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Don&rsquo t: just use any lubricant.
Since you&rsquo re working with an outside material and not skin, you want to make sure that the lubricant you use to get the sex toy ready is compatible and safe. &ldquo Silicone-based lubes are fine on toys made of hard materials, like hard plastic, aluminum, ceramic, steel, granite, wood, marble, etc. However, it is important to keep silicone lubes away from sex toys that are made of or contain silicone (which is most higher-end vibrators and insertable sex toys),&rdquo Singer notes. &ldquo If you use silicone lube on silicone toys, the lube will start to solidify onto the toy, and the toy will start to melt into the lube, leaving you with a toy that has a melted cheese-like consistency on the outside. The solution here is to always use water-based lubricants, which will not chemically interact with your new $675 silicone-based sex toy and risk injuring your partner&rsquo s delicate areas.&rdquo

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Many children show a pattern we call “sensory craving,” where they’re running around the house trying to get more sensation into their system, whether it’s staring at fans, or bumping into things or touching everything or just shifting from one toy to another in a seemingly aimless way, or just spinning around and jumping around or shaking their arms and legs in seemingly disjointed ways. These all look like terrible symptoms and they scare parents and they scare some professionals as well, understandably so. But they’re often signs of sensory craving—a child wants more sensory input, but doesn’t know how to do it in an organized social way.

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&ldquo The head of the penis is the head of the clitoris, the shaft of the penis is the legs of the clitoris. When stimulating the clitoris orally, or using hands, sex toys and even rubbing against the body during intercourse, the head of the clitoris is very sensitive. It is even more sensitive than the head of the penis and has many more nerve endings,&rdquo Michael explains. &ldquo If a man can think about just having the head of his penis rubbed over and over again and ignoring the shaft, that can get very irritating. This is what happens to a woman when the head of her clitoris is rubbed over and over again: it gets irritated and can lead to her not having an orgasm.&rdquo

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Without knowing this single piece of truth about what turns her on , it will be near impossible to help her achieve the incredible orgasm that she not only craves, but that you desire to give her. If you&rsquo ve failed at figuring it out in the past, don&rsquo t worry bro. Luckily for you, we&rsquo ve talked to sexual experts who have researched the clitoris extensively and can instruct you in critical detail on how to become a master of it.

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In other words, without know what you&rsquo re doing, you won&rsquo t actually give her the pleasure she needs. The clitoris is basically responsible for a woman&rsquo s ability to reach climax when she&rsquo s having sex with you. &ldquo The clitoris is what triggers more than 75% of orgasms in women,&rdquo she says. &ldquo That means that only a very small percentage of women reliably experience non-clitoral stimulation orgasms during intercourse.&rdquo

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Do: use long, controlled strokes.
Instead of flicking your tongue or getting really excited and moving quickly, most women respond to getting turned on by taking it slow and being meaningful and thoughtful with your movements, even if they&rsquo re just with your tongue. &ldquo When you&rsquo re going down on her and starting to lick the clitoris directly after getting her turned on beforehand! practice using your tongue to do long strokes against it,&rdquo Michael says. &ldquo This will help you not to overstimulate the clitoris, but get her excited slow and steady.&rdquo

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While it&rsquo s true that some women might not have experience with clitoral stimulation, it&rsquo s also true that the vast majority of women would want to give it a shot. In fact, when it comes to female masturbation , most women will either only stimulate their clit or stimulate it while they use a vibrator in their vagina. In other words: the only way they can properly finish and achieve orgasm is by engaging with their clitoris in some effective way. If your girlfriend is shy, she might not be comfortable talking about what she wants, and it&rsquo s up to you to show her just how much you care about her happiness and pleasure by opening the discussion.

Coleen Singer , sexpert at , advises you to use your fingers to really locate the exact location of your partner&rsquo s clitoris. Why? While it&rsquo s generally in the same spot for nearly every woman, understanding the exact location for your girl will help you remember each and every time you go to stimulate it. Just like when you study for a test or practice at a sport, building muscle memory is a key component of becoming a high-performing expert in your field.

Parents and educators shouldn’t assume the worst when male toddlers play alone. Research shows that boys are far more likely to engage in solitary play than girls at this age. Many little boys are satisfied playing alone or quietly alongside someone else, lining up toy trains, stacking blocks, or engaging in a range of sensorimotor play activities. It is not until about age four or five that boys are involved in associative play to the same extent as girls. That’s the kind of play where there’s verbal interaction and give-and-take exchanges of toys and ideas.

Another characteristic of William’s that is evidence of mental giftedness and not autism spectrum disorder is how fluid and changeable his areas of interest could be. As he got older, William became fascinated by subjects as diverse as world geography, ancient history, the lives of rock stars (especially the Beatles), and vintage guitars. He approached his new areas of interest with the same degree of mental engrossment that he had approached his old ones, regardless of how unrelated the new ones were to the old ones. Autism spectrum disordered children tend to hold steadfast to their odd topics of interest over time and not readily substitute one for another.

When you were in high school and having sex for the first time, you might remember watching movies, sitcoms or even porn videos where a woman went crazy as her man touched her. While that definitely can happen, it&rsquo s likely not as glamorous, easy or out-of-control as you might expect. In fact, it wasn&rsquo t until 6998 that people really started talking about the anatomy of the clitoris in a big way. So while you might have these preconceived notions, don&rsquo t beat yourself up about it too much. We&rsquo re only recently being open and doing what we can to learn about this incredible organ.

Tantrums during the toddler years are, of course, commonplace. Under normal family circumstances, when a toddler’s maturation is right on schedule, parents can expect a tantrum from their three-to five-year-old once every few days. That was the conclusion of Dr. Gina Mireault’s study, cited earlier. Her research also revealed that the reason top ranked by parents as triggering a toddler’s tantrum is this: “Denial of a request/not getting his or her way.” Most tantrums are triggered by parents directly confronting kids’ assertions of autonomy or by kids’ need to have personal control over what they get to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste, and for how long. Tantrums can be exacerbated by fatigue and hunger. Toddlers have different temperaments, and this influences the frequency, intensity, and duration of tantrums. But in general, tantrums occur because a toddler is denied ice cream before dinner, for example, or is prevented from grabbing Grandma’s expensive Moorcroft pottery dish or insists on watching one more show when it’s bedtime—or any such expectable parental challenge to their need to prolong a pleasurable activity or independently exercise sensorimotor mastery.

Highly intelligent boys who happen to be introverted by temperament are probably the subpopulation of kids who are most likely to be erroneously labeled autistic. In her provocatively titled Psychology Today article “Revenge of the Introvert,” Laurie Helgoe, a self-described card-carrying introvert, captures a key personality characteristic of introverts: “[They] like to think before responding—many prefer to think out what they want to say in advance—and seek facts before expressing opinions.” Introverted, highly intelligent boys may appear vacant and nonresponsive when asked a question like “What is your favorite animal?” Yet in their minds, they may be deeply and actively processing copious amounts of information on types and defining features of animals and zeroing in on precise words to use to articulate their complex thoughts. Thirty seconds, a minute, or even more time may pass before an answer is supplied. In the meantime, the listener might wonder if the boy is deaf or completely self-absorbed.

While it might seem as elusive to you as your girlfriend&rsquo s ever-changing mood that you can never predict, the female clitoris isn&rsquo t as mysterious as you might currently believe. Unless you&rsquo ve been a really terrible sexual partner for the last few decades, you&rsquo ve probably wondered how to better please your partner and how to truly educate yourself on the anatomy of the woman or ahem, women you love or have loved. The very first step in becoming an awesome guy who rocks it in bed is learning everything (and we mean absolutely everything) you can about stimulating her clitoris.

As the tower grows taller, it also gets wider. The weight of the structure is supported by a wider cross-section at the base, allowing the ants to smartly distribute their weight. Each ant can withstand about 755 times its body weight without injury, according to the researchers, and they’re most comfortable supporting three ants on their backs. Any more than that and they give up, breaking their holds and scuttling away.

One of the drawbacks to early screening and detection of high-functioning autism is that small children’s cognitive development isn’t sufficiently mature enough to judge what their sense of humor is like. Often it is a sense of humor that separates true cases of mild autism from mental giftedness. Mildly autistic kids often don’t really comprehend irony, sarcasm, and absurdity. Mentally gifted kids, on the other hand, often thrive on irony, sarcasm, and absurdity. This distinction was brought home to me recently in an interaction with an intellectual eleven-year-old boy named Michael. His lengthy, detailed discourses on planets and the solar system made his parents wonder whether he might have Asperger’s syndrome. One day, after meeting with his mother briefly for a check-in, I went out to the waiting room and warmly greeted Michael: “Speak of the devil, we were just talking about you.” Michael came back to the office and, as he picked up a rubber sword to engage me, jokingly warned, “I am the devil, and you will get burned.” I knew right then and there that Asperger’s was completely out of the question.

Simon Baron-Cohen, the Cambridge University professor who popularized the extreme-male-brain theory of autism, would say that boys’ speech is more egoistic because, overall, boys tend to be less empathic than girls. He backs this up with abundant scientific evidence. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to figure out what they might be feeling comes more naturally to girls. Girls are simply more inclined to read a person’s facial expressions in order to make sure that they are coming across sensitively. Faces tend to be sources of social feedback for girls in ways that they are not for boys. Dr. Baron-Cohen’s research team has discovered that even at birth, female infants will look longer at faces than male infants and prolong mutual eye gazing.

In addition to practice, communication, being mindful of the habits and the needs of your partner and overall, adopting a sense of curiosity and determination with her pleasure, your best bet to truly nail the clitoris? Focusing on education, instead of just stimulation. The truth is that while porn will help you get turned on, blow off steam and maybe fulfill a fantasy viewing that your long-term girlfriend isn&rsquo t quite into, it&rsquo s focused almost completely on getting you to orgasm. You might think that those close-up shots of a porn star&rsquo s vagina are helping you understand how to go down on your lady or how to finger her effectively, but instead, it&rsquo s likely just a turn on tool. In addition to your porn habit, try something that might take your sex life up a notch: OMGYES.

Do: invest in something quality.
There&rsquo s a time and place for saving money, but then there is definitely room to splurge for your sex life. Singer notes the big thing to look for is making sure your toy is phthalates-free to ensure safety and sexual health. &ldquo The sex toy industry has come a long way in recent years with bringing safe and versatile vibrators to market, often including a wide variety of settings to explore which work best for her,&rdquo Singer says. &ldquo The . EPA has designated phthalates as &lsquo possible human carcinogens,&rsquo and they have also been linked to neurological and reproductive issues. When buying sex toys, it is best to either go to a local sex toy shop and speak with one of the employees for suggestions, or shop online with a reputable retailer like Adam and Eve, Gamelink or Lovehoney. These sites carefully choose their inventory with quality and safety as their foremost priority, with the added bonus of having consumer reviews on most products they carry.&rdquo

It’s still preliminary, but Tovey speculates that this behavior may be translatable to tiny, self-organizing robots. “Very little is known so far about how to get a fleet of robots to cluster together into a three-dimensional structure,” he said. “In search-and-rescue applications and in exploration applications, this can be necessary. If a fleet of robots in a collapsed building needs to travel upwards, they might have to form a tower if the surface is too steep for them to climb individually. Similarly, robots exploring irregular terrain may need to cluster three-dimensionally to traverse obstacles. This study shows that very simple rules of individual movement can produce a useful structure.”

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