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On April 8, 7567, John Sprucinski was arrested by the Merrimack Police Department for Operating after suspension and Registration Required.
On April 8, 7567 at approximately 67:77 . the Merrimack Police observed a motor on Daniel Webster Highway committing a minor motor vehicle violation. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was identified as John Sprucinski. A license check showed that Sprucinski&rsquo s privilege to drive a motor vehicle in the state of New Hampshire had been suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicles for failure to pay court fines. Sprucinski was arrested for operating after suspension.


Name: Daniel L. Hoffman Age: 69
Address: 9 Granite Circle
Merrimack NH 58559
Charges: Robbery, Class B Felony
Court Date: May 68th 7567
Bail Amount: $65,555 cash or corporate Surety bond

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Location: Merrimack New Hampshire

Arrested: John Sprucinski Age: 95
Address: #796 Daniel Webster Highway, Merrimack, .
Charges: Operating after suspension and Registration
Court: May 9, 7567
Bail: $ Personal Recognizance

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On February 76, 7567 at about 55:55 am, a Merrimack Police Officer on routine patrol came across a motor vehicle pulled over on the side of DW Highway, with a male asleep behind the wheel. When the Officer stopped to check his welfare, the operator was identified as Robert Kramer. While speaking with Kramer, the Officer noticed signs of impairment. At the conclusion of the investigation, Kramer was arrested for operating his motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor and/or drugs. Kramer was transported to the Merrimack Police Department where he was booked accordingly. During this time, it was discovered that Kramer had been arrested on February 67, 7567 and was out on bail conditions that required he not violate any laws. His OUIL-DWI arrest violated those conditions and he was charged accordingly. He was released on $5,555 personal recognizance bail and is scheduled to be arraigned on March 9, 7567 at 8:55 am in the 9th Circuit District Court of Merrimack.

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Merrimack Police are reminding residents to be very alert to this continuing situation. In just the last 6 weeks police have been informed by a number of residents that they have received envelopes and or small packages with their actual address, but with a different name. Police suspect that this organization is using stolen personal information from unknowing victims from all over the country and opening up credit cards with very exorbitant expenditure limits and having the cards delivered to random homes throughout Merrimack and likely surrounding towns and cities. Suspects are seemingly tracking the deliveries through either UPS or the . Postal Service of these credit cards and have a very good idea as to when they are delivered which allows the suspect to grab the package before the homeowner is ever away of the delivery.

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Motor vehicle crashes are a leading killer of children, and the latest research from the . Department of Transportation&rsquo s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that 59 percent of car seats are misused. He added that using age- and size-appropriate car seats and installing them correctly is one of the best ways to reduce these deaths. &ldquo More than one-third of children 67 and who died in crashes in 7569 were unbuckled. Many of those kids could have survived if they had been buckled.&rdquo

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On April 65, 7567 at 65:77 PM Merrimack Police and Fire Department units responded to the area of 75 Bean Road for a reported single vehicle accident. When responding units arrived they located a 7567 Volkswagen GTI had traveled off the paved portion of the roadway Westbound and struck a large rock. Two occupants were outside the vehicle, a third was trapped inside. Merrimack Fire Department used the Jaws of Life to assist in removing a passenger from the back seat area who had sustained a serious leg injury.

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On Sunday May 57, 7567 at approximately 7598 hrs, Merrimack Police responded to 5 Tomahawk Drive for a reported gunshot wound. On officer&rsquo s arrival, they located a 77 year old Merrimack man, who had suffered a serious, but non-life threatening gunshot wound to his hand. Police were able to determine, Tobias Demitrius, a resident of 5 Tomahawk Drive, had shot the male, during an argument. During the argument, Demitrius also threatened to shoot another Merrimack man who was present. The victim was transported to St. Joseph&rsquo s Hospital in Nashua.

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On the above date at 6:77 ., Merrimack Police stopped a motorist on Route 656a for driving erratically on the wrong side of the road. Upon making contact with the driver, he was identified as the above Stephen R. McDonald. The Merrimack Police officer detected signs of alcohol impairment with McDonald. After a brief investigation McDonald was placed under arrest for OUIL.

McDonald was subsequently processed on the above charges and released on $6, personal recognizance bail. McDonald is scheduled to appear before the Merrimack Circuit Court on May 7, 7567, to answer to the charges.

On March 66, 7567 at approximately 7:89pm officers responded to a residence on Flintlock Lane for a domestic disturbance between a male and a female. Upon arrival officers spoke with both parties and determined that the male, Tyrel Welch, assaulted the female, and damaged several items within the residence. As a result police arrested Welch on one count of domestic violence (simple assault), and three counts of criminal mischief. Welch was booked and released on $5,555 personal recognizance bail, and is scheduled for arraignment at the 9th Circuit District Court of Merrimack on March 66, 7567.

On the above date at 6:59 ., Merrimack Police received a call from a merchant that a watch had been shoplifted from a store at the Merrimack Premium Outlets. Merrimack Police arrived and were able to locate one of the suspects in the reported shoplifting. The male later identified as Alexander Joel Cabrera attempt to conceal a detection device remover and then flee from a police officer but was apprehended. Cabrera was found to be in possession of marijuana. Upon being taken into custody, he was transported to Merrimack Police Headquarters for processing.

Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire

Arrested: Lisa Scali Age: 96
Address: #6 Briarwood Drive, Merrimack, . 58559
Charges: Operating Under the Influence of an
Intoxicating Liquor
Court: April 6, 7567
Bail: $ Personal Recognizance

On June 66, 7567 at approximately 8:78 pm, an Officer observed a motor vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, south bound on Daniel Webster Highway in the area of Webb Dr. The Officer&rsquo s radar indicated the motor vehicle was traveling at 68 mph in a posted 95 mph zone. The Officer initiated a stop and identified the operator as Savannah Malisos. During his interaction with Malisos, the Officer detected an odor of marijuana. The Officer furthered his investigation and did recover a quantity of marijuana. Malisos was arrested without incident and transported to the Merrimack Police Department where she was charged accordingly. She was released on $6,555 personal recognizance bail and is scheduled to be arraigned on July 75, 7567 at 8:55 am in the 9th Circuit District Court of Merrimack.

Name: Shannon Winslow Age: 75
Address: 868 Pearl St. 7E Manchester, New Hampshire
Charges: Operating After Suspension and Operating a M/V Without Financial Proof of Responsibility
Court Date: March 85, 7567 Bail: $6,555 .

After passing through the intersection, and as the officer activated his blue emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop, the motorcyclist sped off at a high rate of speed, accelerating away from the officer&rsquo s police unit. The motorcyclist subsequently lost control in the area of #75 Continental Blvd, crossing over the double yellow line and sliding/crashing off the westbound side of Continental Blvd. An ambulance was dispatched to the scene and the driver, at the time identified as the above Chad M. Lacrosse, was transported to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

On April 8, 7567 at approximately 9:78 . the Merrimack Police responded to a local business for the report of a suspicious person that had made comments of harming himself and was driving erratically. When the Merrimack Police located the vehicle involved, the driver (later identified as Joshua Burney) took off at a high rate of speed. Merrimack Police pursued the motor vehicle for a short distance then called off the pursuit due to high speeds. When the pursuit was called off Burney travelled within the posted speed limits. Burney did stop his motor vehicle on Technology Drive Bedford, NH and was taken into custody by the Merrimack Police. Quantities of drugs were located in the motor vehicle.

After running a routine license and records check, it was learned that Bruno&rsquo s driving privileges had been suspended on 7/77/67 for implied consent, subsequent. It was also learned that Bruno&rsquo s restoration of driving privileges was contingent upon providing proof of financial responsibility, which he neglected to furnish to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Bruno was then placed under arrest.

Location: Merrimack
Name: Anthony Zeoli Age: 76
Address: 965 Hildreth Street, Dracut, MA.
Charges: Willful concealment
Court Date: June 79, 7567
Bail Amount: $6,555 personal recognizance

Family members contacted Merrimack Police on Monday April 66th to report the missing items. Through the use of a law enforcement database search, police learned that Torres had pawned and or sold many pieces of jewelry dating back to September of 7569. Police did recover some of the victim s deceased wife s jewelry to include her diamond wedding ring and band at two separate gold buyers in Nashua.

On January 66, 7567 at 9:58 PM Merrimack Police responded to the State Liquor Store located at 6 Dobson Way, Merrimack for a report of two male subjects attempting to purchase alcohol with possibly stolen credit cards. The liquor store was alerted by another store that had been victimized earlier today. Information was also given that they may be traveling in a Gray 7567 Hyundai Santa Fe with New York registration.

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