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A friend showed me this guy 8767 s MySpace page (what 8767 s that, right?) and said she 8767 d been talking to him, but he was too nice for her and that I should talk to him Well, a few months go by and I join a free dating website. One night, his same screen name popped up and he started talking to me. I addressed him by his real name and kind of stunned him. We talked off and on and one night around 8-ish he said, 8775 We still have yet to go get dinner like we talked about, have you eaten? 8776 So we went off to Olive Garden that night, closed the place down we laughed and talked so much, and we haven 8767 t been apart since. 🙂

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I met my husband in high school. I was in band, my friends and I were sitting in the back of a school bus on our way to a band competition. My band director said he was send a 8775 mature upper class men 8776 back there to keep an eye on us. In walks my husband. I tried not to look at him, knowing I would get red and embarrass myself. So he started to throw Cheetos at my head. And that 8767 s how we were introduced.

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My husband and I were set up on a blind date by my ex-boyfriend from college. The ex and I had broken up at the end of junior year. Fast forward 9-ish years the ex was now married, had met my husband through work (he was assigned to be husband 8767 s 8775 little buddy 8776 when he joined his company), and I had recently moved to the city where they both lived. Our first date had a rocky start when now-husband was waiting in a bar and I was in the restaurant of the same name across the street. But after we sorted that out, it turned into a terrific first date, and the rest as they say is history!

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My husband and I met on a blind date. I 8767 d gone to a party hosted by a guy I 8767 d met at another party and then called some time afterward. The party host was just being polite by inviting me to his party turned out he was not interested in me. At the party I met another guy who called me later. We went out a few times. He was great to be with but the chemistry wasn 8767 t there, so he set me up with his friend, whom he 8767 d met at a singles group. That was 69 years ago!

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We met in high school. I thought he was weird because he was always quiet and kept to himself (while listening to music on his MiniDisc player) and he thought I was always happy and smiley. Eventually he got my contact information and we chatted online as friends. It wasn 8767 t until a very crappy family vacation where everything was made better after accidentally bumping into him that I realized I liked him. A lot. A couple of months later, I told him and we 8767 ve been happily together for over 67 years with a toddler and another baby on the way. 🙂

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I met my husband at my friend 8767 s work party. He says, 8775 I 8767 ve met you before. 8776 and I 8767 m thinking, 8775 Nice line 8776 We start telling jokes back and forth and we hit it off. It turns out that we really had met 7 years before. It was at a work training (when I still worked with my friends) and he told his friend, 8775 That 8767 s the kind of girl I want to marry. 8776 Lo and behold

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My hubs and I met at a Halloween party twelve years ago. I was wearing a summer kimono and a long straight black wig. He was wearing sixties stuff (tie-dye, jean jacket, slogan buttons) and a big afro wig. He overcame his shy nature and asked for my number. He called the next day and asked me out. Our first actual date was on Halloween. I realized before heading out that I didn 8767 t know what his hair looked like. Or if he even had hair. He also realized he didn 8767 t know what my hair looked like. And he has very particular taste in women 8767 s hair (long and straight). He showed up with short tight curls (he had hair!) and I showed up with long, brown stick-straight hair (it matched his preference!). It must have been hair kismet. We 8767 ve been married nine years and have two lovable, hilarious girls who so loved your Crappy Pictures post that featured your boys love of butt shaking that they still shake their tushies every time they get excited about anything. Something like two years after reading it.

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I met my husband 66,5 years ago at a social meals distribution on the street in Paris. I Am a 75 y-o parisian suburbian student who came here with a group of friends to talk to people and bring them some Human warmth and he is a 75 yo romanian underpaid and expandable worker. He didn 8767 t take my interest for him seriously the 8rd first dates and even brought his ex-date with who he had just break up to one of our date in an ice skating park. It was hard to get his trust and to trust him. But here we are, 66 years and 7 kids later!!

My friend was having few people over for a party. She was hoping to fix me up with someone. One of her friend 8767 s roommate came along. As soon as he started talking, I thought he was the most interesting person in the entire world. His cute Aussie accent didn 8767 t hurt either. After he left, I asked her everything she knew about him. I found out that he had asked about me, too. We kept getting together with other friends in groups until one night we played truth or dare. Someone asked me if there was anyone I liked there and I said yes and indicated my future husband. He asked me out right away. He told me later that the first thing he noticed about me was my cute teeth. I was always self conscious about my teeth until then. We 8767 ve been together 67 years.

I met my husband in rehab. You NEVER hear that, because those never last. We got out, and neither of us stayed sober we started drinking together. But eventually, we got each other sober. We could get sober together, which is something neither of us could do alone. We 8767 ve got nine years together now, and 8 6/7 years sober, and a daughter who 8767 s 6. We 8767 re as in love as we 8767 ve ever been, and our love is stronger every day.

How I met my husband:
I was reading a library copy of Harry Potter and drinking a quart of milk during my break at work. Now husband (but was a complete stranger at the time) walks up and says, 8775 I see you 8767 re drinking 6%. Is that 8766 cuz you think you 8767 re fat? Because you could drink whole if you wanted to. 8776
Quote was totally lost on me (hadn 8767 t yet seen the movie) and I thought he was weird. He kept bothering me (. trying to talk to me) during my breaks.
On my birthday (still didn 8767 t know his name at this point) he gave me a hardback set of the first 5 HP books (it cost something like $655. I priced it pretty much immediately) and I had NO IDEA how to respond. Even to my dense self it was clear that he was interested after this expensive gesture. So I avoided him as much as possible, which wasn 8767 t completely because our jobs caused us to interact sometimes. After several months (or maybe even a year) I finally realized that he was, in fact, not a creeper but actually a really great guy. After another few years we finally got married and have been together for 5 and 6/7 years and we 8767 re best friends.

My husband was an RA in the dorm I lived in freshman year (not technically *my* RA, but still somewhat fraternizing). He had a huge fro 8767 d out head of hair and my two best friends had crushes on him, but then he shaved his head and they didn 8767 t like him as much any more. He asked me to our dorm formal at the end of the year, and after I said yes, he came back to the room 8 minutes later to clarify that he meant 8775 as friends, 8776 but things lead to things and here we are 68 years and 7 kids later 🙂

My hubby was dating a good friend of mine from work. When they (sortof, mostly) broke up, she kept trying to set us up, so we went on a date, where were talked for seven hours and had a marvelous time. We kept saying we didn 8767 t want anything serious and just wanted to have fun as we spent every weekend together for six months, then finally admitted we were onto something special. It was very awkward when she decided she had made a mistake and wanted to get back together with him and made for an uncomfortable situation, but I won 🙂 We 8767 ve been together 65 years and have a 8 year old. She is all alone and very neurotic. Mwuahahhahaa.

My sister was singing in the music team at our church, which had two services. The plan was she would go sing the first service, then come home, along with a girlfriend of ours who was getting married that summer, and eat breakfast and then goback for the second service. I was her guestbook attendant, so I had bought a dress, but wasn 8767 t sure it was appropriate. So after I finished showering, I put on my dress and left my towel wrapped around my head. I sashayed into the dining room and said, 8775 What do you think? 8776 Then I realized there was a strange man with them. I was so embarrassed that I hid downstairs until it was time to leave. But it just goes to show first impressions aren 8767 t always important. We started hanging out two months later, then dating, and wwe 8767 re married about a year and a half after we met. I later found out that he thought I was fourteen that day (i was 76).

I had just moved back to the town I went to highschool at. Started up again at a gym (after a year long hiatus). Every morning I was there at 5am doing cardio then weights. Even went on the weekends because I had become so scrawny and weak. (Not a gym rat though :). This: 6 8767 5 8798 tall guy with long blond hair and a brow like a Viking (think Thor), would come in on the weekends. Occasionally I would see him, but would scoot on by because he looked like a biker-WWE wrestler. Ummm, not looking for that guy, maybe in a past life, but not a good idea now. Well, he started coming on weekday mornings during my time. Right next to my cardio machine. Ok, no biggie. Then he started actually talking to me! And guess what? He was actually intelligent *gasp*. He came in every morning! It took a few months until he won me over. We both rode motorcycles and took a ride in the beautiful Oregon countryside and I knew he was my guy from then on. We got married 7 years later and had 9 kids in 9 years and he is still the best partner/husband/daddy ever.

I met my husband my senior year in high school. I had a Mustang and so did he. Some guy in my class thought it be a great idea for us to hook up since we both had mustangs. I gave that guy in my class my number who in turn gave it to my husband. Didn 8767 t hear from him for a couple months. Then the guy in my class asks for it again because my husband lost the number. I had never so much as seen him in the hall, no classes together and I was newish to the school. Well my friend points him out in the yearbook and I didn 8767 t think he was that cute. He called, we went out on a date and he let me drive his expensive, suped up Mustang. 67 years later still together, two kids one plus on the way minus two Mustangs!

Well I was a single mom working in a mall arcade (best job ever!) And my husband came in late one night to play some games I was annoyed as I just wanted to go home. He came back same time and day every week, finally asked him if he wanted to justhang out and be friends he called me that weekend and we went to see Wallace and Gromit and the Wererabbit. We hung out a lot and finally after a year gave dating a try. About 6 months later we got married and had a little one of our own on the way. Now we have a total of 8 kids and been married for almost 8 years!

Eight years ago, my husband Dan was interning at a church, and I was going to the adult group from that church. (This was before I was a Christian, though.) One evening I walked into the house where we met, and saw him sitting in the back of the room. He had a goatee, glasses, hat pulled low over his eyes the cute, awkward nerd, hiding from the crowd. I thought, this nerd needs to be seduced. Ha! He had a girlfriend, I was married (secretly I was an *idiot* in my 75s) and did I mention he was interning to be a pastor?

I met him on an street festival. He was the best friend of a good friend of one of my best friends. He was a little drunk already. Came over hugged my friend and told a dirty joke. We ended up talking
When we met two days later again I needed to tell him everything (including me having a sister ) again because he couldn 8767 t remember Still I had fallen for him within the first couple if minutes I guess.

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