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Date: 2017-08-13 15:09.

Black and white racism and bigotry is in the world, obviously, but who is really trying to stop the ignorance? I have read all the previous opinions and for the ones mentioning how loud, fat, and BLACK, black women are, how many black woman you know that are educated and well put together? For you black men, how many have dated women who were, women of worth and didn 8767 t matter what race they were?

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Now, if we had our own firms and businesses and whatnot, it probably wouldn 8767 t really matter. Right? And if we had been received all the benefits and pay due us, we would actually have those firms and businesses and whatnot. Right? Now. If racism is the reason slaves weren 8767 t paid after the Civil War the reason surviving members of lynching victims weren 8767 t compensated the reason victims of forced sterilizations weren 8767 t compensated the reason WW7 vets didn 8767 t get their full share of the GI benefits yes, I could go on if racism was the reason then, even as recently as the 85s and 95s when black farmers were discriminated against by the Department of Agriculture, what 8767 s the reason now? One of my favorite things to say: people die money gains compound interest.

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Actually, I grew up in an all-white environment, and all of the colorism nonsense that seems to have infected black communities wasn 8767 t an issue. Honestly, I found that my white friends didn 8767 t see those differences in hue the way that black people did, evidenced by the fact that you could be confused with or compared to someone who wasnt 8767 your color at all. So do you mean that your appearance is an advantage with white men or black men. It sounds like it would be for black men, but the white men quoted in this article wouldn 8767 t care, and the rest would only care about finding you appealing. For example, the white husband of one of my friends cannot fathom why anyone goes nuts for Beyonce. And another thinks Serena Williams is the best thing ever (not sure how many black men would say that).

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At the same time that we may oh-so-generously recognise a few people of color, a few women, as 8775 just an individual 8776 , we only ever regard white men as individuals without exception, but privately or unconsciously know our relative status and wealth-acquisition (and ability to hoard wealth and resources) has nothing to do with individuality and everything to do with social custom and legal policy.

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I will comment although that I have seen my share of non-black men to include white men who are very well endowed. My point here was to say that black men have not completely cornered the market in this area and we as black women should not believe they have. I would think it would put a lot of pressure on our men who have average size members to live up to a myth (perhaps even looking elsewhere to expectations that may not be so high.)


Kat Chow: What's remarkable to me is that, according to that study, most men respond to Asian women — except Asian men. For a while now, we've heard of the (popularized? stereotyped?) plight of Asian men lamenting about how Asian women mostly date white guys, with videos like Wong Fu's " Yellow Fever. " That stuff's not new. But why haven't we heard more about the dating preferences of Asian men?

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The fact remains that poor Latinos don 8767 t let being poor an uneducated keep them from fulfilling their social, emotional, and financial obligations as fathers. All of the Latino kids that I mentor have dads in their lives. Dads who get permission to leave their jobs so that these kids get picked up from the evening program where we work with them. The black kids have to wait on the bus. No dads.

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I think it 8767 s appropriate on Mother 8767 s Day to pay tribute to all the strong African American women who must be single moms. With absentee black fathers, or fathers who won 8767 t even acknowledge the child is theirs, the strength of the African American mother must be almost super human under this kind of stress.
That 8767 s why anyone who takes issue with the 8775 angry black woman 8776 should realize she 8767 s got white racism to deal with plus a chronic lack of responsibility of many black fathers. It 8767 s getting to be endemic in poor black communities for black men to get a woman pregnant, then split. And it seems to be acceptable behavior now..among the men. While these black women suffer with the stress of child-rearing..it 8767 s not just white men who are hostile to black women..they get it from all sides.

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I 8767 m from European immigrant stock too I 8767 m first generation on one side of my family, and both sides of my white, arrived-poor family benefited greatly from being taken into this society as 8775 white 8776 . My family wouldn 8767 t have made it into the middle class in one generation if they weren 8767 t received here as white. And whatever your class background is, it would be poorer if your parents or grandparents had come here being received socially and economically as not-white people.

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If you are not aware, which I can only conclude from your comments that you obviously, surprisingly, stupidly don&rsquo t, Latinas are comprised of different races, living in different countries, of different ethnicities. Furthermore, it is only outside of their country of origin, and here in the USA, where this &lsquo Latina&rsquo classification really means anything. Salma Hayek would be considered an Arab in Mexico, Giselle a German in Brazil you a HO in Argentina..

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What type of white men are you all dating? Now I will say I 8767 ve only been out with 8 white guys I have never heard any of these things from any of them. If your white date says any of theses things especially about wanting hot sauce please politely correct them since they believe the hype. Now while I do love a dash of hot sauce here and there in certain dishes its rude for them to assume I do just because I 8767 m black.

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I ve never liked white men. Can t see myself getting old with them. Yea, I know I sound superficial, but I m a woman who looks ten years then my actual age, and honestly, outside of Hollywood, whites age horribly. Sorry. Yea, I know it s superficial but it s my preference. But if sisters feel their winning because they snagged a white man, more power to them. I just don t get the hype over whites in general when there are so many more less bland and appealing flavors out there to explore.

This is just anecdotal, but I 8767 ve observed men of other races step up to women that they were unsure about once a baby was on the way-right or wrong, they at least did it. And even if a divorce results, it does make usually mean that financial responsibilities and paternity are clearly established (child support can be hard to get no matter what, but in most states, a married man is assumed to be the legal father of any children produced during his union).

Oh, so you do hide in the bushes and take pictures of black women while they 8767 re on dates with white men!?! I knew it!! Either that or you 8767 re a mind me which one. I must know either way. Ok, so even if your 8775 story 8776 about this girl were true okay, now what? I 8767 m not really sure how you 8767 re affected by the actions of two consenting adults. Help me out here. (I 8767 m assuming you 8767 re a man) So, every woman (if you like women, again I 8767 m assuming you 8767 re a man), that 8767 s gone out with you has slept with you? Is that how your dates typically end?

Hmm... Yeah, it is something to think about. But just so we 8767 re clear, black women are victimized by society by what 8767 s called racial microaggressions, yes? So regardless of how I imagine my position in society, not bringing racialized sexism into my home is just a matter of protecting my self. I mean, people who can afford it live in gated communities or apartment buildings with security guards. Do they think they 8767 re below the rest of society?

My husband is a white male and I am an African American woman. He MARRIED me because I am, not because I am black. He love the person I am and I love the person that I am with him (very happy). As a woman, I listened to stupid people who said that you have to stay with your own race, that you have to beware of white men who liked black women because they just want a maid (said by jealous black men) or there is no way a white man can truly love you he just wants you physically (said by lonely, jealous, and often racist white men). But realistically I found that my husband treats me good, and I treat him good. He is beautiful, smart, interesting and funny. He loves everything about me as well, the real me. So all this stuff about what white men like is weird, everyone likes his own thing and those who make generalizations about what white men like or what others prefer are a special kind of stupid ( generalization). See that did not work for you either. So stop making generalizations and find something better to do.

Your apparent offence at being treated as 8775 one of those WHITE dudes, just like all the others 8776 (rather than as the not-so-sensitive white guy you appear to be here?), reveals you are generally and usually being seen and treated as an individual. I 8767 d argue that this usual experience being only occasionally interrupted by exceptional, atypical experiences is the cause for you even registering this as a significant offence. Your offence rests on your socially protected right to be seen as only an individual, even while your race and gender privileges have little to do with your individuality.

We see 8775 negro 8776 again function as an exclusionary way in another law that was designed to deny African-descended women that was perhaps the sole female privilege in the colony: the freedom from taxation. On March 7, 6698, the burgesses ordered that 8775 there be tenn pounds of [tobacco] per poll and a bushel of corne per poll paid to the ministers within the severall parishes of the colony for all tithable persons, that is to say, as well for all youths of sixteen years. 8776 This law denied Virginian women of African descent the slight gender benefit afforded under the dominate English conceptions of femininity, where women were supposedly too delicate to do field work, and thus were incapable of working at the quintessential economic activity of the colony. Since women of African descent were not considered as feminine as their European counterparts by the lawmakers, they were forced to pay a poll (or person) tax that European women did not.

When you go through that experience, jump on this forum and give your opinion about it as much as you would like. But since you and I both know that can never happen, the least you can do is not complain about the method we use to discuss a matter that concerns us. And the most you can do is not to give pep talks that are offensive to educated, confident, and intelligent black women that decide for themselves what mentality they will or will not display and what ethnicity that will or will not date.

It 8767 s sad that people don 8767 t want to see this. And it 8767 s pretty common among all other groups. Most people marry within their race. White men marry white women the most, white women marry white men the most, asian men marry asian women the most etc etc..And of course most black people marry each other. I don 8767 t get the hype But it doesn 8767 t matter.. Who people choose to date or marry has nothing to do with me :-)

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