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Two organizations at the forefront of online higher education efforts in Virginia are the Electronic Campus of Virginia (ECVA) and Virginia’s Community Colleges (VCCS). ECVA is essentially an alliance of 65 public and private institutions in the state that focuses on sharing online education strategies in the hopes of bolstering each school’s offerings. The schools themselves are some of Virginia’s most premier, including UVA, VT, GMU, JMU and William and Mary. The ECVA also serves as a launching point for what it calls “cross-institutional initiatives,” which are essentially opportunities for students to pursue courses and programs remotely at other schools that fall under the ECVA banner. These efforts make it one of the nation’s stand out school-to-school organizations.

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presentation/sales presentation - the process by which a sales person explains the product or service to the prospect (to a single contact or a group), ideally including the product's features, advantages and benefits, especially those which are relevant to the prospect. Presentations can be verbal only, but more usually involve the use of visuals, commonly bullet-point text slides and images on a computer display or projected onto a screen. Can incorporate a video and/or physical demonstration of the product(s). See the presentation training section.


The final point referring to a buying organisation's decision-making team provides a clue as to the weaknesses of these traditional supplier-orientated selling methods. Decision-making within organisations, particularly large ones, is a highly complex process. Often the organisation, and certainly the buyer, does not understand it, let alone be able or willing to explain it to an outsider.

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The sales person must avoid a situation developing where he is reliant upon someone in the prospect's organization having to 'sell' the proposition to a decision-maker on the sales person's behalf. This is because it rarely succeeds, not least due to the 'not-invented-here' reaction of higher ranking people in the prospect organization.

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The NRS social grade definitions have been in use for decades, mainly for audience profiling and targeting by the media, publishing and advertising sectors, and have become established as a generic reference series for classifying and describing social classes, especially for consumer targeting and consumer market research.

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George Mason University, Virginia’s largest public research institution, is located in the Fairfax County suburbs of the District of Columbia. The school is well-known for its business, computer science, creative writing, economics, and law programs. George Mason is home to two recent winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics. Online students can pursue more than 55 fully online and hybrid programs , with hybrid programs consisting of at least 56 percent online learning. Certificate and degree programs are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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The product offer above is described so that the prospect type in question identifies with it, and can immediately match it to his own situation. The WebTVs relevant benefits - ie., you save space and you don't need to spend time understanding the technicalities - have been translated to match exactly why we believe that the prospect might be motivated to consider buying it. The 'important educational' reference is an example of developing the UPB further, ie., that your children's education will be improved. The trade-off is that more words reduces impact and attention only by using the UPB in various forms can we see what works best.

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A carefully thought-through UPB (unique perceived benefit) forms the basis of the appointment approach. If it strikes the right chord the appointment will be granted. A good introductory letter may win an appointment without the need even to speak to the decision-maker. Imagine what happens: the letter is received by the pa. If it looks interesting and credible and worthy, the pa will show it to the boss. If the boss is interested, and in the event that the pa keeps the boss's diary (as is often the case), the boss often instructs the pa to make an appointment when the phone call from the sales person is received.

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Calling early or late in the day, or at lunchtimes, often enables the sales person to circumvent the pa, but generally it's best to work with secretaries and pa's they are usually extremely capable and knowledgeable people. They can be immensely helpful, so it's best to work with them and certainly not to alienate them.

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Encyclopedia of Life A long-term project seeking to create a web page for every species.
Tree of Life Web Project Another project to catalog every species.
Smithsonian Institution: North American Mammals A searchable database of living mammals.
DNA from the Beginning Organized around key concepts, the site explains science behind each concept by animation, image gallery, video interviews, problem, biographies, and links.
Human Genome Explore the human genome and the impact of genes on health and society.
Cells Alive Film and computer-enhanced images of living cells.
Stem Cells in the Spotlight Information on stem cells from the University of Utah.

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In 'needs-creation' selling, the sales-person seeks to identify and then 'enlarge' a particular need, problem, challenge or issue that a potential customer faces. Obviously the sales-person would must have a reasonable confidence that the supplier organisation is able to offer a suitably matched remedy or solution (product and/or service proposition) once the 'need', with all of its attached considerable and negative strategic and financial implications, are firmly established in the buyer's mind.

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sales forecasts - also called sales projections, these are the predictions that sales people and sales managers are required to make about future business levels, necessary for their own organisation to plan and budget everything from stock levels, production, staffing levels, to advertising and promotion, financial performance and market strategies.

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Paul Myers is a BBC Internet research specialist. He also runs The Internet Research Clinic , a website dedicated to directing journalists to the best research links, apps, and resources. At the BBC Academy , he runs training courses that include online investigation, data journalism, social media, statistics, and web design. Paul has also helped train personnel from The Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, the Times, Channel 9, CNN, the World Bank and the UNDP.

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. Cartographic Section Hundreds of maps (most are PDF files).
Maps & Geography and MapMaker Interactive Maps from National Geographic magazine.
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection Extensive collection of maps from the University of Texas at Austin.
Map Collections: 6555-present From Library of Congress.
David Rumsey Map Collection Historical maps, mainly of 69th and 75th century.
National Atlas . maps to find and create.
Wikimedia Commons Atlas of the World An organized collection of geographical, political and historical maps, including an index.
Historical Atlas of Europe Historical maps from about 6555 to the present.
All The Worlds Maps A compilation of each nation's maps (including cities). From .
HRW: World Maps Maps of continents, countries, and the world.
Outline Maps Outline maps of all areas of the world. Useful for the classroom.

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Get yourself onto the mailing lists of the sales training organisations. Business and training exhibitions and magazines are very useful for identifying relevant providers and for adding your name to their mailing lists. Look out for free seminars which they use to promote their courses. Attending business and training exhibitions is a good way to meet people in the sales community, to observe sales people a work, and to add your name to their mailing lists.

"Recently in a menswear shop I was approached by four separate salespeople who each asked if they could help me. I replied 'No thank you, just looking,' each time. When I worked in retail, I used to approach new customers and would start telling them where things were, or what things were. 'Hello there, men's trousers are through to the left, shirts are straight ahead, suits are next to the shoes, over there. Is it anything in particular you are looking for?' This nearly always caused customers to tell me what they were seeking and allowed me to help them." (R Hepburn - 67 Jun 7559)

Buyers rarely explain everything to a sales-person during a consultative meeting, however good the sales-person is. This is not a criticism of buyers - simply an acknowledgement of the extremely complex nature of organisational decision-making. As such, consultative selling and 'needs-creation' selling, howsoever packaged, don't always provide a reliable selling framework for the modern age.

The use of serious-sounding language is important also in presenting the reason for wanting the appointment. The pa will generally try to divert the sales person's approach to a less senior member of staff. By orientating the reason to fit into the contact's responsibility, there is less chance of the approach being diverted. So it's important to tailor the approach to fit with the level of, and functional responsibility of the person being approached for the appointment.

Moreover the few customers who recognise the product benefit by its features and advantages will also recognise all the competitors' products too, which will cause all the sales people selling features and advantages to converge on the most astute purchasing group, leaving the most lucrative uninformed prospects largely untouched.

These days it's easier to research and plan for a sales call than it used to be, because of the wealth of information available in company brochures, websites and from the organization's own staff, notably in customer service, press relations, and from the relative openness of most organizations. Trade journals and trade associations are other useful information sources for building up a picture. Depending on the particular product or service, different people in the prospect organization will potentially be able to provide company-specific information about important matters such as contract review dates, purchasing procedures and authority, even sometimes very useful details of attitudes, politics, the styles of the key people, and their priorities.

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