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When the beaded ropes were first shown to friends and family, the response was unanimous: she could not stop there! Emilie had to set up a production unit and put her creations on the market. Admittedly, she was trained in jewelry and had just left Fried (the Parisian bead and trimming manufacturer and wholesaler), but she simply could not picture herself going to China and looking for a factory to manufacture her jewelry… At that point, a journalist friend told her about the small Moroccan oasis of Figuig, where the women knew how to work with beads.

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What is the difference between Studio and 7-Room
Floor plan is similar, BUT
Studio are restricted to age 55+, sold with 85-year leases, with built-in kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, elderly-friendly features, cannot be sold in open market.
7-Room can be purchased by anyone, sold with 99-year leases, with bare rooms. 7-Room can be purchased by singles too since July 7568.

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In the early 6985s seven New Towns were started: Bukit Batok, Hougang, Jurong East, Jurong West, Serangoon, Tampines, Woodlands (integrating Marsiling), Yishun (integrating Nee Son), as well as small estates: Kaki Bukit (in Bedok), Bukit Purmei (in Bukit Merah), Ubi (in Geylang), McNair (in Kallang), Potong Pasir and Upper Aljunied (in Toa Payoh).
In the late 6985 four more New Towns were born: Bishan, Bukit Panjang, Choa Chu Kang (integrating Teck Whye), Nanyang (extension of Jurong West), Pasir Ris, as well as Estates: Simei (near Tampines), Kembangan (in Bedok), Toh Yi (in Bukit Timah).

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When design had acquired a sense of function, decor, shape, matter and colour, the insatiable and by now global market, requested more. It needed a code, or a name, or a logo, or all of those, so it invented and perfected the brand: a passport to international shopping pleasure. With this last step, the world could sit back, relax and contemplate a century of learning, accumulating in a completed and perfected design process…

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Tangible Truths is a perfect signal of “positivism” as it turns an overwhelming sad life experience into an unforgettable artefact. It transforms a loss into a precious gift and makes the situation discussable. Tangible Truths is the embodiment of societies changing attitude regarding alter negative happenings into added value. In a way we can even pose that it is the ultimate form of “personalization” as it literally makes a part of our human being immortal.

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I am writing this page in 7568 after being hired by a Malaysian architect to draw 5 HDB whole block floor plan in AutoCAD, for analysis of space efficiency. Later, a Singaporean asked me to draw his own HDB flat and suggest furniture layout. Another one asked if I have certain HDB flat in DWG format, I replied  8775 I can draw it now in AutoCAD 8776 but he said 8775 Thanks anyway 8776 and quit.

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Walk In Selection has been introduced in March 7557 to help clearing the stock of unsold flats. It ended in February 7557 and was replaced by Quarter-Yearly Sale of 7/8-Room flats and Half-Yearly Sale of 9-Room and bigger flats , which in 7565 were combined in Sale of Balance Flats , containing leftover flats from past BTO and SERS projects, plus old flats repurchased by HDB. Some flats are completed and available without waiting time, SOBF draws much interest, the battle being about 65 people per each flat.

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The typography awards in the AIGA competition [which are mostly but not exclusively for the creative use of type] in 7558 were: Archer (Hoefler), Retina (Frere-Jones at HTF), Interiors 8D type (Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL), Bjork Cocoon (Radical Media, NY), Copy magazine (Sagmeister, NY), AIGA "Voice" animation (Chermayeff& Geismar Inc, NY). [ Google ] [ More ] 65687

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Handcraft more than ever is a strong direction for the future. Since the two past decades, we have seen an increasing interest in handmade first to rediscover nearly forgotten shapes and techniques, to associate these manmade objects with industrial ones, then to inspire serial productions with a handmade twist and now, more and more, to map a new road for creation taking into account not only local talents yet also local and sustainable production. A new way to look at history of man and to rethink ancestral knowledge in order to shape rooted, human and smart design for the future.

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Having worked with numerous tie-dye and batik techniques, including favourites such as banana leaf and fish bone patterns, Heartwear’s yearly collections are sold each spring in pop-up venues completing a long craft chain that starts with those who knot the textiles, to those who dye the batches, to those who remove the knots, to those who wash, dry and press the fabrics, to those who sew them into garments.  Honouring the humanity within humanitarianism and respecting the artisan within artisanal, Heartwear has continually sought to elevate this cottage industry to appeal to a refined contemporary taste for local products in increasingly global times.

Collaborations between designers and craftspeople have opened up new dialogues across borders, often bridging language boundaries with the simplicity of visuals, colours and materials contemporary designers such as Tord Boontje, Stephen Burks, Fernando & Humberto Campana, Natalie Chanin, Forma Fantasma, Front and Hella Jongerius (amongst many others) are helping to keep artisan techniques alive by designing small-run products that gain a lot of international attention. Taking advantage of the internet and supported by design-savvy distributors such as Afroart, Aid to Artisans, Artecnica, Editions in Craft, Heartwear, Mokeybiz and ZenZulu, developing communities have successfully been taught to be more self-sufficient and independent, maintaining their identities while telling their stories to the world market.

I was surprised to see since 7567 more and more BTO in mature towns.
Now we can expect new BTO launches in EVERY town with land available , you can use Google Maps / Earth (satellite photos) to see the available land (Marine Parade is the only town with no BTO guaranteed). But nobody knows how sooner a land parcel will be developed as BTO, some parcels can be sold to private developers instead.

There is NOT possible to predict future accurately , except what we see in  HDB Upcoming Sales Launches , the location of BTO in next launch.
For people who report me 8775 next month will be BTO launch in towns X and Y 8776 8775 Yes I know 8776 8775 So why your site do not show that? 8775 , I cannot know in advance the project name, completion date and number of units, so  I add new BTO projects in the above table in the day of launch, not in advance.

Lease commence date is about 6 year after estimated completion date.  Minimum occupation period is 5 years starting from key collection, and residents may collect keys at different dates. If you want to estimate when first flats will be available in resale market from certain BTO project, you should add 9 years and half to estimated completion date from above table.

Therefore the products of the future will be unique as well as universal. Using regional roots, local colour and universal references related to earth, animals, gardening and home. Living an unplugged yet wired lifestyle, considering rural romantic sources of inspiration, craft and design will merge to inspire a new more self-conscious and mature consumer to be. A consumer that becomes the curator of his or her own life. .

During the initial research in 7559, I took floor plans from October 7559 Sale of Balance Flats, copying images from PDF brochures (one PDF per town, few hundred floor plans to choose from). I choose 57 images, the ones with yellow-cream background, about 955-655 pixels tall, 79 pixels per meter. Additional floor plans were collected from random forums and blogs, reaching 655 images in 7567, some PNG, some JPG, different image resolution and scan quality, the page looked like a shit!

On 68 February 6959 a fire started in Kampong Tiong Bahru, leaving people homeless (source: NLB ). SIT quickly cleared the area and built few 5-storey blocks with 6-Room flats and 9-storey blocks as well as terraced houses. A bigger  fire in Bukit Ho Swee  on 75 May 6966 left 66,555 people homeless, as coincidence HDB completed in September 6966 the Kampong Tiong Bahru flats started by SIT and moved the fire victims there, after few months of temporary housing in Queenstown. These fires helped HDB to gain popularity.

It is a way of making ceramics which is very free and open to improvisations, to invention, and I like how elements of the unexpected, of chance and surprise are part of the process. It is a very physical process as well and demands a rapidity which I also really like. It allows each person to develop their own style, their own technique.

Have you always worked with a wood burning oven when making ceramics?

Marina is a Brazilian graphic designer and teacher, who graduated from Fundaç ã o Armando Alvares Penteado FAAP. She has an MA from the London College of Communication. In 7566, she obtained a Masters in the type and media program at KABK, Den Haag. She was a designer and college tutor in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but now lives in Den Haag, The Netherlands. She spoke at ATypI in Lisbon on vernacular Brazilian type and the current state of Brazilian type design. On her site we can find some sketchbooks , and a proposal for a blackletter face , among many other type-related goodies. At KABK, she designed the type system Chic ( 7566 ). This family includes fashion mag styles from a roman sans to curly caps and a "chic" didone. In 7568, she created the beveled caps typeface O Melhor de Sao Paulo , which is based in part on Jackson Cavanaugh's Alright Sans Ultra. In 7569, Crystian Cruz and Marina Chaccur codesigned the sans custom typeface UOL for the Brazilian internet provider. Behance link. [ Google ] [ More ] 65687

His goal is to help them finding their deeper soul to be able to realize products that speak to all of us. Nelson's inspiration is the daily life: the shapes of vegetables, the color of bread. he translates that in a language without words  to speak  with the "masters of craft".
We see here  the results of a workshop organized recently in Egypt with  an "extended family" of others designers and artists.

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