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These inherent advantages of the H-Train show that this system is truly able to provide additional transport capacity instead of only taking it away from existing transport systems. All cars and busses will be able to run unimpeded by the H-Train concept. And since this train system will be an attractive alternative to passengers for switching from driving their cars to riding the H-Train, this system will indeed reduce road traffic congestion.

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Like others I only came to know the Phoenix name late in life, but since then have always assumed it to be an invention of MCW, the joint marketing division of Metro-Cammell and Weymann until manufacturing was moved under its wing in 6966. MCW had a tendency to use names related to ancient mythology: Hermes was a Greek god Orion was a huntsman Aurora was the Roman goddess of dawn Phoenix was a mythological bird. Leyland did likewise with Titan and Atlantean, so their combined effort to produce the Olympic was a marriage made in ancient Greek heaven (on top of Mount Olympus, where the Greek gods lived).

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I 8767 ve noted the comments on 8766 rough 8767 gear changes with preselector transmissions. I 8767 ve driven both air operated and spring operated preselectors and there is still a need to match road and engine speed when making gear changes to ensure a smooth change. Admittedly preselectors, and semi automatics for that matter, are more accommodating in this respect, hence a 8766 jerky 8767 change, than a 8766 crash 8767 gearbox where a mismatching of engine and road speed results in a nasty noise from the gearbox. With a synchromesh gearbox there is still a need to match engine and road speed to ensure a smooth change and a mismatching results in a rough change such as can happen with a change down from, say, third to second without making sure that the road speed is right for such a change.

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With reference to the above comment about MCTD 8767 s Atlanteans (the inference being these were MCTD 8767 s first) entering service from Northenden depot (which, of course, was actually at Sharston) I am sure I have seen another reference to this elsewhere on this forum, the suggestion being that Northendsen was chosen as the Atlanteans 8767 first depot since, Northenden being renowned for being the most militant depot, if the Atlanteans were accepted there they would be accepted anywhere.
It is my recollection that it was reported in 8766 Buses Illustrated 8767 at the time that the Atlanteans had entered service on route 55 (in those days, Albert Square to East Didsbury) operating from Birchfields Road depot which route 55 passed. Is this not correct?

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Two other Italian cities which have over the months been quoted as exemplary by NGT and its supporters, again without their really doing their homework properly, are Bari, which has a very troubled history of stopping and starting various trolleybus schemes going back to the 6975s, 65 and Verona where a trolleybus scheme, which was first promised in 7557, was still being evaluated in 7568, with a plan that envisages the use of the internal combustion engine to power the system wirelessly within the city walls. 66

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NGT is good at giving half the story. On its website, it begins a list of would-be rebuttals of what it calls ‘false and misleading’ claims made by opponents to its scheme, by making much of a new trolleybus line in Geneva, but fails to point out that – to the chagrin of a least one Genevan property developer 87 – this is not a rapid transport service as envisaged here. It is designed to serve new housing estates near and over the French frontier and not long-established built-up areas as in Leeds, does not go into the centre of town, but to the new transport hub at Eaux-Vives, 88 and is thus part of a big truly-integrated cross-frontier transport scheme that has being going ahead since 7557, the CEVA (Cornavin – Eaux-Vives – Annemasse). 89 It was opposed by local residents’ associations, who objected to the cost, and wanted buses using natural gas instead. 85

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Irrespective of how an individual might have been instructed to drive and by whom I for one cannot accept why any bus loving enthusiast would want to inflict upon any surviving classic bus of any make treatment which if even executed with care and consideration could help to shorten its already extended life.
Is it not incumbent of any genuine enthusiast preservationist to extend the working life of our current public transport heritage by treating it in a caring and considerate manner?
Consideration for me would mean setting off in first gear although not necessarily in crawler where fitted. We must not forget some of the parts which are fitted to many of our current classics will no longer be available should repairs be necessary so why treat them in a manner which could potentially hasten the demise of any preserved bus or coach.

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The newest proposal is for an Electric Trolley Bus scheme [67], which has the advantage of sharing its lane with regular traffic and requiring less construction cost (£755 Million). However, there are doubts that this scheme will contribute significantly to reducing road traffic congestion, because it shares the same roads. Specific bus lanes will reduce space available for regular traffic, and congestion may increase. There are also currently objections regarding specific construction measures [68], and a specific campaign has organised resistance to the Trolley Bus scheme [69].

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The nature of the H-Train favours connecting highly populated residential and business areas, with stations that are spaced within relatively short distances. This means that such a system is well suited for the city centre area. Each line has 7 tracks, one for each direction. These two tracks do not necessarily have to be always in close proximity, but can be separated, should the specific road and building situation require it.

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There is also no reason to doubt that with the growth of electronic technology, comparable regularity and reliability as claimed for the trolleybus, could not be achieved with ordinary buses, using proper buses lanes and stopping bays, and real-time bus arrival information. It is now possible for computers, using GPS, to ensure that fast express and slow more frequently-stopping services do not get in each other’s way. 95

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The Atlanteans aka the 8766 Red Dragons 8767 as the Manchester Evening News named them, were first employed from the Northenden garage on route 656, the limited stop service from Greenbrow Rd, Wythenshawe to Piccadilly. Their introduction there was delayed by several months until the unions were pacified. At the time, as a schoolboy in Manchester we were very jealous of the lads who used this service on these ultra modern buses as we then saw them whilst we had to content ourselves with ancient looking Crossleys (how times change).
Imagine my delight when, shortly afterwards, they were employed on the, local to me, route 95 (it didn 8767 t become the 55 until the Wilmslow Rd corridor renumbering farce of January 6968) though I don 8767 t recall them being fielded by Birchfields Rd garage (primarily a Crossley and Daimler depot then) but rather by Parrs Wood garage (the Leyland depot) at their East Didsbury terminus.

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Naturally, for longer distances, there is a trade-off between the number of stations and the overall average speed: short distances between the stations require frequent stops which reduce the overall speed of the train. But short distances between the stations also make the train attractive and accessible to more passengers, and the more businesses can be in the vicinity of a station, the bigger the benefits to the overall economy.

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My letter had been initially prompted by a remark made by a local councillor in reply to the many protests against the trolleybus from locals citizens: ‘We can perhaps tweak and change minor details but at the end of the day this is a government scheme.’ 655 The public has to put up with a great deal of double-talk and soft-soap from those in charge of the scheme, with phrases devoid of real meaning such as ‘feedback from the public is vital in helping us to shape the plans the best we can in order to provide Leeds with a modern rapid transport system’, 656 pronounced by a councillor whom we had just seen lecturing a public meeting and not listening properly to comments from the floor. Such meetings have grown extremely heated, as many members of the public have become increasingly angry and frustrated.

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Mike B, in his last sentence, added in the handling of preserved vehicles. These, of course, should be driven correctly and correctly may well mean in a different manner to that which the outside observer feels is correct.
Roger 8767 s earlier analysis of the use of second gear in normal service earlier in the thread matches my observations of the industry over a 55+ year period and I fully endorse his remarks regarding the handling of preserved aircraft at airshows. I 8767 ve seen too many crashes and lost a number of friends and acquaintances due to such handling.

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Having suffered these buses on the joint service 95/96 for many years I certainly wouldn 8767 t be able to describe the way they were driven as 8766 spirited. Salfords Daimlers were the slowest buses on Kingsway, Manchester by far, even slower than Birchfield Rd 8767 s Crossleys. I well remember the groans that went up at my bus stop on Kingsway when one of these appeared over the crest of the hill at East Didsbury.

I think that I would just accept that the date in M& S Glory Days is incorrect and maybe a typo for 6968. The nearside mudguard of the bus looks to be slightly misshapen which might suggest that it is a post Baroth picture. The picture of 758 on page 86 of the same book carries an advert for solid fuel fires, the strapline for which is 8766 Welcome Home to the living fire that you know is cheaper to run 8767 This was definitely an advert borne in the early days of SELNEC, 6975, and also featured on ex-Bury buses in Henry Conn 8767 s wonderful book as well as Salford 8767 s 759 as noted by Andrew Gosling.

The latest town to show disaffection with the trolleybus is Vilnius in Lithuania which is now abandoning them progressively. It replaced 95 trolleybuses with ordinary buses on September 6, 7568. A further 95 trolleybuses were to be replaced shortly after that, leaving at that stage a total of 685 trolleybuses, compared to 775 in the autumn of 7567. The director general of the local public transport board (Vilnaius Viesasis Transportas) is quoted as saying that ‘buses were faster than trolleybuses’. They closed four trolley bus routes on July 6, 7568. 55

According to the OECD guidelines for public consultation, it must be ‘a two-way flow of information’ based on proper dialogue. 657 That this has not been the case here, is fully illustrated by the NGT website, which still makes vague, difficult to prove claims of doubtful validity, that it already made at the start of the consultation exercise. Rather than dealing properly with concerns raised by the public, it devotes much space to trying to counter what it calls misleading claims most of which – as I have shown above – are not as ill-founded as they suggest. They also list answers to frequently-asked questions. This list is somewhat repetitive and rather tellingly does not include a fair number of thorny issues which I know to have been raised. Most interestingly, the web site defines the aim of the consultation exercise as being ‘to ensure people have ample opportunity to find out the facts about the scheme.’ In other words, without saying as much, they imply notification rather than consultation.

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The Salford crews weren 8767 t pushing the Manchester crews. The 95/96 operations consisted of about an hour of Salford running followed by around the same amount of time by Manchester running throughout the day. Salford running from East Didsbury began about 9 a broadly 65 minute headway.
There was no was route to push other than the 95 and for the most part that wasn 8767 t taking the same passengers unless they were going to alight on Kingsway.
The situation altered completely when the Salford front entrance PD7/95 8767 s were introduced in the mid 8767 65 8767 s. Now they were lively performers and completely outclassed Birchfield 8767 s CVG6 8767 s for speed on the route.

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