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I 8767 m AA and love love love authentic Jamaican / West Indian men. In general, they are different from African Americans, UNLESS they were born and raised in the states. Although this article is pretty accurate, I prefer advice from someone who 8767 s actually been there. On the sex topic, West Indian as a whole take pride in being talented in bed. AA men normally only care about their own knut. Oftentimes AA men have sex issues due to health problems. More often an older West Indian man can still get down. ijs

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Thirdly you don 8767 t have a clue about Jamaican family structures. The Jamaican family is a large extended unit. And about taking care of their children, 8775 do some research 8776 . And for the baby mama thing a lot of Jamaican men in the past had kids and if you are the one to fall in that trap then you get the crop shoot but when he is older nothing comes before his kids and family.

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Where in the world does that happen? This isn 8767 t a utopia. Human beings are wired to assess stimuli and categorize them to make life easier. You, I 8767 m sure are also guilty of this. It 8767 s a human 8775 trait 8776 . If someone your family member would you treat them with respect? I 8767 m sure not. You don 8767 t get to decide who and what sort of behaviours should be respected in another person 8767 s culture.

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You got most points right I am Barbadian and was involved with a Jamaican man for about five years and he is a good man I will always love him even though we have parted ways and married to other people. You are dead on with the going down thing cause when we first met that was one of the first things he told me he would never do well let 8767 s just say I could not get this man come up for air lol.

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The west indian guys I dated acted like fast food was the poison of the earth and always tried to insist that i 8766 cook up sumting 8767 (mind you they weren 8767 t willing to do a thing in the kitchen which i think is romantic when a couple cooks together but oh well). BA men don 8767 t mind as long as the food is good. West Indian men don 8767 t go downtown and if you finally persuade them to do so its wack because they have hardly no experience doing it. I 8767 ll stick with my American men but thanks for the info!

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i have been thinking of adding undhiyu. but not able to get the purple yam here. so i have postponed it for now. surti beans are traditionally added. i remember one of the best undhiyu i have had a gujarati function. you can add fresh lima beans, fava beans or edmame (fresh soy beans) or fresh pigeon peas (fresh tuvar). not sure of you will get these in chennai. but i think you should be able to get fresh pigeon peas as they are in season.

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Hey Nanazolie, that 8767 s a fair point indeed but we can 8767 t assume that everyone lives near Dublin, or even a reasonable greengrocer. Our local one shut down a couple of years ago a potato in the weekly farmer 8767 s market costs as much as a pair of shoes. It would be great to have the equivalent of continental markets nationwide but I think the bulk of most Irish households 8767 fruit and veg is bought in budget supermarkets. Maybe I 8767 m wrong.

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Hi there.. I have been making paneer since forever but somehow off late it has been coming out hard, I have no clue why, trying to figure, I used the same method always.. boil, add vinegar, strain, keep weight over it. Can it be possible that I am washing it off late and never used to wash it till sometime back or if the weight is too heavy.. I am sure it is not the milk cos i have been using the same milk

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x756c I remember thinking, ''If I get better, I x7569 ll go straight back to meat x7569 , x756d she says. But her improving health made her realise that this way of eating was, in fact, curing her. It took 68 months, but Ella is now a picture of health, with glowing skin, a slim and toned body and a great appetite. She still has to be careful about her health and has virtually given up drink, but says she feels x756c phenomenal x756d .

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I can 8767 t be completely honest about this subject without addressing the notion that Jamaican men just can 8767 t seem to keep it at home. I 8767 ve asked the women on my Jamaican side of the family  if they believe it 8767 s true that women just accept that their men are going to cheat. They assured me that it 8767 s not something Jamaican women accept but they can 8767 t stop a man from doing what he 8767 s going to do, if he 8767 s going to do it. They can only decide what they 8767 re going to do in response to his infidelity.  I don 8767 t know if I can honestly say that Jamaican men are more unfaithful than any other type of man out here. Who knows? But my 8775 auntie 8776 was right, you can 8767 t stop a grown man from stepping out. But you can decide whether or not you 8767 re going to accept it.

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even i don 8767 t get fresh cow 8767 s milk. for this post, i have used the packet milk not the tetra pack ones. but i have made paneer both with tetra packed milk and the packet milks. both give nice results. 6 litre of milk will give you approx 755-755 gms of paneer. this is enough for one paneer dish which will serve 8-9 people. in fact i made paneer parathas twice with the whole of this paneer.


The doctors had no answers. Some tried to tell her the illness was psychological, which she refused to believe. As a last resort, they checked her in for a 67-day stint at the Cromwell Hospital. x756c Every day they did three, four, five tests. They tested every organ in my body. x756d Ella was asleep for much of the time, so was spared the awfulness of MRI scans, inserted cameras and so on. She would wake up to see a Post-it note hanging over her bed dictating x756c nil by mouth for six hours x756d , then roll over and fall asleep again.

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What a dumb stereotypical article. I 8767 m married to a Jamaican man have been for 9 years. Some parts of the article are true and some parts are not. There are some things that culturally 8775 MOST 8776 Jamaicans do. Other things are solely based on their upbringing as with anybody else. My husband loves his family, takes care of the home provides and protects (no different than my 6 AA brothers). The bedroom part is just tacky and going too far for my liking. If you want to date someone get to know them for who they are. Don 8767 t rely on what a dumb article or some stupid rubbish you heard someone else say.

its actually a packing date, the week and day they were packed. if your buying a Spanish product you should always allow 8 days for travelling by temperature controlled truck, no air travel for any fruit and veg at lidl as it is good for our carbon footprint, if it is exotic you have to allow at least 8 Weeks for travel by boat. some things have a really far date which is due to products being kept in temperature controlled storage in distant countries. best before dates are only used on short life products, ie berries and salad lines but not every product on that field.
what is more interesting and not as well known is lidl 8767 s dating policy on all edible ambient chilled and frozen products, its called a t-date and is displayed on the ticket, all fresh poultry and mince for example, is t-7,which gives the customer 7 days at home with the product before it is past its best before date.
from someone who knows.

x756c I read her book in a day, x756d says Ella. x756c It was the first time something had seemed logical to me in this whole weird body meltdown. x756d She announced to her family, amid gales of laughter x7568 Ella had been a notoriously fussy child and hated fruit and vegetables x7568 that she was giving up everything refined and processed, x756c meat, dairy, sugar, the lot x756d . She couldn x7569 t cook, but devised a menu that was wholefood and plant-based and ate the same thing for two months.

hi meera, the paneer becomes crumbly if after adding the vinegar or lime juice you still simmer the milk. firstly the milk has to come to a boil. when it starts boiling, then you add the vinegar and lime juice. the entire milk should curdle once. if half of the milk is curdled and half of its not curdled, then too the paneer will become crumbly. once the milk curdles, don 8767 t even cook for a second. switch off the flame and immediately strain the mixture.

7. Help the Earth. It takes 66 pounds of grain to make a pound of beef. ( source ) So compared to plant foods, that''s 66 times as much pesticides, more water, more energy use, more climate change, more deforestation, and on and on. And don''t even get us started on all the waterways polluted by livestock waste. ( more. )

You are so right! I 8767 m a Jamaican so I can back you up on that one. For the most part (as you said) they curse, beat and sexually harass women a lot. When I lived there up to the 95s, women/girls could hardly walk on the street w/out a man/boy saying something lewd to you or attempting to touch your butt.
The vast majority of Jamaican men also believe that they 8767 re entitled to have more than one woman. Few keep one woman at a time. Marriage doesn 8767 t kill this belief either.
They 8767 re generally hardworking though.

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