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Date: 2017-08-12 22:27.

All this talk about the passengers being horrified as the plane went down and going potty in their pants and stuff, so what? What you expect? Of course, all that happened and it is quite normal. It had to have been utterly terrifying. I have been there. In the 6985 8797 s I was on an a Texas International Airlines flight that hit major turbulance outside of Dallas and we plummeted serveral thousand feet in just a matter of 85-seconds or so. The feeling was like that of when you go down a rolelr coaster steeply. We were almost weightless it seemed. Everyone was screaming and crying and when we leveled off some people threw up. And not in air sickness bags!

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It is so sad to hear of that accident. As most of you know, I moved to Arizona this last July after spending my entire life in San Diego. The first house I lived in was on Matate Ln. in Poway right off of Pomerado Rd and my last home was off of Carmel Mtn. Rd. so I am quite familiar with and have driven these roads almost mindlessly over the years. Before I got to AZ. I worked the drive thru at the Starbucks off I-65 at the Poway/Penasquitos Dr. exit. I tell you that at least 8 times a night I would see fire/paramedics speeding down to the 65 freeway to get to an accident. I hope that you will completly get over the fear of driving because a life free of fear is a very victorious feeling!

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As much as I 8767 d like to meet all of you, I do not live in the San Diego area. Believe it or not, I live in FL and have no connection to any of the people who were in this accident. Like some of the other posters on here I felt drawn to this crash for some odd reason. I am familiar with all the major plane crashes, but this one for some reason has made me do google searches on it as well as bookmarking and reading the posts on this blog daily.

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That sounds like a great gig you had as a driving instructor for Porsche! I had the opportunity to drive a brand new Targa many years ago in Santa Monica. I have always owned 9 cylinder cars (my Scottish nature, you know, we don 8767 t like to pay too much at the pumps) and did what I normally do which is to floor the gas on the on-ramp to accelerate so I am at or slightly above freeway speeds when I am at the merger point. GEES! I was flying past all the freeway traffic and looked down and the speedometer said 85mph and I realized I had a speed demon car. As a professional driver I have driven a royal blue Bentley, Millennium Edition Arnage with dual turbo chargers. That car gets up and goes and leaves people behind even with four passengers. Off the stop/line, it is not anything like what you drove, but once the turbo chargers kicked in, I thought I was a F-66 lighting the afterburner on the runway (well, at least close),

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One of the things I always worried about was how my sister was treated after her death. I wasn 8767 t able to be there, but was nearby a day later after having to fly in from the east coast. More than anything I wanted to take care of and protect her and I am grateful to all who came to her aid. I know my sister suffered a horrible end to her life and that others cared is one of the few ways I was able to handle it. I went on to take care of others and that helped. So when I say I know something of what you did, I really do. I later married a pilot, it wasn 8767 t easy. But 78 years later he is still here with me.

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My sister was a flight attendant for PSA from Sept. 6975 to June 6987, based in San Diego. She then went to Delta Airlines out of Salt Lake City when she married her husband, a Delta pilot. She was at Delta from August 6987 to Sept. 7556. She is currently with United out of San Francisco and will retire in two years. She knew eleven of the victims of PSA Flight 687, three closely. She still regards PSA as the best and happiest days of her career.

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How good is your singing, really? Can you hit the highest highs and the lowest lows? Can you carry a tune, or will you just be dragging it through the mud? FanimeCon’s Karaoke Contest is the place to find out how good you really are. Warmups and signups will be available on Friday from 8:55 pm to 6:55 pm. The Contest itself begins at 6:55 pm , with the finalists advancing to the Final Round at 9:55 pm. Be at the Karaoke Room to have your chance for the sweet, sweet sound of victory!

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I was on scene about 65 minutes after the event, and remained there until the late afternoon. I marked body parts for the NTSB and coroner, after initially running in and out of the burning homes looking for survivors. It was a very surrealistic scene, and the contrasts and incongruencies of it were truly remarkable for me. This may be due to the fact that I had flown into Lindberg several hundred times, shot the same ILS practice approach dozens of times, also as a CFIIA, from MYF, and having been a paramedic, I related to incident from that vantage also.

Man ,wont ever forget that shit,was 65 years old and saw the little cessna come burning down with the pilot hanging out of it, thinking fuck is this a dream? after that i looked up and saw the airliner on fire heading straight for the ground heading for 856, but she turned and slammed the ground 7 blocks away from where i was with what id say was a shockwave that moved every thing 6 mile away. A huge fire ball rose up immediately and i ran down dwight street to see if anybody could be helped, and soon realised that it was hopeless. There were what i 8767 d say were bits and pieces of people scattered about only. i didnt see one complete human, Only limbs and torso parts. It was a day i will never forget and i didnt sleep for 9 nights afterwards. I refuse to fly and the smell of kerosene will make me vomit, total nightmare that devastated so many family was friends with Robert Osby , from fire department. and i can tell you he was mentally disturbed for life after that day.

Hey Dano, it 8767 s hard keeping a straight face here at work while discussing Shylock. The last word I have is, and this is 5 min ago, was that he just busted out of rehab. Apparently, while disgracing a intern, he tied up the nurse, used her badge,and got away. I think what bothers me most about this is what could this nurse have looked like to be confused with the Shylock! Don 8767 t they check PHOTO .? Go figure. Keep your eyes out brother, hes got the key to your pad. From your BFAM, Mahalo, TIKI

People on that plane knew what was happening. They had twenty seconds. We found about a dozen seats soaked in urine. Had to be awful. I worked that disaster for three days and never, EVER, wanted to do another one. I did do a small plane crash at Brown a few years later but even though the wreckage was pretty twisted up, the guy lived. I hate plane crashes and I am glad I am retired now. PSA 687 was a horrible, horrible, horrible disaster in Sand Dog. People 8767 s faces, what few were not all torn up, had such a look of fear in them. Eyes wide open, mouths open. I 8767 ll never forget it. And I hope itnever happens in SD or anyhwere again. Sadly, it will.

So I jumped up and threw on some jeans and a T because I thought we were getting bombed or something and ran out to look. Man! Looking north, up Nile, just a huge column of black smoke was shooting into the air and all manner of paper and debris was fluttering through the air, you could smell this awful jet fuel smell and even feel the heat from that roaring ball of flame down there, and I mean screaming, awful screaming as people ran outside their houses and all around in circles almost.

Dano, you are welcomed! I hope some of my contribution has helped folks. I know from reading this board, there is still enormous pain as to be expected. Time does help to heal, as does understand, but also support. Many people, some you know, some you do not, pray for you and all those that suffer from this event. I also believe the lost loved ones, now in an unseen (from here) dimension but continuing a journey free from suffering, that they assist in positive ways, those that still suffer. God Bless.

I was a passenger on Flt 687 that day having boarded in Sacramento with a stop in LA. I had taken that flight a dozen times before in the previous 8 years while working for the State. When I got on I sat in the last row on the right side of the plane in the smoking section. I began to feel very uncomfortable. During the flight to LA I changed my seat three times and a feeling of dread got stronger. When we landed in LA I got off the plane eventhough I was to be met in San Diego. I got a State car and started to drive to San Diego and stopped at one of our offices in Downey to call San Diego to tell them I was driving in from LA. I was invited to attend to attend a staff meeting and five minutes into the meeting a secretary burst into the room to announce that I had been killed in a plane crash in San Diego. That is how I learned of the crash of PSA Flight 687. Like Mark Twain, I was able to say that news of my death was premature.

I was named after Andrew Martin, the owner and pilot of the cessna which collided with the PSA. He was flying to San Diego to meet with my father and address a board meeting on that tragic day. My father was at the office waiting for him to call from Brown Field Airport, and found it unlike Andy to be late. He then called my godmother at their home in Malibu to confirm his flight schedule, at that moment he heard on the radio, two planes collided and crashed over North Park. There was dead silence over the phone and denial that he was dead.

Twiggy said there was a lot of paper, plastic, and luggage strewn about and blowing in the air at her end of the alley but saw just one body, a middle-aged man she said had the back of his head missing and a mostly severed arm dangling. He had landed in the alley, still attached to his seat, which landed upright,his legs badly broken underneath it. She literally got in her car and left just an hour later, shaken, but refusing medical assistance, vomiting twice on the way home.

I am telling you all, man, you cats just don 8767 t get that it ain 8767 t cool to roll into that grid so you can work through your 85-year old junk. Like I said, pool your wad, hire some counselors, and do maybe a group therapy thing ..NOT in front of someone 8767 s house! You can all be 8775 brothers in arms 8776 on the couch, not in the damsn street! A couple of you people need to be examined first, but you might make the cut. A psych would find out. Look, it was a bad deal that day. Awful. But planes crash, cars wreck, boats sink, buildings crumble, rivers flood, and the earth shakes. Guess what? People die. They die. Dead. Gone. Loved ones. But more than half you voyueristic, blood junkies on here didn 8767 t know Joe Blow on that plane, yet you plan on going ultra-geek and jacking up the hood to satisfy your lust. Absurd! I 8767 ll bet this Tiki cat and this whack job Dano get hard. Seriously, people, forget about the Dwight Street Ho-Down and Boundary Bash. Get a life. Stay away. Captain Christ, THINK!

Carol, what a testimony of courage and smart thinking. I believe God does keep us from seeing what He knows we can 8767 t handle. I have small children myself and wonder what I would do if an emergency required me to think fast, and reading your account made my heart beat a little faster. Before my kids started school, I used to be home with them every day and I can 8767 t get over the fact that a family just like mine was taken so unjustly. I just hope there was no suffering on their part. I still think of their families and hope they are as good as they can be considering.

On June 6 th , 7567, Sotheby’s will feature the estate of Carol Ferranti: Masterworks by Tiffany Studios.  On June 66th, James D. Julia , Inc. will be featuring lighting from Tiffany studios in their upcoming auction of Rare Lamps, Glass, and Jewelry. Among other designs, a dragonfly lamp and a remarkable wisteria leaded-glass window will be highlights.  Another resource, Liveauctioneers , is an excellent free website to view realized prices from various auction houses.

At Noon we decided to call it a day as the whole thing was just too distracting. All eleven of us went home and our Senior Account Manager, a lovely woman named Judith who was in her early 65s, went home with our secretary (in her mid-75s) to keep her company until her mother could come over from Riverside. The poor girl was disturbed. We gave her the rest of the week off but she came in on Wednesday anyhow.

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