fb, using my name, posting my pictures and pretending to be me and she keep sending me msgs in fb also, and by surprise she visit me in my new work place and made a scene. after that incident I receive too many miscalls and calls in my mobile. she is threatening me that shes going to sue me and file a case against me which is adultery an affair was happen 7 yrs ago and never been seeing her husband.. I just want to ask if shes going to file the case is it still valid? or can I file a case against her also for what she is doing right now? I need badly ur help and advice.

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But I KEEP 8775 GOOGLING 8776 HIM! It is horrible. I know Googling him is useless (and hurts me), but it 8767 s like an addiction. I keep thinking of him, even when I know he 8767 s MR. SUPER DUPER UNAVAILABLE heck, he 8767 s MR. NOT-EVEN-MEETABLE! I just want to stop, and move on, for good. I feel lonely, admittedly and I am battling a chronic illness so I am especially vulnerable to isolation (it 8767 s hard to physically attend social events, etc) and I think loneliness triggers the self-defeating Googling. Sorry to whine.

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Hi Marilyn
I just want to check me and my wife seperated a month ago and now she has filed for a divorce and we have mutally agreed that we will not contest it if she drops the request of me paying the costs which she has agreed. We also have a 7 year old daughter from our marriage and she applied for residence order for her but now we are coming to a mutual agreement on her, but she wants to get a court order of what we decide amongst us is that a possibilty or do we have to go to our hearings. I am a bit confused on it and your help will be very beneficial on this matter thank you

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Yes. This is so much more than a marriage book. I imagine marketing requires branding, strategy, etc. but there is something viscerally honest in Love Warrior that will set people free. Freedom is a beautiful responsibility. G, you are deeply loved. And Ultimately, not responsible for a single one of us. We belong to each other, yes, but we must own our stories or we are in danger of devoting our belonging to myths. Glennon, you are brave. You are broken. You are beautiful. I hope I am all of the above. Thank you for lifting the blinds of the glass house. You allowed us each the opportunity to see what vulnerable looks like and what LOVE can do to fear. Warrior on.

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I 8767 m ready to separate or divorce my husband of 66 years but he works and I do not. I quite working 8 years ago when my child was diagnosed with asd. I have no problem with him living here but I 8767 m not sure because he would have to pay everything. If he moved out I would have no income at all and 8 kids to care for. Could I still get child support or financial assistance if we are under the same roof? Would I have to kick him out first to get aid? We rent my parents house so our problems are affecting all of the family. I feel like I 8767 m stuck with him. Our marriage has been falling apart for the past 65 years!

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my wife and i had been living separate lives in the same house for over three years we had not had any sexual activities at all in this time the house was 855 sq meters two bath rooms we left for separately came home at different times we were more like flatmates than a married couple
we filed for divorce explaining all this to the court and were given 85 days to reconsider the divorce
we did nothing because we both wanted this two happen and the divorce was grated took 86 days and now are a lot more happier than we had been for years
it is hard to prove but can be done

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I am having an affair with a married man for almost a year now. He is a wonderful father. He has three kids been with his wife 76 years. I saw that he was miserable and lonely. We became friends and soon lovers. I do feel bad for his wife, I think she called me accused me but then wouldn 8767 t say his name she didn 8767 t really want to know I guess so I hung up on her. We do love each other, he only stays for the family. If I leave he will just be with someone else at least I am not trying to make him leave her. I just feel so much joy when we 8767 re together. He is the most romantic and tender man I 8767 ve ever met. Everything is perfect when we 8767 re together. I am 65 years than him sometimes I think I should stop but he 8767 s just so wonderful. I do feel sad for his wife. She seems like a good person but they don 8767 t have sex anymore they are not connected anymore. Just friends. Doesn 8767 t he deserve happiness too?

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It 8767 s really surprising to me how men think only in terms of what they can get but never on what they have to offer (or don 8767 t). The hold us to some high, unreasonable standard but expect us to keep them to the lowest standard possible. And they defend this as claiming they 8767 ve been hurt before (and we haven 8767 t 8767 ?) We 8767 re not supposed to bring any baggage into the picture but they by virtue of having a pulse are permitted to behave as badly as they wish and if we don 8767 t like it, they will find someone else who will.

Legal separation is the same as divorce, you go through all the same legal hoops of child custody determination, property settlement and setting alimony and child support, except that at the end you aren 8767 t free to remarry. Your post doesn 8767 t seem to be focused on that kind of a legal move, and I 8767 m wondering what benefit you believe legal separation would give you? I would think that you would end up better off a widow than divorced/legally separated, but perhaps you see something that I don 8767 t. I suggest you get legal advice regarding your particular situation.

I found out today my husband has commited adultery, he admitted it to me. We have had 8 consecutive misscarriges (no live born children) and although it has been tough I really thought we were ok. I 8767 m not sure I can forgive him for doing this when I needed him most. If I file for divorce on the grounds of adultery I take it he will have to pay? I have done nothing wrong other than lose our children and it wasn 8767 t really my fault!

Nah, the problem is it 8767 s virtually impossible to get a man to meet you in person from one of those sites. They 8767 re all just there to write attractive women letters to feel like they 8767 re getting female attention, but getting a date is like pulling teeth, and when you do arrange a date he 8767 ll suddenly 8775 remember that he has to go out of town 8776 or 8775 his mother is sick 8776 or some such other excuse.

Carri, I 8767 m not sure I 8767 m understanding this right. What do you mean your 69 year old daughter has to move out if he stays? If this is likely to happen, your daughter is your first priority even if you 8767 re under financial pressure. Depending on the reasons why she may move out if you two stayed together, you need to stand your ground as a parent and be strong. Your primary responsibility is towards your child. You need to be with her more than we him, even if he is the bread winner.

What is the definition of 8775 troll 8776 ? I have always associated it with hate speech. When a reader disagrees with what a blogger puts out there for the wide world to see is that hate speech? I think when someone decides to live out-loud, then she and her people need to also understand that because we readers are not of one mold, reactions will be many and varied. You open yourself up to discourse when you blog your life 8767 s intimacies. If you invite only those comments that cement rather than question your position, it seems disingenuous.

Dear Dazzle
If your husband is petitioning in England and Wales then he has to satisfy the court in the face of your denial that there has been adultery. If you deny the allegation, then the case is defended and may go to court for a judge to decide.
But this seems to me to be a waste of time and money for both of you. If your marriage has irretrievably broken down then you need to consider how to sensibly end this marriage. He could amend his petition to unreasonable behaviour and if you agree the allegations and there is no claim for costs against you, let him divorce you.
You could cross petition for divorce against him perhaps doing so on the basis of his unreasonable behaviour and if he amends his petition, you could even both divorce the other.
Why not go and see a solicitor for advice and at the same time find out what the financial position is too, and that of the children if you have any. Finances and children are very important and you must make sure you are protected.

Hi Marilyn,
I was married in August 7567. I have recently found out that my husband has been cheating on me since November 7566 although I have no definitive proof. I bought the house we live in before we were married, it is only in my name and I pay for all of the bills, always have. I understand that I can 8767 t file for divorce until I have been married a year, I cannot reconcile with my husband. When we do divorce is he entitled to a share of the house? We do not have any children together thankfully, I 8767 m just worried that I will have to sell to give him something when we divorce although he has never contributed anything.

The only reason I 8767 ve stuck to the adultery petition is because I don 8767 t see why I should be responsible for the costs of changing the paperwork, and the fact that he is ramping up the costs with his obstructive behaviour. However if I can still seek an order for costs on other grounds then that 8767 s what I shall do. It 8767 s not the adultery that 8767 s important to me, it 8767 s the finances.

Dear Glennon,
Thank you for your raw honesty. While I have only been following you for a few months, thanks to the Brene 8767 Brown course on writing our own story, I have to say that you are someone I 8767 ve come to respect and appreciate. I know first hand what happens when you give up the old rules of life, become completely exposed and vulnerable, discovering who those true friends and family are, listening to your inner song, and then running with it through the grace of God. You and I have many similarities, in terms of life circumstances experienced, but have taken different paths and sought different remedies to work through them.

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