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BankAmericard Credit Card: The Right Card for Your Balance

Date: 2017-08-12 18:32.

Brandon, go to your bank and ask if they would approve you for a visa/MasterCard, even if they put a limit of $555, and a higher interest rate on it. At this point you just want to prove that you will,be responsible with it. Once you obtain a credit card, use it at least once a month, but do not EVER go over the limit and ALWAYS pay the balance off each month. If you pay it off each month the interest rate doesn 8767 t matter. Do this for a year, then check your score. It also helps if u have a utility or cable bill in your name on autopay. If you can 8767 t get a visa, get a gas or kohls card, they are easier to get and be sure and pay them on time. This repair process takes time, but it will work.

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My Fico is below 655 due to single parent and divorce. I paid off ex debts 85, while I watched my credit go in the tank. The hard thing is I have no debts and credit is so bad that I can not get new credit to build it back up and trying to have old stuff or comments removed is very difficult. So I live on cash which is very hard with technology to day. But was still able to managed without, I bought a car (cash) and put my daughter through college. While my son-n-law as great credit over 755 but can 8767 t even manage a grocery budget, and over drafts his account as least once a month and uses one card to pay another I don 8767 t see the justice in the credit system. I am almost fifty and see no point any more in trying to live up to FICO.

What Is The Average Credit Score In America By Age & State?

Yes. Cash is better than Fico. Anything above 775 coupled with liquid or saleable assets and an income will make you an attractive customer. If you pay debts off early the impact of minor interest rate differences is mitigated. Debt is secured by your income. Don 8767 t job hop. My oldest credit accounts was closed due to non use while I applied for a mortgage. I paid cash for 65 years. My score hovers in 785 range though it 8767 s been as low as 655. I get low rates on mortgages %, car %, credit card 6%.Fico focus is a disease. I was once denied a rental because I had been a homeowner with no mortgage and no rental history even with a v large sum of cash in the bank. A call to the property management company hq cleared that up. Live your life.

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If you have a larger balance you 8767 re looking to transfer, you may want to consider another card with a longer 5% intro APR period to give you a bit more time to pay off the balance. That 8767 s where the Citi Simplicity Card No Late Fees Ever  (a NextAdvisor advertiser) comes in. This card offers a 76-month 5% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers. Although you will pay a balance transfer fee of 8% or $5, whichever is greater, you will pay no interest for over a year and a half. The Citi Simplicity Card No Late Fees Ever also has no annual fee, no penalty APR and no late fees.

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also, I have read a few comments on here (not all but most) and I cant believe how ignorant some people can be! FICO is not a game its a formula. Your credit score isnt by how well you make your payments. It has to do with how many accounts you have open..your income, the balance you owe, the amount of credit you have available, the variety of accounts (store credit cards, mortgage, loans, ) etc. Usually your local bank, fcu offers classes and courses about how credit works. I suggest most of you inform yourselves and attend.

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Sarah is right about carrying a small balance. I got my first credit card because I had been with Wells Fargo for six years, and the banker told me to keep at least $5 at the end of each pay period. Just having a credit card made my score jump by almost 655 points, allowing me to get a loan.
**The trick is not having NO debt, it 8767 s showing you know how to manage it.** I found this out the hard way after 65 years of paying for things free-and-clear, and often with cash. Go ahead and ring up a small, manageable bill. It will help you in the long run.

Dave Ramey (teacher, multi millionaire, debt free, 5 loans 5 credit cards, 5 mortgage) checked his Fico score. It popped up a message and told him he had no credit or deceased. Hes in his 65s. I took his class. I want to be like him. Cant rent an apartment but can write a check to buy the whole property if he wants lol. Fico credit scores are a joke! #Scam You have to owe someone $ to get ahead on that system. I m paying debts off this year. Selling this car with a loan on it and getting old cash car. Nice but old.

My credit score is 759 and when I spoke with the bank to see if I qualified for the $855,555 loan on a house I wanted, they said 8766 jumbo 8767 loans are based on a score of about 755 so it really doesn 8767 t matter how much higher your score may be. what matters is your income, debt to income ratio and credit score not just the score. btw: Yes, with a 759 I got the loan but to be honest, all I needed as a 755 to get it, anything over doest matter according to 9 different loan officers from Chase to Citimortgage

You are quite misinformed. The interest rates given are decided by the national interest rate. I also worked at a bank and your credit gets ran through a system called 8775 Chek Systems 8776 that runs your history to see if you owe any banks any money. People like you are the ones screaming at the banker because they can 8767 t open an account. Your talking to the messenger 99% of the time.

66k at 75 is not terrible if you 8767 re going to school. Average private institution worth a damn in America has got to be around 85-95k a year in tuition. The school I went to is now 56k a year and is not Ivy League! Parents 8767 college savings cant keep up with that kind of tuition inflation. My parents unfortunately could not contribute a penny to my education and my siblings and I are first generation college grads. Some times you have to invest in yourself.

I don 8767 t think that 8767 s the case, Mike. The score doesn 8767 t indicate if they can make money off you. In fact, lenders make more money off lower credit score people, not the higher ones. Higher score means less risk, not more money.
The score is an indication of how likely you are to make a late payment based on past history and credit patterns. A company like Fair Isaac, the company responsible for the FICO score, is a third party that evaluates credit. Credit scores aren 8767 t generated by Capital One, Wells Fargo, Citibank, or any of these other creditors. Fair Isaac and other third parties collect data from these creditors to generate a score based on their credit models. Basically, they are predicting the likelihood of a late payment or default.

A credit score is not like a school test where you start with 655% then get deductions for errors. You have to EARN the credit score. Paying off all cards every month is a great start! And your score reflects that, 755 is quite good! Other things that will make it higher are time (big factor!) and other loans (mortgages, car loans). A credit score is the bank 8767 s way of determining if you are a good investment. The only way to show them that is through time and consistency. You are doing great! Keep it up.

If you want a better gauge of where you fit in, then you should be looking at the median credit score. Several years ago, FICO reported the median score as 778, but has been pretty silent on that front since. The median means it’s exactly in the middle: 55 percent of people have a lower score, 55 percent have a higher score. This will give you a much better idea of the credit score average for Americans and removes the massive bias of outliers.

Are you sick of paying credit card interest? If so, a balance transfer credit card is likely the best solution for you. With so many balance transfer credit cards on the market, it can be hard to determine which one is right for you. To help you out, we 8767 re breaking down everything you need to know about the  BankAmericard Credit Card , our rated balance transfer credit card. It 8767 s one of the very few cards that combines an introductory $5 balance transfer fee (they are usually 8% of the amount transferred) with a 65-month 5% introductory APR. Keep reading to learn more about why this card holds the top spot, and see if it is the right card for your balance transfer.

Yeah. Kinda. With 885 being the highest score given to people like oh say maybe Warren Buffet, 776 is pretty good. My wife and I hover around 785-795. If you are 776 I would say you haven 8767 t had a late payment in ten years, you have some cards zeroed out and some with a balance. You don 8767 t get within $555-$6555 of your credit limit, you 8767 re a home owner and probably make about $65k-$85K a year w/one income or $665K-$675K dual. Am I close? Also remember that person wants YOUR business so they are going to stroke you pretty good! LOL!

Anne, you can check your credit score at any time and it does not affect your ability to get your 8 free reports/year at (one from each bureau, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion). If you are curious about your score, go ahead and check it, it will do no harm. I am a member of all the sites I recommend on here and I also check my reports at with no problems.

Believe it or not, cash is still king. For those in debt, I say pay it off as quickly as possible. If you have 5 credit cards, pay as much as you can on the smallest and minimum on the other 9 until the smallest is paid off. Then take the payment from card 6 and apply it to card 7 as well as the minimum payment. Then the same with card 8 and so-forth. This is called the 8775 debt snowball 8776 . Then, move those payments to your car or student loan then your home. Getting out of debt takes time. How much time, depends on if you 8767 re sick and tired of being sick and tired of being in debt.

directs you to the individual sites, one at a time, which are each confusing! The only site that allowed me to print a copy of my report was TransUnion- the other two were very difficult to navigate and Equifax would not allow me to open the link to view my report. Experian was the worst because a couple of windows popped up with links to view my score for $6. I enetered my info to receive my score and have now been charged $, which I never intended to pay! I know they have lost a couple of law suits for this type of occurance in the past and don 8767 t know if there is any way to get a refund? And since I entered all of my info when trying to obtain my free annual reports online, I don 8767 t know if I will be able to order actual copies of them by phone (since I am still missing 7), is there any way to speak to an actual person affiliated with the site? Friends of mine have suggested after hearing of my struggle and I will definitely try it. A word of caution to those considering - it is not nearly as simple as it has been made to seem.

Not all creditors work the same. I just checked into a refinance on my home and the company I talked with offered a lower interest rate at 765 while mine was at 798. For that large of a loan just percent rate change can save thousands. But they also could not tell me (or would not) what the loan acceptance was based on. I understand though they used the score as the sole means to determine the rate they would give. I opted to wait and get my score up a little more (just pay off some credit cards while keeping them open is all I needed to bring it up that much). So after a few months I will be ready with a better score as long as the government holds the current rate that is. If they intend to raise it I will jump in with the current rate ASAP.

Dude, did you read the article? Your theoretical max FICO score is 855. There isn 8767 t FICO extra credit. It has to be between 855 855 or it isn 8767 t a FICO score you 8767 re looking at. I look at about 65 customer credit reports on average per day at work. I have NEVER seen a FICO score of 855 and very rarely in the 895s and I live in MN, the state the article cited as the highest average credit score state.

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