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Please go through the information available on this site.
In Western parts of UP ,Delhi,Haryana,Rajasthan and MP gadariya 8767 s are poularily known as per the information available Pal, Baghel, Dhangar, Nikhar ,Holker and Gadariyas are same. In Agra Region /Braj Mandal, Pal /Baghel community had many political leaders late Sri Banshidhar Dhangar MP,lateSri Sunder Singh Baghel MLC and Minister in UP Govt,late Sri Sahab Singh Baghel Advocate Aligarh, founder member of BSP,late Sri Harveer singh Baghel Agra leader of SP.

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we are political power in up and bihar,kerala,karnataka,tamilnadu,wb and up and haryana coming in maharashtra,gujrat,rajstan and other state ..samajvadi party(up),rashtriya samaj pakshya(mh),rashtriya janta dal(bh) maximum work in bjp and congress in all india accept in tamilnadu,kerala and north east state..in all india our population is minimum 75-85 core and maximum 95 core all types of caste ,dhangar,hatkar,gaderiya,bargahi,kurba,zende,gujjar,pal many more,,,,,,,,,in all north east state,j& k,in north karnataka only 6 district in st all other state we are in obc..but in kerala and tamilnadu some people in general category..

Gadaria – People Groups of India

Dear Pal, I think you have no knowledge of our caste position in ., ., Bihar, Haryana. As per Govt reports and various opinion of other high caste our community is still most backward in all field. You, your family or few selected relative may be rich & educationally advance,but it does not mean all Gadriya or Dhangar are advance like you. Please go to villages of Gadariya and see actual position, how they are living & compare their living standard with so called backward caste like Ahir, Kurmi, Kachhi, Mali, Badhai, Vishwakarma, Teli, Gurjar then you will realize actual facts. Your father or your fore father may belongs to Holkar dynasty. You may have unlimited source of money. But your money is not helping our caste poor families. Reservation has uplifted standards of Chamars, Khatiks, Bhil, Mina, Balmiki. I am sure if reservation not effected their position will be worse than us. These castes are advance than us in fiancially as well as politically.

Dear Friends
All pal baghel fellows may visit this site to know about community, share their views to enrich information, encouraging the people particularly generation with positive ideas and good suggestions to provide value addition to society and nation at education is key of success please educate children.
Be busy and do good self employed income generation to get aware about what is going on local,state and national in social and political activities also..Pay due regards to elders, love and affection to Try to be harmonious, friendly and courageous. Recognize the people,society and come together. Believe in and aim high and work for it.

Now a days occupation of Gadaria has been abondoned due to shrtage of Jungle and forest. The life of rural Gadaria is very poor. They have neither agricltur land nor goats and sheep. We request to Government of India to sanction special package like goldsmith in time of Shri Morarji Desai. So that these poorer can send their child to school and college. This caste was kept in scheduled caste by central government in SC List at serial no 77 as Dhangar ( Sanskrit name of Gadaria) but due to poverty Gadaria are not able to take SC certificate to take benifit. All NGOs are requested to work for welfareness of Gadaria samaj to boost them. And to make this martial and brave caste in main streem of development of India.

Parental property is divided equally among sons only the eldest son succeeds as head of the family. Daughters have no share unless the family has no male heir in which instance, the son-in-law is invited to manage the property. The women have a low status in Gadaria society. Besides domestic chores, they tend the animals, grow vegetables, collect firewood, water and perform religious duties. They are adept at embroidery and weaving floor coverings. The community has a rich tradition of folktales, folksongs and dances. They use percussion and wind musical instruments both men and women love to dance.

It is really nice to see the Gaderi Samaj people sharing thoughts at one platform. I am also from the Gaderi community. Do anyone has an idea of such community operating in Pune, where people meet and share their identity and thoughts.
I am looking for a girl 8767 s alliance, in search of an educated Gaderi girl from an educated family.
Please go through my FB profile to know me better. Search Sachin R Bhagat on FB

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Hi Lee! What did you do in the end? I too am having two receptions, in two different countries, and two different languages, at two different times! nI would ideally like to have one website, where people can choose the language they want to see it in, and where, depending on which guest access it, they have access to only those events to which they were invited, and the ability for me to separately manage RSVPs for different events. nI would also like to have a countdown for the two wedding receptions side by side instead on just one nhahah I might be asking for much but maybe I can learn from your experience!

We used Appy Couple as it has been highly rated in sites such as this however, we have been very disappointed. The designs were a plus but the site doesn 8767 t show in search results (a huge problem for a wedding site), and the customer service has been terrible. The response is that we should contact Google to index it, which is wrong on a number of levels. nnAdditionally, the requirement for guests to sign in to access any interactive features is required (can 8767 t be turned off) and the RSVP feature isn 8767 t flexible. nnWould not recommend paying for your site through Appy Couple if you want your guests to be able to search for it.

However, in states like Haryana and Delhi the Gadaria have virtually abandoned their traditional occupation and are engaged as laborers, masons and practice animal husbandry. In Haryana, the men push the handcart for transporting construction material and sand from riverbeds. They provide non-skilled labour in the industrial and private sectors. A few Gadaria make it to higher levels of government service in defense and police services. Some of them are teachers in local schools.

According to the Hindu varna system, the Hatkar belong to the Kshatriya varna, which is second order in the Hindu varna hierarchy. Deshastha Brahmin are employed as preists and serve the cast in their religious and ceremonial observances. [67]
The following Kul & Vansh from Kshatriya varna in Hatkar Cast.
Gahlot,Kachwaha,Rathod,Sengar,kadam from Suryavanshi.
Yadav,Tomar from Chandravanshi.
Chauhan,Solanki,Parihar,Pratihar from Agnivanshi.
Hatkar is the subcast of Dhangar Community from Maharashtra. This is the List Of Hatkar Clans in India.[68][69][65][66][67]

Dear people,
If you look at the original caste division of India, we were divided into four groups Brahmin, Vaishya, Kshatriya and Shudra.
Most definitely, gadariyas don 8767 t fall under Shudras. Also it 8767 s known that gadariya has never been a whole caste in itself but a profession in itself, which a group of kshatriyas resorted to, to escape from being converted into Mughals. Now the only reason these people are considered lower is because they were hidden for a long period of time and also the occupation of shepherds had its own limitations, little money, poor living. But my point is- we are not living in that time, we are living now, in the time of opportunities, recognition, with more freedom and less fear.
So please don 8767 t consider yourself backward, you are not. Fight for your very own rights, and know that you are the kshatriyas, the warriors.
You are one of the 86 clans of Rajputs, as the Indian ancestors know of no other criteria to fit us in. Kshatriyas- that 8767 s who we are.

songara sir ji, rahul ji, cp singh chauhn ji.. thanx for comments.. i think Pal and Hatkar 8767 s are same origin because both tribes are kshatriya 8767 s.. BARGAHI RAJPUTS is BARGI HATKAR 8767 s of Mahrashtra who mostly recruited in the Marathas 8767 s army, Mughal 8767 s, rajput 8767 s. till now there is no proof of 8766 dhangar 8767 word origin..but 8766 Pala 8767 and 8766 Hatti 8767 words got in 9,555 BC in the Hittite empire nowadays Turkey.

The Gadaria approve half heartedly of formal education for their children, which results in low literacy levels. They may continue to study to the secondary school level and then drop out because of economic or social reasons. They use both indigenous and modern medicines and are fairly open to family planning. The government has an Integrated Rural Development Program which assists the Gadaria by providing subsidized credit facilities for animal husbandry, agriculture and other benefits.

I think u r right ,To achieve this target,we should continue to realise our nearar or dearer through SMS on fb, what app and any other message way andcommunicate in group about benifit of SC caste and to continue out this demand. thanks
One things more, to convey how the education is helpfull and is the best way to become rich and popular in I request all of you to promote to educate our child 8767 s.

Hatkar person (shepherd of Maharashtra) photo taken by Sunil Joshi
The Hatkar are fine able-bodied men, independent and arrogant, many of them never a have or cut the hair of their face. Most of the Hatkars do not permit the removal of the hair on the face. They greatly resemble each other, which may be accounted for by the constant exclusive intermarriage of their three great families. They inhabit, generally speaking, the hills on the northern banks of the Painganga. Their villages are placed like a line of outposts along the frontier with the Hyderabad territory.[68]

WeddingWoo is a new addition to our list, after enthusiastic support in our comments (thanks commenters!) While the templates aren 8767 t the most modern that we 8767 ve found, there are plenty of beautiful options with a lot of great features, like Instagram hashtag and RSVP support. WeddingWoo also has one of the most comprehensive customization ability we 8767 ve seen, which is great for making sure your wedding website looking completely unique for your wedding.

if I never came here in India then properly would not know about my caste as well as about India much.
my both parent belongs to different village of . Etawah but i have been brought up in admire my father hardwork and sincere
effort to bring me up and my brother and even my uncles(chacha).I am also more proud of my
mother who even living in abroad always made me be down to
earth and pray to god. now i am doing my further studies here

To what extent we Gadariya people could recognise themselves to surnames/ titles of upper caste. A caste can not feel pride by adopting surnames of other have the great history. They ruled central and south India. History reveals that Dhangar/Gadariya rulars never adopted the surnames of Pal/Baghel. So we must recognise true values of our caste. No doubt Dhangars/Gadariya are brave,warriors, honest and can change the present social and political status if united. Dhangar is the common word for keeping united all subcastes/groups of Gadariya.

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