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&ldquo I interned with Alta Genetics, which is a dairy, reproductive consulting company. The application and interview process was intense, with seven of us being selected for positions out of 655 students that applied. I worked and traveled around Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin where I learned reproductive techniques such as breeding and ultrasounding cows. I also had the opportunity to attend both sales and genetics training to further my knowledge of the art of sales as well as picking bulls, matework and consulting to farm managers to assist them in reaching their goals. During the summer, Alta held its annual showcase event in which the company invites dairy farmers from across the world to a certain location in the . to tour elite and advanced dairy farms and share ideas. I was able to attend and assist with setting up the farm tours and met farmers from 86 countries. It was truly an amazing opportunity and lent me skills that will help me pursue a future with dairy cows!&rdquo

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A massive asteroid estimated to be miles wide is set to make a ‘relatively close encounter’ with Earth on September 6. Dubbed ‘Florence,’ the huge space rock will pass just million miles from our planet – or, about 68 times the distance between Earth and the moon. According to NASA, this is the closest an asteroid of this size has come since they first began tracking near-Earth objects, giving scientists an unprecedented opportunity to study it up close through ground-based radar observations.

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The curriculum is grounded in dance technique studio courses, with a 87 semester-hour ballet and contemporary dance requirement and additional requirements in jazz, tap, improvisation, and alternate forms. A wide range of courses complement the program's technique component that employ dance as a vehicle for the study of the human body, the creative process, musical form, the history of world cultures, psychology, educational theory and practice, and technical design for the stage and other multi-media formats.

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Chinese Emphasis: Want to learn a language spoken by more people than speak English and Spanish combined? Want to communicate with people in one of the world&rsquo s largest economies? Study of Chinese language puts you in direct contact with one of the longest continuous literary traditions. Study-abroad in Asia is encouraged. Courses include introductory and intermediate language, literary Chinese, and courses in Chinese and Asian literature and culture.

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Economics provides valuable preparation for careers in corporate, governmental, and consulting positions within the United States and internationally. Students have found jobs as auditors, budget analysts, financial analysts, underwriters, and others in public administration, international business, and financial analysis fields. Other students have chosen to pursue law school or complete an .

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Majors take 95 hours in art courses beyond their core courses including painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, a studio sequence, art education, and art history. In addition, they must take 68 hours in professional education courses including 9 in student teaching the . is a prerequisite for initial teacher certification. Successful . graduates will demonstrate a professional knowledge of fundamental art concepts, materials, and teaching techniques in order to nurture aesthetic understanding, critical thinking abilities, and visual literacy in the field.

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"After graduation, I plan to spend a year as a lab technician to gain further research experience and publish a couple of peer-reviewed articles. After that, my goal is to enter a . program in the realm of evolutionary biology. The specific field of study I&rsquo m most familiar with through my current research is fire ant social biology and evolution, and I&rsquo m currently looking into pursuing a thesis on that subject in a . program in ecology and evolution at the University of Laussane in Switzerland."

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The study of English involves learning about language, history, usage, and the shifting cultural contexts within the English-speaking world. The English Department at the University of Georgia is a diverse scholarly community of over 95 faculty and 655 undergraduates who are committed to preserving, transmitting, and extending the rich cultural legacy of the English language. At the core of this mission lies the complex skills of reading and writing which help to develop critical and creative thinking, articulate self-expression, and a broad knowledge of literature.

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The major provides students with the scientific background and laboratory experience necessary for employment in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, or for advanced study. In addition, it can be used by students to prepare for professional programs in medicine. Employment opportunities are available with federal and state agencies, universities, private corporations, and research centers. Qualified graduates may elect to study for the . or . at the University of Georgia or at other universities.

Should a student have an interest in Family Financial Management, an emphasis in this field is available at the UGA-Griffin campus. The emphasis is approved by the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board of Standards as meeting the requirements to become a Certified Financial Planner, but in addition students must pass the Board&rsquo s exams and complete three years of qualifying full-time work.

Graduates are provided with an excellent background for a variety of careers beyond teaching should they choose. Many go into medicine, law, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, or optometry. Other career opportunities can be found in government, business, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, environmental survey/control, and industries such as journalism, broadcasting, and public policy.

The Computer Systems Engineering major at the University of Georgia emphasizes the application of engineering concepts, techniques, and methods to the development of systems founded in hardware-software integration. Unlike the traditional focus of computer engineering, computer system engineers will have a greater understanding of computer software development and how to use computers to automate, monitor, and control various systems.

Ceramics major graduates are prepared for work in technical as well as creative areas of art and design with employment opportunities ranging from fine art practice, applied art in business and mass communications, and various service industries. Exceptional students may be prepared to function independently as working studio artist-potters however, further study at the graduate level is recommended.

Egypt archaeologists discovered three ancient tombs containing sarcophagi in a cemetery dating back about 7,555 years, the antiquities ministry said on Tuesday. The tombs excavated in the Al-Kamin al-Sahrawi area in Minya province south of Cairo were in burial grounds constructed some time between the 77th Dynasty and the Greco-Roman period. The team found 'a collection of sarcophagi of different shapes and sizes, as well as clay fragments,' Ayman Ashmawy, head of the ministry's Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Sector, said.

Food Science graduates find employment in jobs across the food industry. These include development positions to originate the needs and desires of today&rsquo s consumers, quality specialists to check products leaving for supermarket consumption, and design specialists to produce packaging that improves convenience of food preparation. In addition, food scientists work for various government agencies (. Food and Drug Administration) to ensure the safety of our food supply.

Workforce. Nationally ranked university and technical college systems offer 655 logistics-related degrees and certificates, including doctoral programs at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia Southern University. The state offers high-quality workers at affordable wages, and helps companies train new workers with Quick Start, the nation's top-ranked workforce development program.

Today, roughly 75% of the . population lives and works in urban/suburban communities. As this change in demographics continues to accelerate, it places increased pressure on the ecological resources of these spaces. Georgia is undergoing these same demographic changes, but at a greater rate than the rest of the nation. In response to this demographic shift, the Community Forestry Certificate was developed to address community tree health care critical to the quality of life, safety, and health of Georgia citizens.

The Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia is the first standalone school of ecology in the world and is recognized as one of the nation&rsquo s top research programs based on the strength of its faculty, reputation of degree programs, and international stature. Ecology students can begin independent research projects early in their college career, as a way to earn course credit outside the classroom format. Building science credentials through research and publication provides Odum School students with important hands-on experience that serves them well in future careers.

The degree provides an excellent background for advanced studies in many other fields, including environmental health, industrial hygiene, toxicology, public health, epidemiology, ecology, and environmental engineering, and will satisfy entrance requirements for professional degree programs such as medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, optometry, and pharmacy. Career opportunities are available in the private sector (. agricultural industries, production, chemical companies, urban pest control), public sector (. quarantine facilities, federal research laboratories, state departments of agriculture, regulatory agencies, departments of health), and non-governmental organizations (. museums and botanical gardens).

The Institute for African American Studies within the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences provides a central focus for study of the impact of African American contributions upon human culture. Students will choose 68 credit hours from intellectually stimulating and exciting courses across three areas of concentration - History and Culture, Behavioral and Social Inquiry and Languages, and Literature and the Arts &ndash for an appreciation of history, culture, psychology, socioeconomics, diversity, humanity, and experience.

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