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Date: 2017-08-12 12:47.

Seriously, what you describe is the story of so many of the lives of my own peers. BTW, I must challenge your contention that your generation of the early 85s was the FIRST latchkey generation. I came of age a decade earlier and easily more than half of my peers were the products of either divorced parents or parents in which both parents worked full time. I will grant, however, that your generation probably was the first in which a clear majority of you fell into that category. Sad and sobering at the same time.

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Obviously, you shouldn’t speed up podcasts when the timing is important like meditation podcasts, music podcasts, or comedy podcasts—you can’t listen to Welcome To Nightvale at 7x speed without ruining the suspense and changing the tone of its storytelling. But for podcasts that I’m just trying to get information from, like The New York Times’ The Daily , speeding up podcasts can be more efficient.

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8775 I did nothing wrong! When I married him, my ex-husband seemed like one of the good guys. Then, out of the blue for no reason, he became a horrible, abusive monster! There was nothing I did to contribute to our marriage falling apart. There was nothing I could do to prevent it from happening. I had zero agency and zero responsibility throughout this whole ordeal that an unfair universe cruelly foisted upon me! 8776

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Mom. I 8767 m glad you 8767 re growing up. If you 8767 re not on welfare and are trying to improve your life for yourself and your kid then I applaud that. Just don 8767 t make any more kids until Mr. Right comes along and does his part in making a permanent and real family. Thatd be great. You 8767 re on the right path there. You can 8767 t blame it all on your past though. I 8767 m a woman that had a hellish childhood. Lots of beatings. Kicked out at a age. I just have applied myself to work and the fuck you attitude I 8767 m gonna be successful to those whi badly hurt me as a child. You are on the right path. Work your butt off and strive for success. And fellas you 8767 re at fault too. Female birth control is not infallible that 8767 s why I 8767 m here. If you 8767 re going to the party bring a hat! ( a rubber ) use it correctly. You guys are at fault too. Don 8767 t take the womans word. Use a rubber or pay for raising your own kid because I don 8767 t want to!

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Going to have to disagree with your whole assessment here. When I met my wife she already had a daughter. If I 8767 d followed your advice I would have passed up the most amazing woman I 8767 ve ever met and wouldn 8767 t have a stepdaughter that I would lay down my life for. I also wouldn 8767 t have another daughter (and a son on the way). We 8767 re also looking at adoption or fostering. I would have missed all of this if I had judged her on the fact that she already had a child.

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And as JB states, these women do not really give a damn about their kids. I strived to make the breakup as easy as possible because I was literally the only dad this kid had ever known in her life, and I was happy to continue in that role, even if we were broken up. Once she found a new guy she cut me out of that kids life and probably trash talked me to the extreme. I taught this little girl how to read, how to bank, gave her structure in her life, took her camping. There was a small box of the kids stuff left behind, private things like counselling files and some special stuffed animals. I tried contacting the woman to get the box to her, she wouldn 8767 t even answer my facebook messages.

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Interesting view of things and I think this is how many people think. I believe there are many women out there who have suffered emotional and/or physical abuse in their past and have made all kinds of mistakes that are considered 8766 wrong 8767 . The logic behind this, is that there were a lot of 8766 wrong choices 8767 made for them as a child and so they might have had a slower development of their own autonomy. I know this, because this is me. The upside is, I AM developing, and I learned a lot from it. I don 8767 t date, because I don 8767 t have time for it. My daughter is 6,5 and has a great understanding of emotions and can verbalize them. She 8767 s loved and has my attention 79/7. She 8767 s free to take her own choices every day and has my support to do whatever is safe for her and her environment. Please learn not to generalize too much, it will make your life a little more unpleasant. I know you do so out of caution, but learn to see the grey contours not just the black and white.

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Its not a black and white issue per se (not talking race). However if a single man with options should in general avoid single moms of all flavors, meaning divorced and kids out of wedlock, he will do much better for himself in general. Divorced women and women who have kids out of wedlock are essentially one of the same. The differences between these women are slight. There are many single moms that do work and have decent if not good jobs making a median income. Its obvious men should stay away from the mothers who have several baby 8767 s daddies.

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Do not date a single mom specially if she has been married 7 times. If she has a kid boy or girl at home and there spoiled shit bags run. Your nothing more then a live in price of ass and your wallet is a ATM machine.. Really there 8767 re al the same most of them have mental issues and just plan to see how long you will put up with there shit before you bounce out.. It 8767 s part of there game.. These bitches need to get real and get a job

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8775 Divorced moms who escaped abusive marriages with drug/sex/gambling/whatever addicts should not get a free pass from you, either. Even if it’s TRUE that the husband was a colossal fuck-up, you need to ask yourself what kind of imperceptive moron couldn’t spot that? What kind of insecurities plague a woman who thinks getting married to a drug addict is good idea? What kind of delusional self-image does a woman have, if she can fall for a con artist with a gambling habit that would shame Charlie Sheen? Be very cautious around a woman who takes none of the blame for her failed marriage. You might not be the FIRST man she blames all her problems on, but you sure as hell can be NEXT. 8776

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The reality is it 8767 s impossible for people in this world to not ever date a single parent giving many folks are divorced. While others have a deceased mate or never were married. My big brother is married to a woman who was a single mother. Her and my brother dated in high school, broke up, moved on to other people, then hooked back up 5 or 6 years later. She had a daughter by then. Her daughter 8767 s father never left his daughter 8767 s life and she 8767 s going to be 66 years old next month. My brother became a father for the first time 7 years ago. Her and brother have a son together. Even rich people are single parents because they are no longer with their wife, husband or boyfriend or girlfriend.

Please don 8767 t reproduce then because here 8767 s a wake up call the kids should always come first whether you are a single parent or not. Married couples have to cancel date night at a moments notice, you can 8767 t have conversations without being interrupted and yes you would have to spend money on your own kids too, so if all of that is 8775 yuck 8776 don 8767 t have kids or you will just end up creating another single mother.

Nobody said anything about all single moms being brilliant. Most people are not brilliant. Most married moms are not brilliant nor or their husbands. Brilliance is a rarity. I didn 8767 t realize we are discussing extreme traits. Stupidity is very common and it does not discriminate against single mothers or married parents. I can click a link just fine as well as having a good bit of first hand knowledge on the subjuct.
Your anger and bitterness is real apparent. Stating that single mothers may often times be troubled individuals is different that claiming that most are STUPID, POOR AND UNCARING. Perhaps within certain demographics and under a certain set of circumstances. Your statements are generalized and NOT based on any certainties.
All writers are arrogant, narsasistic pricks with no grasp of reality and often say whatever they want with out little no concern with truth. Now I can copy and paste a bunch of BS that I quickly pulled together off the internet and call it proof But even I know that everything I just said was biased and based on my own opinion and ignorance.

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TG99, single parents of either sex who are open to dating and especially 8775 sexual 8776 are HUGE RED FLAGS. Here 8767 s why. A person who 8767 s children are still dependent on the should be giving every moment outside of their job to their children. They should not be dividing their time, energy, focus, money and emotions amongst several people. Everything should be poured into their dependent children. It is child neglect not to do so. A single parent who openly expresses a 8775 sexual 8776 nature is shameful. Masturbation can quickly take care of those needs.

Thanks for the advice man.
I feel played, because I wouldn 8767 t have put myself into this so much if she hadn 8767 t told me she loved me. She didn 8767 t throw off any red flags that I could see. She got married at eighteen because she got pregnant, and this is the Bible Belt. They divorced because she couldn 8767 t stand the infidelity. Her ex had nothing but good things to say about her. She adores her daughter.
Really the only red flag was that I wasn 8767 t her normal type.
I probably should have seen it coming, though. I 8767 m so far outside her normal type, it was hard to fathom why she liked me. I 8767 m introverted, intelligent, bookish, serious, quiet, not cocky, and bald. I 8767 m not the long-haired, hard-living, frivolous, arrogant, loud, redneck type. That being said, I 8767 m not a pushover or a weak person. I 8767 m just more of an introspective person. I prefer to listen and watch more than speak.

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I had my daughter when I was 67, I was not married but was with her father for 65 years altogether. He suddenly disappeared (literally overnight) with no warning. She was 5 at the time and as I 8767 m sure anyone can imagine that was an extremely painful for time for us both. I was mortified by the comments my catholic family made at the time about it bring bad enough that we never married but now I was an 8775 official single parent 8776 I would 8775 ruin both our lives 8776 . I was determined they were wrong and I would show them.

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