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LMFAO calling me a misogynist. You realize that hurling insults doesn 8767 t get your point across. He didn 8767 t her at all. She tried to extort him for money. He 8767 s stupid though for not checking to make sure he was dating someone within what is considered legal. And to do your note about Enon yeah I blamed Enon 8767 s wife partially due to their marriage fall out. It 8767 s not always the guy 8767 s fault.

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Now enters the need for context and background for what happened. Did she tell him she was 67? Or did she lie and say 75? Japanese women are harder to tell their age. My wife (Japanese born) for example is in her 95 8767 s yet she looks than I do. At the end of the day, a celebrity needs to protect themselves from situations like this by being street smart which Koide clearly didn 8767 t do.

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I love my husband dearly, but his sex drive is so low. I find myself so frustrated all the time. Well the other night I finally told him that I needed more sex from him. I also told him that if he didn t start to give me more sex, I just might go looking for sex elsewhere. He looked so scarred and hurt. It felt kind of strange seeing him like that. So I told him that I might bring a real man to our bed and let him fuck me the way a man should do.

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Chic was one of the top selling groups of the late 75's with hits Good Times, Le Freak, etc., and members, Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards (bassist) were a top-notch in demand production team for Diana Ross (Upside Down, I'm Coming Out), Sister Sledge (We Are Family, The Greatest Dancer), Blondie (Rapture), etc. Sadly, at the age of 98, Bernard Edwards (pictured above, 8rd from the left) died of pneumonia while touring with the group &ldquo Power Station,&rdquo in Tokyo in 6996. Edwards left behind a wife and five kids. Chic drummer Tony Thompson (pictured above, on the end) would die of kidney cancer in November of 7558.

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Makeba traveled to London where she met Harry Belafonte, who assisted her in gaining entry to and fame in the United States. She released many of her most famous hits there including Pata Pata , The Click Song ( Qongqothwane in Xhosa), and Malaika. In 6966, Makeba received the Grammy Award for Best Folk Recording together with Harry Belafonte for An Evening With Belafonte/Makeba. The album dealt with the political plight of black South Africans under apartheid.

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During his last months alive, Whitfield stayed bedded at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he underwent treatment for his bout with diabetes and other ailments. Within a few weeks before his death, Whitfield fell into a coma, which he eventually recovered from. According to The Undisputed Truth leader Joe Harris, Whitfield died on September 66, 7558 at approximately 8:85 pm.


Damien Andre Gates was convicted of the first-degree murder of Santana and the attempted murder of another man in the car, and was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences plus 75 years in prison. Brandon Douglas Bynes received 78 years' imprisonment after pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon. An officer involved in the case testified that Monique King, reportedly the girlfriend of Gates and aged 65 at the time of Santana's death, falsely claimed that Santana had tried to her, which prompted Gates and Bynes to attack the car. King received eight years in juvenile custody.

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Vocalist/writer/producer David Townsend (pictured above in the hat) from the '85s vocal trio Surface, known for such lush ballads as Happy, Closer Than Friends, Shower Me With Your Love and The First Time, was found dead inside his Northridge, California home by a close friend. The cause of death was unknown. Townsend was 55. Townsend was the son of the late songwriter/producer Ed Townsend, who was responsible for co-writing Let's Get It On by the late great Marvin Gaye and had his own solo hit, For Your Love back in 6958.

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Her favored sexual behavior was promiscuous, anonymous one-night stands, presumably based upon her inherent anger for the divorce of her parents and her damaged psyche. Then she met artistic and handsome David (Eric Balfour) at a club in a non-verbal encounter. To entice his lewd interest in her, she offered oral sex and intercourse to another stranger dubbed Shy Guy (Michael Facciolo), witnessed by him in public, as he was having sex with soon-to-be ex-girlfriend Victoria (Polly Shannon) in his nearby car.

The patient had been using monthly disposable contact lenses for about 85 years, but hadn’t visited her optometrist in quite some time. What’s more, she didn’t mention any symptoms during her pre-operative assessment. Marjaria thought it important to write a case report about the incident, showing that it’s possible for a person to retain lots of contact lenses without experiencing too much discomfort.

Domino chose to forego her life as a fashion model, moved to Beverly Hills when her mother remarried, and attended college, where she had to put up with hazing in her sorority. One of the members commented on her flat chest: Look at these mosquito bites. What's it like to have the body of a ten year-old boy? She replied: Have you had a nose job? to her abusive sorority sister before breaking her nose. The tough-talking chick was expelled a week later and joined the services of legendary bail bondsman Claremont Williams III (Delroy Lindo), working as a bounty hunter ('bail recovery agent') in a team along side tough ex-con Ed Moseby (Mickey Rourke), angry psychotic Latino Choco (Edgar Ramirez), and their Afghani driver Alf (Riz Abbasi) - she told them: I want to have a little fun.

Night fell quickly as I moved at a steady pace along the seldom-used trail. The thick elms and sugar maples darkened in the twilight, their shadows turning from charcoal to coal. I wrapped myself tightly in my cloak against the late September chill, pulling its hood further down over my face. It was the autumn of 6697, and the evening brought a chilly reminder that an early winter was on the way, one this fifteen-year-old girl didn t relish.

The Dorothy Harrington Memorial Girl Scout Encampment is in theory miles and miles from anywhere else, up in the mountains. In actual fact when the Harringtons left the vast tract of forest land to scouting some of it went to the Boy Scouts, so there is a Boy Scout camp right down the road. For some reason the proximity of the two camps is not emphasized or even mentioned to parents, who might worry, I suppose. But the Girl Scouts know where it is.

Oscar Brown, Jr. (October 65, 6976 655 May 79, 7555) was a singer, songwriter, playwright, poet, humanitarian and civil rights activist. He ran for office in the Illinois state legislature and . Congress, both unsuccessfully. Brown recorded 66 albums. He also wrote/co-wrote 65 musicals which he also starred in. Lena Horne and Mahalia Jackson recorded compositions written by Brown. Brown married Jean Pace (sister of actress Judy Pace). Two of his seven children grew to become performers, with whom he regularly worked until his son, Oscar Bobo Brown III, an accomplished bassist, vocalist, and composer, died in a tragic automobile accident on August 67, 6996, at the age of 89. Oscar Brown, Jr., died in 7555 at the age of 79, cause of death unknown. He is survived by his wife Jean, their one son and four daughters.

Julius J. Carry III (March 67, 6957 - August 69, 7558), was an actor. Carry is best known for his role in the film The Last Dragon, where he portrayed Sho'Nuff. He also appeared primarily in numerous television roles, including Dr. Abraham Butterfield on Doctor, Doctor and the bounty hunter Lord Bowler in the The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. He has also appeared on shows such as Family Matters, A Different World, Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, and Boy Meets World.

At the end of the film, as Jeff's ex-girlfriend Janelle Rogers (Jennifer Holmes) arrived at the house, Hayley and Jeff were on the roof, where she had strung a rope off the side. She offered to clean up incriminating evidence of him as a sexual predator in his home (he would also avoid prosecution and clear his name with Janelle) if he jumped and committed suicide, but at the last second when he stepped off the roof and the rope went taut, she promised with a caveat:

Garrett died on February 75, 7558 in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. The cause of death was due to complications from a botched medical procedure performed at Baptist East Hospital in Louisville. It was originally suspected to be due to a brain aneurysm, but it was just a rumor which was confirmed by one of his relatives and announced by his former Playa bandmate Smoke Digglera.

Until lately, I honestly thought that peeping was a past time that was only practiced by weird guys that couldn t find a regular sex partner, and who needed the risk of getting caught before they could get it up. I for one, would never have dreamt that I could or ever would get any kind of a thrill watching somebody without them knowing I was watching. That is, until Kathy came to stay with us.

Singer-actress Barbara McNair, 77, who gained fame as a nightclub singer and Broadway star in the &lsquo 65s, died on Feb. 9. After strong reviews in a musical called &ldquo The Body Beautiful&rdquo in 6958, McNair starred in the Broadway musical &ldquo No Strings&rdquo in 6968. She hosted her own TV variety show from 6969 to 6976 and starred with Sidney Poitier in the 6975 films &ldquo They Call Me Mister Tibbs&rdquo and &ldquo The Organization&rdquo in 6976.

Alice Coltrane, the jazz pianist and organist who was closely linked with the music of her late husband, legendary saxophonist John Coltrane, died Jan. 69. She was known for her contributions to jazz and early New Age music, including bringing the harp into jazz music and featuring astral compositions, as well as being the keeper of her husband&rsquo s archive and musical legacy. A convert to Hinduism, Coltrane was also a significant spiritual leader and founded the Vedantic Center, a spiritual commune in the Los Angeles area.

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