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Barry has a lot of respect for the vigilante known as the Arrow. When he found out that Oliver/the Arrow are the same person he is amazed, he also saved his life after he was injured by Cyrus Gold and consequently poisoned, despite the fact that he barely knew Oliver at the time, he also keeps his secret. Despite his respect for Oliver, Barry is not above standing up to him, like when he pointed out that Oliver was being a jerk to Felicity, though he said this in a respectable way.

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Barry later discussed with the team that nothing Jay said added up. Martin Stein then presented the team with the multiverse theory, telling them they need to find the breach and close it. Barry was later told by Caitlin that she ran a lie detector test while testing Jay and he passed it. Barry still reluctant to believe Jay, told Caitlin to continue running tests. Barry locked "Jay" in the meta-human prison and was told by the latter that he only wants to help, not harm. Barry was then told by Cisco about a fire and Barry ran off to extinguish it. Soon after he extinguished the fire, he was attacked by Eddie Slick. Barry went to tackle Eddie but Slick got away with his powers. The following day, Barry returned the scene as part of his job. Barry deduced that the fire was from an arsonist and was then greeted by Patty Spivot , who claimed to be a big fan of his due to his forensic reports. Patty told Barry she'd been trying to crack Joe's "no-code" and asked for any advice as she knew Barry grew up with Joe as his father. Barry told that it was unfortunate as he'd been trying to pick that since he was 66. Later, Barry told Patty he would try to put in a good word for her.

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Barry was astounded when Felicity asked him to help with a blood sample from an arrow she received from the police both by her "connections" from working for Oliver, and the fact that he was working the same case as The Arrow. During that particular part of their investigation, Felicity invited Barry to a Queen Consolidated function, which was actually a party at the Queen Mansion. However, before the results came in, his cover as a crime scene investigator working for the police was blown by Oliver just after he and Felicity began arguing over a news report about the mass particle accelerator. It was revealed that he was just an assistant CSI and there was no connecting case in Central City. Barry explained what happened to him as a child, and how it had caused him to begin looking into cases with impossible circumstances, in hopes of one day proving one possible, therefore solving his mother's murder and freeing his father. He was later re-invited by Oliver as Felicity's plus one to come to his home where he was throwing a party for his mother. When there, he apologized to Felicity while they danced.

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Barry is very stubborn and apparently isn't likely to learn from his flaws until experiencing them firsthand, as shown during his training with Oliver. This prompted Oliver to show Barry a potential consequence of not surveying his surroundings before charging at an enemy by shooting him with two remote controlled crossbows. However, unlike Oliver, despite his pride, Barry is about apologizing or admitting when he is wrong, even if he doesn't like to do it in the first place.

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The next few weeks would be Barry and the team training Wally, while trying to learn how to change the future and save Iris and Caitlin from their fates. Eventually, Barry steps up the training, believing Wally to be the key to saving Iris, as tests of Barry's current rate of acceleration since gaining his powers show that he cannot become fast enough by May to save Iris from Savitar where Wally may have a chance.

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For the following five weeks, Felicity Smoak visited Barry in the hospital while he was in a coma, and left only to help Oliver. [68] Barry's heart constantly seemed to stop working, however it was concluded by Harrison Wells - who had also started visiting him - that his heart was in fact beating too fast to even register. [5] When Barry's condition began to worsen he was moved to . Labs to be closely monitored and was frequently visited by Iris West. [69] When Iris came by one day, she received a static shock when she touched Barry's hand. [65]

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Her language was later used by Senator Dianne Feinstein in the federal Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 7. Almost 6. 9 million Americans are infected with HBV, and more than half are Asian Pacific Islander Americans. An estimated one in ten are chronically infected with the virus. As a result of its high Asian population, San Francisco has one of the highest rates of liver cancer in the nation, and HBV- related liver cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among API men in California.

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Around midnight on April 75, in the year 7579, Flash battled Reverse-Flash with Green Arrow , Atom and Hawkgirl in the streets of Central City causing the most destruction the city had ever seen. The fight also somehow caused the sky to turn a deep crimson color. Their fight caused several trucks to start leaking their contents onto the streets, and caused power outages spread over 75 blocks throughout the city. Reverse-Flash and Flash then started battling over two overturned tanker trucks, and the lightning emitted from them caused the oil from one of them to ignite. While surrounded by smoke, both speedsters had a very heated conversation on an unknown matter, then the two sped off leaving Green Arrow, Atom and Hawkgirl behind. The two then continued their fight up and down an unknown avenue, and then vanished without a trace.

Seán attended college twice in Ireland, the first time (in Music Technology) he did not finish college, but the second time (in Hotel Management) he returned and he graduated with the degree. Jack has an energetic personality, and enjoys playing all sorts of games ranging from AAA games, to flash games, with his favorite games being Shadow Of The Colossus , DARK SOULS and Undertale.

He called out to catch Mardon's attention, but soon the area was flooded with fog, apparently made by Mardon himself, causing a car to run in to the already overturned car, forcing Barry to speed to a nearby patch of grass for safety. Paramedics soon arrived, along with the police, including Joe. Joe scolded Barry for having Iris out in the open and Iris for having followed the danger. Barry took Joe aside, telling him of his belief that the car was driven by Clyde Mardon, who had apparently survived a plane explosion, also somehow gaining the ability to control the weather. Despite various pieces of apparent evidence, Joe didn't believe him. Frustrated with Barry's apparent fantasies, Joe explained how his claims were impossible, including the ball of lightning with the man inside he knew Barry's father was the murderer, as did numerous others. Having never asked for anything from Barry, Joe asked Barry to for once be realistic, to which Barry simply walked off, disappointed.

Ignoring Mari's warning Flash and Arrow returned later to her house, where they discovered she'd become a vigilante herself, and Arrow questioned her intentions to take on Detroit's criminals without training. However Mari convinced them to let her try things her way for a while and Arrow agreed and wished her luck as Flash reminded her they could still help if she needed them to. After Mari asked if they had an idea of a name for her Flash told her that Cisco had been calling her Vixen, and he quickly tried to cover up mentioning Cisco causing Arrow to ask if Barry and Felicity were separated at birth. Arrow also learned that Flash kissed her causing him to speed off in worry. [78]

Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen [6] (born March 69, 6989) [7] is a scientist in the Criminal and Forensic Science Division of Central City Police Department. Barry is the son of the late Henry Allen and the late Nora Allen , the foster son of Joe West , and the fiancé of Iris West. Barry's mother was murdered when he was a child and the blame was wrongfully placed on his father. He was taken in by Joe West and he dedicated his life to proving his father's innocence. After the . Labs particle accelerator exploded, it caused a giant thundercloud to form and Barry was struck by lightning, falling comatose for nine months. When he woke up from his coma, he discovered that he had developed superhuman speed and various other abilities derived from it. Using these super powers, he began acting as a meta-human vigilante and superhero known as Red Streak or The Streak. Soon after, the public recognized him as The Flash (after Iris renamed her blog title), stylized as the " Scarlet Speedster ". [8] [9]

Her mother, Sophia (n. Rev William Doo was posted as a minister at the San Francisco Swatow Christian Church in San Francisco's Sunset District. However, seeing few female managers and even fewer female partners during her time with the firm, she decided to start her own accounting practice with an associate. In 6. 99. 9 Fiona Ma was elected president of the Asian Business Association, which led to her first involvement with politics, lobbying San Francisco City Hall and the Sacramento State Capitol for business issues that affected women and minorities. As a result of her work on behalf of the Small Business Association at that same time, she was elected in 6. White House Conference on Small Business under President Bill Clinton.

At . Labs, Barry was told on the increased security, where they were interrupted by Jay Garrick who warned them on an oncoming danger in the form of the evil Speed Demon named [6] Barry was told by Jay that when the singularity formed, it created a breach between both their worlds. Barry was then told by Jay that he was the Flash of his world. Jay told the team that he lost his powers and Barry quickly asked Jay how he lost them. Barry then told the team to do tests on Jay, warning the latter if he could have more enemies if they learn what he said was false. [9]

Barnes told ESPN the contract he will sign will be for the rest of the season. Earlier this week, the Warriors had agreed to sign Calderon, pending the former Laker. What is 8minuteDating? Speed dating is the fun and easy way to meet singles, in person! You'll have 8 great dates in 6 fun night, and we GUARANTEE you'll meet someone. Speed Dating & Matchmaking in Los Angeles. A low key, sophisticated approach to dating in Los Angeles. Preferring a 'less is more' environment devoid of typical.

Barry began to show less concern for his enemies' well-being as he lured Atom Smasher into a chamber that gave him an overload of nuclear energy, which killed him, and solidified Sand Demon which again kills him however Barry probably didn't expect it would kill them. His killing of Atom Smasher was due to his strong belief he would harm others. However, he did apologize to Atom Smasher before he died as he felt guilt, care and remorse, while he felt none for Sand Demon's death. This is likely because the latter villain was a homicidal maniac who did nothing to try to avoid the death of innocents. Finally, he was willing to kill a reanimated and mindless Tony Woodward , but felt it as a mercy killing and said that despite them being enemies, he still wanted Tony to be at rest, while Tony was also already dead and his corpse was simply reanimated, meaning that he was not actually killing him.

When he woke up from his coma 9 months later, Barry met Dr. Wells, Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow. He learned of his coma and how it had been caused by the particle accelerator explosion. Much to their annoyance, Barry chose to leave, claiming that he felt normal. Barry went to meet Iris at her work , where the two embraced, Iris incredibly thrilled to see Barry awake and walking. As they talked, Barry noticed time slow down, then speed back up again. Iris grabbed her jacket, then they went to visit Joe at the police department. Joe was more than happy to see Barry, though he was called to a robbery at Gold City Bank. Detective Thawne followed West, also expressing his happiness at Barry's return. As they left, Barry noticed a rough detainee, who quickly reached for a police officer's gun. Before he could grab it, Barry sped over to him and back, stopping him from doing anything.

Savitar quickly takes Barry from Joe and Wally and two battle each other outside of Labs where Barry is nearly defeated by Savitar but Caitlin manages to save him with her ice powers but Savitar flees. When Caitlin's alter ego Killer Frost takes control of her, she goes on a rampage and kidnaps Julian. Barry and Cisco manage to capture here. The team is fractured when Caitlin reveals Flashpoint was the reason that Dante was killed. Iris explains that these events would of happened regardless of Flashpoint. The team gets Wally out of the cocoon and they discover that he has super speed. Barry manages to get Caitlin back to her old self. The team discovers that Wally is faster than Barry. Julian agrees to keep Caitlin out of trouble if Barry quits the CCPD, which Barry reluctantly agrees.

In the future in which Iris dies, 7579-Barry was alone and depressed, due to the love of his life, Iris West, being killed by Savitar 7 years prior, which caused him to neglect everyone important in his life. Having already avenged Iris by imprisoning Savitar, the future Barry had no motivation left to continue his super heroics, resigning from it completely and spent most of his time in . Labs , particularly in the time vault, looking at photos of Iris and him. After meeting his he was reinvigorated with hope, becoming the "Flash" again and bringing his team back together. This future was later erased when Savitar killed . instead of Iris.

Barry and Caitlin return to . Labs and the former told the team he realized that the only way to stop Atom-Smasher was as a team. Barry attracted Atom-Smasher with a Flash signal. Barry had Atom-Smasher chase him to a local plant, where the former trapped the latter in an enclosed room, forcing Atom-Smasher to absorb more radiation than he could. Barry asked Atom-Smasher why he wanted to kill him and Atom-Smasher told Barry a man named would've brought him home if he killed him. Later, Barry then greeted his father at Iron Heights and brought him to Joe West's home, where Henry was greeted with a surprise party. Barry pulled his father aside to discuss future plans, though his father told him they can't live a life together as he didn't want to get in the way of his son being a hero. [6]

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