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Any way we broke up and went into NC, then 6 weeks later I get a text asking my expert opinion on something! I foolishly replied! But got no thanks or even asked how I was!! Again selfish AC! When we broke up I found out that the final paperwork was being drawn up and I said so this is was this is all about then, he wasn 8767 t over the break up full stop! Then said he wanted to be on his own, which my reply was he should have said rather than string me along! Selfish AC Then two months later I see him out on a date with someone!! A complete slap in the face!!

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Since my diagnosis, I 8767 ve seen mountains of books and web-sites by therapists even! stigmatizing us and talking of us as if we are less than human and hardly individuals. There is a sickening prejudice in the field that should be embarrassing to therapists, and yet somehow it is not. I feel as if I 8767 m branded with a scarlet letter and though my psychotherapist always answers my thoughts about this, by saying that he 8775 doesn 8767 t like labels 8776 , now I have one. This has caused more damage and shame than my actual illness.

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Hope you won t mind my saying so but with fragrance, a little goes a long way, and a lot often makes people go a long way away. I ve sniffed fragrance on a man that was rather swoon inducing, and I ve had guys get in the elevator or sit near me in the movies that had so thoroughly doused themselves that I go a headache and felt sick after just few minutes being around them (I m kind of sensitive to strong scents, as are a lot of people I know).

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We spent holidays together and she told me how she looked forward to spending the new year together. Two months later we were supposed to get together on our usual Friday night date, but she said she had a friend 8767 s party to go to but would only stay for one drink. I usually worked later into the evening, so texted her when I was finishing up so we could meet, to find out after being at the party an hour and a half that she was going to stay for one more drink. I went to the bar to discover her flirting with some guy she had met. (red flag #7) I sat down, introduced myself, at which point he left. She assured me that I was her boyfriend in front of her friends.

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Another client at the same clinic, a man who balked at paying even $5 per session, began our third or fourth hour describing a book he was reading, about a girl and the wealthy man who 8775 kept 8776 her in exchange for sexual favors.  I suggested to him that he might have been having such fantasies in relation to me, given the financial difficulties of paying for therapy we 8767 d been discussing last time he said that yes, he wondered if I would be willing to give him treatment in exchange for blow-jobs.  (My supervisor criticized me for going 8775 too deep too fast, 8776 but to me, it wasn 8767 t 8775 deep 8776 at all it was just below the surface, obvious to my client and to me.)  This client attached very quickly when I took a planned break for vacation, he found the abandonment intolerable and terminated.

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On reflection, I think the self-sabotaging part of me wants to feed the cognitive distortion that I am a bad person, and use the label as some kind of proof of this. In hindsight I think my practitioners were trying to save me from myself because they knew I would be more likely to take on a victim mentality if this was shared with me. Therefore the healthy part of me is pleased, and perhaps the unhealthy part is angry they didn 8767 t assist my destructive side.

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Thank you so much for all the information on Bengals and differences between them and tabbies. I took in a feral kitten of only a few weeks who was all teeth and claws the first three months, then decided not to bite the hand that fed her! Turns out she is a Bengal X has the structure and face markings of a Bengal and is absolutely huge 66# at 76 months! She is very wary of strangers but has become a sometimes-lap-kitty with me. I have been following Spot and Lula, and Leo and Porscha on Facebook, and I have learned so much from all of you! Keep up the good work, promoting breeders and reputable rescues, and giving us all the much-needed information on this glorious breed!
Nose kisses and head butts to your gang from all my rescued cats here in Wisconsin!

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We would always recommend going to registered, reputable breeders. We have both males and females and both are wonderful, so I think it depends on seeing cats and which one you warm to. Definitely get them neutered if they aren 8767 t already. As long as you go to a reputable breeder, who has socialised the cat properly from an early age, they should get on with everyone in the family, whatever age.

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In 7557, Scientific American published an article by Martin Teicher, 8775 Scars that won 8767 t heal: the neurobiology of child abuse. 8776 When I read that, I recognized my mother. In addition to the extreme poverty of her childhood, she and her sisters had been subjected to female genital mutilation. That practice was surprisingly common during the Great Depression, thanks to the efforts of influential and disturbed people like John Harvey Kellogg. (FGM was made illegal in the US in 6997, but Kellogg 8767 s other legacy, infant male genital mutilation for non-religious reasons, unfortunately remains popular to this day.)

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Ocicats may look wild, but they are actually affectionate, curious, and playful, and possess a very strong devotion to their human companions. Highly intelligent, Ocicats quickly learn to respond to their names and can be taught a variety of tricks, including coming on command. Begging for food is another trick that Ocicats master with very little prompting. They tend to bond with only one person and prefer that person's company to all others. They do get along well with other animals and people, however, and appreciate an animal companion to keep them company if left alone for any length of time. Like their Abyssinian ancestors, Ocicats love to perform daring tap dances on top of your bookcases for your amusement. They are an active breed and require a good deal of space and plenty of toys and diversions to keep them occupied. Like their Siamese ancestors, Ocicats are vocal, but not annoyingly so. They want to tell you about their day when you come home at night, but they won't bore you with every detail. Also, their voices lack the Siamese rasp that some people find annoying.

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Good breeders will welcome your questions about temperament, health clearances, and what the dogs are like to live with, and will come back at you with questions of their own about what you’re looking for in a dog and what kind of life you can provide for him. A good breeder can tell you about the history of the breed, explain why one puppy is considered pet quality while another is not, and discuss what health problems affect the breed and the steps she takes take to avoid those problems. And remember that breeders who offer puppies at one price “with papers” and at a lower price “without papers” are unethical.

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Hello, having always had dogs I 8767 m not very familiar with cats, but love the idea of having a Bengal. Several questions: at a recent cat show, someone told me that Bengals spray a lot, male, female, neutered or not. Is this true? Next, I have a very large garden and it would pain me to deprive my future cat of an outdoor life by keeping him confined indoors. most breeders have told me to keep cats inside, for their safety. Many cats roam here through neighboring gardens. What 8767 s your opinion? Finally, can you recommend a really good breeder in France of Bengals, with special attention to beauty, character, socializing? Thanks!

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Thank you very much for your response. I feel that if the abuse does not stop soon I will have to report it as my family and I do come first. Although I am on the understanding that the person has been to and is still having therapy I am not sure what can be done. still again I thank you and I look forward to reading more posts as my son and I are finding the topics mentioned on this site very interesting. My son is in his second year of college studying Psychology and looking towards the clinical side of it.

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Thanks for this compassionate and smart discussion about bpd and this reader 8767 s suggestion of an alternative to the Linehan book. God Bless Marsha Linehan but dbt strategies go in one ear and out the other with me I can 8767 t make them stick. I read Joe 8767 s blog here looking for wise ways to work with bpd clients many thanks and now in addition have this new reading suggestion as well. I certainly have bpd tendencies and to be honest they are what best inform my work with bpd clients so it is good to find a forum of people who understand how this phenomenon can work well.


Sorry if it sounds harsh, I 8767 m learning to balance directness with seeming crude or rude it 8767 s something I have to do in dealing with loads of the general public it 8767 s hard, people especially men want pleasing behavior they go on the attack if that 8767 s not what they get. If you send a message like the one you described, he may attack you in some way remember, this is not someone you know well.

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-You are only hearing the guys who are confident and comfortable enough with their tastes to discuss them publicly in group conversations that people they don t know well can overhear (or they are only discussing those tastes they have that they are confident and comfortable enough with). They re also specifically the kind of guys who feel comfortable talking about women primarily as physical objects. I know there are plenty of guys who aren t comfortable talking in such a way about women s appearances, whose tastes you therefore aren t hearing about, and plenty of guys who have other tastes they aren t as comfortable mentioning, and there s no reason to assume those tastes are the same as those you re hearing about.

The Persian cat and Siamese cat are the commoner breeds found all over the world. Persians being the oldest cat breed are often not pedigreed and these types of cats are referred to as domestic long hairs. They make good specimens for cat shows and are good companions. They are quiet and come in different color forms. Siamese cats on the other hand are raspy voiced attention seekers, very communicative and intelligent. They are very affectionate and love to be stroked. With short hair lying close to their skin they are athletic and slim in form and sport large ears.

To me, coming on too strong isn t about a guy being direct. It s about him either being crude or refusing to take no for an answer. If you wouldn t do either of those things, I think asking for a date is just fine and I d say it s the preferred approach here rather than the long game, since you don t have much of a platonic connection with this woman to build from.

Thanks for attempting some kind of response. I was only looking for a general opinion from a guy 8767 s point of view. i know that this is something that if you 8767 re not in it yourself, it 8767 s hard to give an educated opinion. I just have to accept the fact that he is who he is, and he feels the way he feels and there is nothing on God 8767 s green earth I can do to alter the circumstances or his reactions to them. At least he 8767 s trying to be honest and not deliberately hurt me.

I will note that she had posted as long ago as a year and a half, never gave any indication she was anything other than a woman (and spoke specifically as a woman regularly), but didn t comment very often or very provokingly. So if this was a trolling thing, it was *very* long game. I think it s at least equally likely she simply was in a really bad mental space, went off on this tangent, and then was embarrassed when she started to get her thoughts and emotions more sorted out, hence the deletion. The only *really* weird thing is that it happened in this old a post, but she could have been going through the archives and the content in this one set her off.

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