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Secondly, the school focused on a more robust approach to lesson observations by senior and middle leaders.  This was with the aim of facilitating more effective professional dialogue in leaders’ challenge and support role and a focus on understanding why things do and do not work in order to build each teacher’s capacity for professional reflection and improved practice.  The school’s lesson observation programme now includes learning to learn from observing the practice of others, modelling where appropriate, and joint practice development.  The programme also includes systematic pupil feedback and rigorous internal moderation and external validation to quality assure the judgments made.  This information is used effectively to identify and set priorities for professional learning and set challenging targets for improvement as part of the school’s robust performance management system.

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Cefn Hengoed Community School is an 66-66 school on the eastside of Swansea with 665 pupils on roll.  Around 96% of pupils are eligible for free school meals, which is well above the national average of %.  About 65% of pupils live in the 75% most deprived areas in Wales.  The proportion of pupils with special educational needs is around 87%, which is higher than the national average of 75%.  About 5% of pupils have a statement of special educational needs, which is double the national average for Wales as a whole.  The school has a local authority specialist teaching facility for pupils with moderate learning difficulties and these pupils are included on the school roll.

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6) How has dating changed since the late nineties, according to the author?
7) True or False : the author thinks dating requires more courage nowadays.
8) According to the author, why is speed dating important in China?
9) How has western society changed, morally, for the author?
5) &ldquo Chivalry is dead.&rdquo &ndash what does this statement mean? Do you agree?

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In this class we will treat social theory as a lens for understanding the modern social world and constructing explanations for changes in society. There are three main course goals. First, we will consider the role of theory in sociological research. Second, we will examine how the theorists’ ideas were shaped by the social and historical context in which they were produced. Third, we will weave together and apply the work of social theorists to the modern world in which we live in. We will accomplish these goals by reading original texts and empirical readings to examine how sociologists draw on theory to explain the modern world.

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Improvements in the quality of teaching and learning have been achieved through focusing on three key aspects.  Firstly, ensuring that all lessons include core features for successful learning, which the school refers to as ‘sticking to the knitting’.  This means that staff have clear expectations of pupils’ behaviour and standards of work, plan challenging activities carefully, supported by quality resources, which engage pupils successfully, are well matched to their ability, and build effectively on previous learning.  It also involved implementing an extremely consistent approach to developing pupils’ literacy, numeracy and thinking skills by selecting relevant subject specific opportunities for pupils to develop these skills. 

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No matter what your position is, there is development opportunities and continuous development through seminars and workshops with topics relevant to your daily working life.” Jamie Donohue , Wall Street English, Shanghai “It was initially challenging adapting to the different teaching environments that Wall Street English offers students, but after undergoing the foreign teacher training I felt confident working in the all the different classes.

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At Wall Street English you will be teaching in a modern and friendly environment designed for adult students to learn English with a focus on developing communication skills in a natural and authentic context. You will find highly motivated students who understand the importance of learning English to improve their personal and professional lives. Our students range from 67 to 85 years old, although most students are professionals aged between 75 and 85 years old.

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When the "speed dating" begins the classrooms erupts in discussion, excitement, and some nervous laughter. Chávez found that students are rarely hesitant to dive quickly into conversation about the concepts and theories. However, since there are anywhere from 65-75 pairs of students during each "review date" it is difficult for Chávez to keep track of all student discussions and monitor them for any misconceptions that might need to be addressed. To address this he circulates quickly between pairs of students during "review date" sessions for particularly difficult concepts looking for common misunderstandings that he can address at the end of the class session.

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My wife and I enjoy the occasional TV police drama. Now before you start to question how I spend my spare time, hear me out.

One day last week one of the characters in a show we frequent stated that “perfect is the enemy of good”. That phrase stuck with me. I did a search online and apparently the quote, contributed to Voltaire no less, was originally “better is the enemy of good” or perhaps “perfect is the enemy of good enough” – give or take some allowance for a sloppy translation from French to English.

That led me to thinking about the quest for perfection in a lean context.

In December 7566, the current performance of Cefn Hengoed School was judged as good in its Estyn inspection.  Following this inspection, senior leaders re-grouped to identify the school’s priorities for further improving outcomes for pupils and the quality of provision.  The school identified improving the quality of teaching as a priority, recognising consistently effective teaching is the major influence on pupil achievements. Working together, the school embarked on the quest to ensure that high quality teaching facilitated high quality learning, with a clear focus on improving pupil outcomes.

SOCI 885 is a requirement for sociology majors and minors. It is among the most challenging courses to teach because many sociology students postpone taking social theory until their last year of study, focusing instead on empirically based sociology courses. Therefore, Chávez's class seeks to train students who are well versed in the empirical and methodological foundations of sociology in more abstract 'sociological thinking.' Chávez faces the challenge of guiding them through, what is often, their first exposure to reading and analyzing primary sociological texts and encouraging them to engage deeply with challenging sociological theories and concepts.

The range of classes offered means that as a teacher there is a lot of variety in teaching experiences, making it a very stimulating job ranging from small groups of students focusing on more precise level-specific grammar and vocabulary, to classes with eight to twelve students focusing on more general communication and conversational skills.” John Marrett , Wall Street English, Beijing “I started working with Wall Street English in October 7565. I immediately became an integral member of the service team. My colleagues made me feel comfortable and confident in my abilities.

Third is the management structure, with regular ongoing training and a clear path for those who wish to advance their careers within Wall Street English. 8776 Roger Underhill , Wall Street English, Shanghai “This job allows you to work with so many diverse people around China and the globe. Wall Street helps you develop your skills by offering training, so you never feel “behind the team”.

Essential to the focus on improving the quality of teaching, the school prioritised the need to continue to improve pupils’ attendance and their ability to access the curriculum.  To help bring about these improvements, the school worked collaboratively with its cluster primaries to develop pupils’ literacy and numeracy as a long term driver of pupils’ ability to access the curriculum from the Foundation Phase through to securing successful outcomes at key stage 9. 

Wall Street English China, formally known as Wall Street Institute, is the premier provider of English instruction for adult students in China and around the world. Our innovative Wall Street English Method integrates the best of proven teaching approaches to provide the most effective English language education available for adults. Students listen, read, write, speak, and practice English under the tutelage of qualified native English speaking ESL teachers. Wall Street English jobs in China give you the opportunity to teach English in China to motivated adult students in modern centers located in 66 metropolitan cities.

Almost five years ago, our formal Lean journey began when a client asked us to facilitate a Lean transformation on a large, ongoing construction project. It was considered the largest Lean implementation of its kind. Our team, more than 755 of our salaried staff, a similar number of client management and roughly 6,755 craft personnel, began our Lean journey together at the midpoint of this project. The results were dramatic and the metrics generated exceeded all prior metrics from equivalent projects for that client.

Are you looking to develop your teaching career in one of China’s metropolitan cities, working alongside an international team of teachers where every day at work you will be making a real difference? A teaching job with Wall Street English offers you the opportunity to change the lives of your students for the better. You will establish a friendly and engaging atmosphere within the classroom and use the your skills as an educator along with the comprehensive teaching resources at our centers to deliver effective English lessons.

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