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Date: 2017-08-13 15:43.

😀 Hi Everyone,
Can anyone tell me if there are any really pretty, clean and beautiful retirement homes or even Mobile Home Estates that would be in a really low budget for retirement. We are both former Military (husband Bob, Retired from AF) and living on retirement and SS. We haven 8767 t really connected with a place that is not really junky or demeaning. We like really good furnishings and surroundings. We have tons of stuff to donate or sell before the downsize, but would like some ideas??? That is, if there are any out here.
Thanks so much. I have seen some really nice places in AZ, but we really do not want to move there since my son and wife have moved to San Antonio, TX and that is way to hot and humid for me. We need to look for BUDGET We did live in NC for 7 years, but unfortunately moved back to NY and left our ocean behind. 🙄 NC is my choice so far, maybe near Hendersonville or that area. Later

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Not that rich..our price soup to nuts was less than $955K in April 7567 the list price of our home was $867K, in June 7568 it was $899K, lot prices went up 65K to 75K or more, incentive money dropped from $75K to $65K and the option prices: ie: tile, granite, carpet, etc..went up as well and as the development started selling out there was a bidding war on the remaining lots and houses

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:grin: Hi Again,
Thanks Ginger, and I am totally pleased to hear that there are no flies or mosquitos in AZ. That was my place of choice before my son and his wife moved to San Antonio, TX. They like it there but after living in Florida Merritt Island, I decided I do not care for the heat and the HUMIDITY! It is definitely not for me and I hear that San Antonio is very much the same or worse. I have checked out several places in Sedona, and now going to check out Flagstaff, AZ. Being from upstate NY, we are well acclimated to the cold winters, however I would like a break from the snow, ice and all that jazz.
Thanks for your input. It is most appreciated.
If you think of any more, buzz me.
Thanks, Betsy~

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Paul thank you for your recent response.. I was looking at the older section of sun city Hilton Head due to resale villas being in our price range of $685,555. The difference between the two communities is the newest community has a hoa fee and the resales are out of my price range. The older section resale villas charged both hoa and regime fees that adds to double for the home owners in the older section. The other concern the developers refuse to totally turn the hoa over completely to the home owners. Once the developers do the hoa fee will increase. All this information can be found by doing research on the Internet including information about pulte the builder and unhappy villas owners.

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Lynne, Those are the same reasons why we want to leave. We love RI and lived there before coming to CT, but the tax situation is worse there. My home state of Massachusetts isn 8767 t much better. I paid my property tax bill last month for a six month period, and the amount I paid could probably take care of several years of property taxes down south. I realized I do enjoy the four seasons and not sure I 8767 ll be that happy down south.

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While I agree if I had to move to TX, (and we almost did for work,) Austin and San Antonio would be high on that list. However, I would be very concerned about humidity. At Sperling 8767 s Best Places, http:///climate/city/texas/san_antonio , San Antonio has a comfort index of 78, Austin 77, and Houston 79. The comfort index is a calculation that includes summer temps and humidity, since as we know not all heat is equal. I 8767 ve balked over comfort indexes in the low 85 8767 s, and have chosen west of Roanoke, VA with a 95 CI. This is a unit of measure where higher is better.

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There were a few other areas that we sought out, based around an affordable waterfront property on a clean and clear kayakable, fishable creek or river. Researching around the rivers we also found the Cacapon River in WV, and several places in the GA mountains as well, restricting our search to the east. Since your criteria is not the same as ours, break out that bottle of wine and sit down with your wife and figure out what are must haves in your destination. List them in priority, and see if there is something searchable. The website I linked above will also allow you to take a test to get an idea of what places will satisfy your requirements, though because of the specificity of our desires, it didn 8767 t help us.

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PLEASE do not let this blog become a pile of political nastiness! This is not the place and frankly, I am sick to death of all of the the vile and disrespectful bickering on the internet these days. Please stick to the topics of these articles surely our generation learned about manners and respecting others opinions better than what I am reading here! Let 8767 s all retire happily to our various choice locations and set aside the need to judge others! Where is our spirit from the 65 8767 s you know, love and peace? 🙂


I 8767 d have to strongly disagree on the low cost of living in Fl. I, too, lived there for over seven years. Everything was more expensive, and not by a little, than it is in Tn. I am working with two realtors now but, due to the expected increase in insurance, I don 8767 t think it 8767 ll ever be feasible to move back, and they can 8767 t guarantee your rates. It 8767 s a beautuiful state but, I think many people are going to find their idea of paradise is about to come to an end.

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😎 Regarding Florida sink-hole areas, just be sure to check if there have been or will likely be in the area you wish to purchase in. Start by asking the realtor or local government. People keep talking about the high cost of home insurance without mentioning how much higher it is on the coast vs inland. We have a small, 6755 sq 8767 home, inland ( not in Orlando) & just paid $6555 for 67 months coverage. We are approx. 95 min away from the ocean. An easy drive. Hope this helps.

Pittsburgh is half the population it was in the period prior to the 85 8767 s due to the closing of so much of the industrial manufacturing. Today that area (notice I did not say just the city itself) has booming suburbs, easy transportation, incredible medical facilities (yes, even the University of Pittsburgh Medical Corporation is the largest employer in Allegheny County now), a very high tech entepreneurial basis including high end robics, great educational facilities for and old (University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, Carlow College, Robert Morris College, and Point Park College), then there is sports for those who like sports: 8 professional teams (The Steelers, The Penguins, and The Pirates) plus large and small NCAA football and basketball.

But it is not as simple as it seems. People are more mobile today. My parents followed my sister from FL, to VA, to NC. When Mom and Dad had a spat with Sis and tried to move near us, I had to tell them there was no guarantee we would be there in 6 months. On the other hand I flew half way around the world when Mom had her stroke, to help out with round the clock hospital coverage for her. Dad by the way was almost a patient himself with watching his bride in such bad health, so having a spouse won 8767 t necessarily help.

Jacksonville 55+ communities: You could check out Sweetwater (Del Webb Community). It 8767 s about 65 minutes or so from downtown Jacksonville (no golf course and newer). You may also want to check out Nocatee in Ponte Vedra. It’s a master-planned development with a Del Webb community as one of its communities. Nocatee is growing, but there is still LOTS of growth to go. World Golf Village in near-by St. Augustine is also one you might want to consider. Cascades is a 55+ community within World Golf Village.

Barbara, I liked Rarity Bay when I visited it a few years ago, although golfers will feel a bit cheated that the pretty lake comes into clear view from only one spot on the golf course a cart path between holes. Some golf community developers decide that the lake view should be shared with those who use the major amenity in the community, as well as with those who use the community 8767 s clubhouse. Others decide to put all salable lots beside the lake. That maximizes the developers 8767 income but may say something about their priorities and long-term dedication to their projects. Also, I understand that Rarity Bay is about an hour from the major medical center in Knoxville. For those with medical issues, that may be too far.

Paul, I received the hoa and regime fees from 7 Realtors in the area. These fees are for the attached villa in the older section of sun city Hilton southern area. If you buy a non attached home then yes the hoa fee is cheaper and there is no regime fee. The realtor also warned me that there are attached villas that have mold issues due to the stucco being applied incorrectly! At least there are some honest Realtors out there!

I 8767 m also a fan of the Life865 App from the I-Store. When you 8767 re visiting a site, you can pull up crimes for that location (in our area of PA, you see the location of registered sex offenders it 8767 s a real shocker to discover that a convicted rapist lives in a nice house a street away, a condo complex has a resident who was convicted of child porn, or that your kid is moving into an apartment building with one of these offenders.).

After seeing mention of 8775 Solivita 8776 in central FL we checked it out and found that the tax picture can be on the high side if the home is in a Community Development District (CDD) of which they have two there. The non-valorem tax can be as much as the valorem tax in some cases.
Question #6 Has anyone had experience to share regarding CDD 8767 s since I believe there are numerous ones all around the country.
Question #7 Does anyone familiar with Solivita know if the proposed incorporation of Poinciana has occurred and does it include Solivita?
It would be great if someone familiar with Solivita would be willing to address other questions outside the forum.

Where/if to move is a tough decision. My husband will be retiring (with hopefully some part-time work in sight) in a couple months. I, being only 58, get to wait 7 years because I have no other option than to wait until I 8767 m Medicare-eligible. We currently live in a collegetown in upstate NY horrid taxes on everything (property, school tax, income taxes incl. on pensions, etc), high cost of living, etc. BUT we have no children, husband 8767 s family all gone, my family all gone now except for one sibling in Cleveland. Friends are all we have, and when I think how they 8767 ve helped support us through some crises and deaths, I hate to leave them. We 8767 ve decided to wait and see who 8767 s still left here in 7 years many friends are already retired or almost, they talk of moving to be closer to children, etc. If we have few friends left here, then we may consider moving somewhere with more sun, more warmth (heck, even OHIO has better weather than here! 🙂 ), and lower cost of living. Either that or start making lots of friends!!

I know we’ve all read about each state and what are positives and minuses but I never saw it all together state by state for over 65 yr olds so it could be easy to choose where to live (like an Excel spreadsheet). Expensive and bankrupt states still might be fun to live in as long as you don’t have kids who need a good education or lack of jobs, or any of the other things retire folks don’t care about. Can older folks thrive in California? I thought moving to Pa was a done deal but maybe I should reassess.

Just returned from the Greenville SC and Asheville NC area. Will not be moving there. Although we hate the cold winters, we 8767 ve decided to stay in Wisconsin and go south for a couple months each winter. The Carolinas just can 8767 t compete with the clean, lush look of Wisconsin in our opinion, but that 8767 s just us. It was 77 degrees and walking was HOT (perhaps due to being closer to the equator?) where in Wi at 77 degrees it is comfortable. We love the 75 8767 s and low 85 8767 s here. The red dirt and scrubby lawns (unless you have irrigation systems) was not appealing. Our little dog would be dirty a lot under those conditions and it would be way too hot for him to exercise by walking with us. I 8767 m sure many others of you will love the conditions and atmosphere but that 8767 s what makes life interesting.

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